What if your JUUL won't charge

A magnetic USB charger is a critical point of failure for your JUUL - and most people never consider this fact until their first JUUL is charging. If this little charger is not working properly, you will not be able to use the vape unless you have a backup charger. Unfortunately, most of the stores that have JUUL do not sell separate chargers, so it is unlikely that you have one.

If your JUUL won't charge

Clear all contacts!

Start by cleaning the JUUL charger contacts and the bottom of the JUUL device. If you carry the JUUL in your pocket, it is likely that the recessed charging contacts on the bottom of the battery have picked up dust and dirt. You can use a toothpick to scrape off any residue without fear of damaging the charging contacts. Do the same with the charger. If the charger contacts are dirty, clean them with a cotton swab.

Try a different USB port

The JUUL charger is designed to work with a USB port on any computer, but computers don't always behave the way they should. Before assuming the problem is due to the JUUL device, try the USB port on a different computer. Do not attempt to charge JUUL with a fast charging wall adapter for your mobile phone or tablet.

Replacing equipment, if possible

It is likely that you have already tried another JUUL charger at the moment, if you have one. If you haven't tried another charger yet, now is the time to do so. You should also try charging another JUUL battery if you have one. If you can charge your JUUL after replacing the battery or charger, then you have successfully identified the breakdown that is causing the problem. This does not necessarily mean that you need to discard the problematic component; it's simple means you know the component that needs troubleshooting. Don't give up until you've tried all the tips in this article.

Make sure JUUL battery is dry

From time to time you may encounter a JUUL pod that is leaking. If this happens, you can get e-liquid inside your device's battery - and this can be disastrous. Check the condition of the battery by first checking under the capsule. If you have not yet cleaned the JUUL top compartment, remove condensation from under the capsule with a cotton swab or paper towel. Then, while holding a paper towel over the battery, blow vigorously from the bottom. Is the paper towel wet? Can you see moisture on the top of the JUUL battery? If so, there is moisture in the battery. Keep purging the battery and wiping off the e-liquid until you remove as much as you can.

Is the battery charging at this time? If not, try sealing the battery in a plastic bag for a day or two with a cup of dry rice or a bag of silica gel. If your JUUL device still won't charge after you take it out of your bag, it is likely that a leaking liquid has killed the battery.

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