What candle key is needed for a vaz 2114

In order to replace the spark plugs on VAZ cars, you should open the hood and install a support, by the way, not all VAZ car models are equipped with a support. The latest models of domestic cars have a plastic cover on the top of the motor, which covers part of the engine. Remove it by unscrewing the fastening screws that secure it to the motor.

How to properly remove a high-voltage wire from a spark plug on a VAZ-

Going further, carefully remove the high voltage wire from the spark plug of the 1st cylinder and put it on the cylinder head. It is necessary to remove high-voltage wires by holding them by the protective cap, and by no means by the wire itself, since in this case it is possible to break the contact between the wire and the cap, after which the armored wires will have to be replaced.

After that, it is necessary to perform mechanical cleaning of carbon deposits and accumulated dirt from the slots in which the candles are installed. This must be done so that during the replacement of the spark plugs, the debris collected around them does not fall into the combustion chamber. Trying to wash off the dirt is senseless and unreasonable, since all of it will go inside the engine in one way or another, which sooner or later will give its results and cause damage to the piston group of your car.

Replacing spark plugs at VAZ

The next step is to unscrew the spark plug using a spark plug wrench, usually a 16 or 21 socket wrench, depending on which spark plugs are installed on your car. Spark plugs are unscrewed exclusively on a stopped, cooled engine; if this rule is violated, there is a possibility of burns and damage to the threads. If, even after the candle is "torn off", it continues to twist tightly, it is not necessary hurry, make a couple of turns in the opposite direction and again try to gently unscrew it. This must be done in order not to damage the threads in the cylinder head. If the candle is difficult and difficult to unscrew, this may be due to the fact that a large amount of carbon has accumulated on its walls or rod.

So, when the spark plug is unscrewed, you can install a new, pre-prepared spark plug. Install and tighten it until your fingers begin to slip, then arm yourself with a candle wrench and tighten, be vigilant and careful not to inadvertently break the thread. Excessive tightening of the spark plugs is fraught with damaged threads in the cylinder head, as well as subsequent problems with replacing the spark plugs.

Final stage. After the candles are screwed in, you can put the high-voltage wires in place, and then reinstall the plastic casing. Screw it on and try to start the engine. The engine should start immediately, and its operation should be stable and smooth.

2114 and VAZ 2115 are an important element of the ignition system, on which the successful start of the internal combustion engine depends. The article discusses the cases when it is necessary to change the spark plugs (SZ), which candles to put, and also gives instructions on how to replace them with VAZ 2114 and 2115.

When do you need to replace candles?

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