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Vichy Dercos Densi-Solutions hair growth serum ml buy at a price, rubles in an online pharmacy in Moscow - medicines available, cost Vichy dercos denci-solution

DENSI-SOLUTIONS is an innovative range of hair care products that comprehensively fights all aspects of the problem of thinning hair. The concentrated scalp serum works intensively on the roots, awakening dormant follicles and thus stimulating new hair growth. Hair becomes noticeably stronger and thicker with each application. Will not weigh down your hair. Your hair retains traces of the negative influences to which they were, or were exposed. The quality of hair suffers both from external factors - hot styling, ultraviolet radiation, cold or improper care, and from internal changes - stress, hormonal fluctuations. All this can lead to a violation of the structure of the hair fiber, the transition of a part of the follicles to the resting phase. The hair shafts become thinner, become less strong and elastic, as a result, the hairstyle loses volume and density. Get back the best time of your hair with DERCOS DENSI-SOLUTIONS. Hair is thicker, denser and stronger. Experts from VICHY Laboratories have developed an innovative range of hair care products that comprehensively combat all aspects of the problem of thinning hair. The serum increases the amount of hair, the shampoo increases the density, and the balm restores the hair structure. The concentrated scalp serum works intensively on the roots, awakening dormant follicles and thus stimulating new hair growth. Hair becomes noticeably stronger and thicker with each application & sup1 ,. TEXTURE: Lightweight scalp spray with lemongrass, peppermint and ginger scent. Will not weigh down your hair. & sup1, Consumer test for shampoo, balm and serum, 176 respondents, 2 weeks. TEMOXIDIN 5% is a patented molecule with clinically proven efficacy. Creates optimal conditions for new hair growth. RESVERATROL - a powerful antioxidant derived from Reinutria japonica, prevents free radical damage to the scalp and enhances the action of Stemoxidin.


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Revives hair density in 6 weeks, clinically proven & sup2 ,. +1000 new hairs in 6 weeks. +1600 new hairs in 3 months. 96% - the hair is noticeably denser & sup3 ,. 91% - Hair looks voluminous. 95% - the hair is noticeably stronger. After just 2 weeks of use, 80% of people noted a significant increase in hair density & sup1 ,. & sup1, Consumer test for shampoo, balm and serum, 176 respondents, 2 weeks. & sup2, Independent clinical study with 79 respondents over 6 weeks. & sup3, Consumer test using shampoo, balm and serum, 146 respondents, 6 weeks,% agree.

Method of administration and dosage

Divide your hair into 4 partings. Spray 5 strokes of the serum onto the hair roots for each parting. Spread all over the scalp.

Review of Vichy Dercos Hair Growth Products

What do flowers say at a wedding

Education, called "anechoic", is inclusion in any organ. It does not reflect, but rather absorbs the ultrasonic beam. The term itself does not indicate a specific diagnosis. This is just a property of this inclusion. The emerging anechoic formation can sometimes be the norm, but in another case it may turn out to be a serious pathology.

Anechoic formation absorbs ultrasound radiation

Understanding the term

For a correct understanding of the term, you need to remember what ultrasound is, on what principle it is based. The sound, which has a high frequency and is called "ultrasound", cannot be heard by the human ear. The principle of operation of the device used when performing ultrasound is based on radiation and then processing the reflected signal (receiving the so-called echo). The ultrasonic wave is generated by a transducer - a special sensor. He first produces it, and then reads a sound inaudible by a person, which is reflected from organs or other tissues. A specific image appears on the monitor depending on the frequency characteristics of the echo.

Dense tissues as well as organs appear light. Moreover, the higher this characteristic, the whiter the image on the screen. The densest tissues (bones) have the highest signal reflectivity.

If we translate the word "anechoic" from Latin, we get the term "incapable of sound reflection." Such inclusions appear as dark areas on the monitor screen. This property is inherent in liquid. In this regard, when conducting an ultrasound scan, if dark areas are found, suspicions of a cyst appear. It is she who is usually filled with liquid.

During ultrasound, an anechoic formation on the monitor looks like a dark area

What is the danger: pathology or norm

Anechogenic formation can be both a physiological norm and a dangerous pathology, diseases are often diagnosed in women in the uterus or appendages. Their presence is a signal for a woman to undergo a more accurate diagnosis.

Depending on this, they may be:

Can't decide which flowers to choose for your bouquet? Think about the meaning of each flower. I have selected the most popular wedding flowers and described their meaning.

The Nicotine Harm Compensation Myth

It is well known that strengthening your health through physical activity is beneficial: most people who go to the gym take care of their bodies. But not everyone can deny themselves the pleasure of bad habits - smoking and alcohol. At first glance, it seems that beneficial exercise can compensate to some extent for the harm caused by nicotine, but this is a misconception.

The body of an athlete addicted to nicotine suffers incomparably more than the body of an “unsportsmanlike” smoker. When doing bodybuilding, the main goal of an athlete is to make his body beautiful by building up relief muscle mass. To build big, beautiful muscles, an athlete needs a fairly intense physical exercise that is heavier on the muscles.

Such loads have an effect, forcing many human organs to work more actively: the number of heart contractions increases, the respiratory rate increases, metabolic processes pass faster. If a heavy smoker is involved in bodybuilding or any other sport, as a result of exertion, the toxic substances accumulated in the body will be more actively absorbed into the bloodstream and cause a destructive effect.

