We will find out how best to transfer money

Your friends went on vacation, but got into an unpleasant situation: their bag with all the money was stolen. They called you and asked for a loan. You are ready to transfer the required amount, but what is the best way to do it? We will tell you about all possible methods of money transfers.

Three people always participate in a money transfer: the sender, the recipient and the intermediary - the one who delivers the money to the addressee. Money can be sent through a bank, payment system or Russian Post. Electronic wallets are also used for money transfers.

Where and how best to transfer money

How can I transfer money?

You can choose a wire transfer - in this case, the money will be sent from account to account. In case of cash transfer, you will need to deposit the amount at the cash desk of the intermediary company, and the addressee will receive it at the partner's cash desk in his city. Combination options are also available - you send cash to the recipient's bank account.

The same intermediary may have several transfer options - for example, in cash through a branch or from card to card on the website.

When choosing an option, consider:

  • as the addressee, it is most convenient to receive money - for example, which intermediaries have offices in their locality;
  • how much to send - many intermediaries have size restrictions one transfer or the amount of transfers per day, month;
  • how urgently the recipient needs money - the speed of receipt of funds depends on the method of transfer;
  • what is the commission for the operation - often the sooner the recipient needs to deliver the money , the higher the rate.

How do different translation methods differ from each other?

Let's look at the features of each option.

Via bank

Universal way. You can send cash or make a wire transfer, in Russia or abroad, to a client of the same bank or another. Suitable for: almost everyone. It is especially convenient if the sender and the recipient have accounts in the same bank.

How to make a transfer: through branches, ATMs, a personal account on the website or a mobile application. Some banks also offer SMS transfers.

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