Cigarettes smoked immediately after training are especially harmful - a heated body will instantly absorb the proposed poison into the blood.

Let's trace the path of nicotine through the body

In our 21st century, the main route of nicotine intake into the body is smoking, which means that the first step is taken with the very first inhalation of cigarettes:

  • when inhaled, nicotine and other constituents of tobacco smoke pass through the trachea;
  • then follow the bronchi;
  • and finally enter lungs - into the alveoli.

From there, nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream and with the bloodstream (through arteries, vessels and capillaries) it gets to the most "distant" and smallest systems and particles of these systems - into the cells of the human body.

Effects of nicotine on the respiratory system

Complex vitamins of which company is better to choose

Before proceeding to the analysis of the nominees included in the expert rating, it is worth briefly acquainting with the manufacturing companies. Their reputation, principles of activity and level of competence determine in absentia the quality and effectiveness of medicines. The following companies have won the maximum trust of doctors and buyers:

  • PharmaMed (Lady’s formula More than multivitamins, Men’s Formula antistress) is a Canadian pharmaceutical company that develops biocomplexes for health maintenance. Nutritional supplements and natural preparations from this company have been presented on the Russian market since 1995. Products are created taking into account gender, age, nutritional characteristics and individual characteristics of the consumer.
  • Krka (Duovit for women, Pikovit syrup) is a Slovenian pharmaceutical company founded in 1954. Most of the product portfolio is high-quality generics. Biocomplexes for buyers of all ages, as well as veterinary drugs, are in special demand.
  • Pfizer Consumer Manufacturing (Multitabs Classic Plus) is a well-known pharmaceutical company from Italy that supplies the Russian market mainly with vitamin and mineral preparations for children, women, men, and elderly patients. Demonstrates high quality, product efficiency.
  • Wyeth Lederle (Centrum from A to Zinc) is one of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies based in the United States. He has been actively cooperating with the countries of the former CIS since 1991. The product portfolio consists of a wide range of medicines, baby food, modern antibiotics, anticancer drugs, vitamins, etc.
  • Pharmstandard-UfaVITA (Complivit for women 45+) is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of medicines. In the domestic market, it ranks first in the production and sales of mono- and multivitamins. The assortment consists of more than 80 items.
  • VitaFusion (Vitafusion Women’s) is an American company dealing exclusively with dietary supplements, sources of vitamins and other valuable substances. They are used to maintain normal health and prevent various diseases. The product portfolio contains separate products for women, men and children.
  • VPlab (VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s Sport) is a premium sports nutrition brand from the UK. This name is associated with the European level of quality, advanced technologies and modern knowledge. A wide range offers different dietary supplements to increase performance, muscle growth, endurance.
  • Mepha (Vitiron Suscaps) is a Swiss company that develops a wide range of pharmaceutical products and services. The main goal is to provide doctors with effective drugs to treat patients quickly and safely. Experience in such work has exceeded 50 years.
  • Rusfik (Alphabet) is a Russian company that is part of the dynamically developing international group Recorda. Foundation date - 2009. He is engaged in the discovery and development of new medicines to prolong and improve the quality of human life.
  • Vitabiotics (Wellman) is a pharmaceutical company founded in London over 30 years ago. Produces innovative medicines and vitamins, multicomplexes and special purpose dietary supplements. For each gender and age category, the composition and dosage are carefully selected.
  • Kweisser Pharma (Doppelgerz Kinder) - first a small pharmaceutical factory in Hamburg, founded in 1897, and now an international large company producing a wide range of medicines. She became famous all over the world thanks to various natural complexes Doppelherz.
  • Unipharm, Inc. (Vitrum Teenager) is a private pharmaceutical company from the USA, founded in 1992. It is engaged in the development, production, sale of dietary supplements, high-quality medicines for non-prescription dispensing. The entire work process is carried out in accordance with GMP principles.
  • Bayer AG (Supradin) is a chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Germany in 1863. The original brands that made her famous are Aspirin, Heroin. Today the concern specializes in health protection, the creation of high-tech materials, as well as in the field of agriculture.

The best vitamins for intense exercise

Such complexes contain an increased dosage of active ingredients and substances with a tonic effect. They will eliminate the symptoms of vitamin deficiency and support the body during intense physical, mental and nervous stress. To avoid hypervitaminosis, strictly follow the instructions for taking them and refuse to use other supplements.

Solgar Multi I

buyers recommend this product

A well of useful substances from a reputable American manufacturer will quickly restore the body after stress, surgery and other negative events. The formula contains high doses of vitamins B, E, C, A, D, as well as magnesium, iron, chromium, and many other minerals and plant extracts.

Solgar Multi is taken 1 tablet per day with food, the duration of the course is 1 month. During this period, the complex will eliminate the consequences of the transferred loads and restore metabolic processes in the body.


  • Available in various volumes (30 and 60 tablets);
  • Rich composition;
  • Restores the nervous system;
  • Normalizes cognitive processes and physical well-being;
  • Improves the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

  • High price (about 2200 rubles for 60 tablets).

A monthly course of Multi Vitamins is especially recommended for patients who have just undergone major surgery.

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