We do a manicure at home - step by step instructions

Every woman wants to look good, including having well-groomed nails with beautiful manicure. what if you don't have the time, desire or financial resources to visit the salon? You need to learn the skill of nail art on your own.

Simple nail design for beginners: photos of the necessary equipment and materials

What you need to create a spectacular yet simple manicure:

1. Lucky. It can be either contrasting colors or a line of different shades of the same. It all depends on the chosen design.

2. Liquid for nail polish remover, which is required for preliminary degreasing of the nail plate and manicure correction, if necessary. To remove the varnish that has not gotten to the skin, you can use the correction tools in a pencil - they are very convenient.

3. A wooden stick, which is required for two purposes at once - pushing back the cuticle and attaching rhinestones to the nails, if they will be used in the design.

4. Dots is a professional tool for creating dot designs. If you can't find it, that's not a problem. Alternatively, toothpicks, pen tips, hairpins, invisibility pins, and similar items are suitable.

5. Rhinestones (preferably small for better adhesion).

6. Glitter (as an alternative to them - eyeshadow of any shade).

7. A sponge or eye shadow applicator.

8. Acrylic paints and brushes for them, if it is inconvenient to paint with special varnishes or you don't want to.

9. Scissors and a nail file to give them the desired shape.

Options for simple nail designs for beginners, with a photo

Looking through the Instagram feed, eyes run up from the abundance of designs. I want to try each of them on myself and show off brand new marigolds to girlfriends. You can repeat a beautiful coating or decorate your fingers in any nail salon. But how to do your own manicure?

It is enough to understand the technique and study the principles of application. You don't have to buy expensive equipment and a lot of tools. The simplest design ideas are done with a few bottles of varnish and fantasy. How to make an original do-it-yourself manicure for beginners and what is the easiest way to do it?

Any nails must first be put in order and the plate must be properly prepared for application. Only then can the color be applied. All procedures will take no more than 30 minutes of free time.


You need to give the desired shape with a nail file. Today's classic and popular forms:

  • oval ;
  • square ;
  • soft square;
  • almonds.

How to choose the right nail file? There are many types of materials:

  • metal ;
  • glass ;
  • ceramic ;
  • plastic ;
  • sand ...

First you need to determine how stiff your nails are. The numbers that are written on the files are abrasiveness. The average abrasiveness for natural nails should start from 190 and end at 270 grit, for extended ones from 90 to 180 grit. It is recommended to cut them in one direction, lightly touching them, so as not to severely damage.

When making a manicure with your own hands, the best and most natural option is a glass nail file.


After that, you need to steam the pens. Place the handles in a warm bath with aromatic salt for 10-15 minutes. It nourishes the nail plate and also softens the cuticle.

Every woman wants to look good, including well-groomed nails with beautiful manicure. but what if you don't have the time, desire or financial resources to visit the salon? You need to learn the skill of nail art on your own. Simple nail design for beginners: a photo of the necessary equipment and materials What you need to create a spectacular, but simple manicure: 1. Varnishes. It can be like a counter

Hello lovely girls. Would you like to explore light nail art? Then I recommend reading the article. I guarantee that many complex ideas for nail design will no longer seem impossible to you. You will see how elementary everything is.

The text describes the main ideas that can be developed, depending on your imagination. Do not forget, before decorating with gel polish, the nail plates should be prepared:

  • Remove the cuticle.
  • Give shape.
  • Grind and degrease the surface.

As materials you can use whatever you want:

  • Regular varnish.
  • Gel polish.
  • Acrylic.
  • Paint.

Gel-based products are dried only under a UV lamp, while holding on for a long time, preserving the original appearance of the nail drawings. However, in order to paint with a needle or a brush, it is better to use paint, as it dries longer, allowing you to slowly create masterpieces.

Well-groomed nails - a woman's face. And the beautiful design of the manicure emphasizes the sense of style of each. Do you want to always look with a needle, as if only from the salon, without spending a lot of money? I suggest you explore a few easy nail designs for self-application.

My own master: manicure at home

Beautiful and light drawings are applied in a comfortable environment at any convenient time at home. You will need several bottles of varnish of the desired shades, fixtures and decorative elements, depending on the type of decoration.

Polka dot design step by step

Article author: Natalia Fedorova

Beautiful nails give self-confidence, cheer up, raise the status of their owner.

But not everyone can afford to visit the salon all the time. For many, the topic of manicure at home is relevant.

In order to correctly make a beautiful manicure, preliminary preparation is required.

It includes the purchase of manicure tools, disinfectants and related items that you cannot do without.

Essential Tools for Home Manicure

Good, sturdy tools are a guarantee of high-quality cuticle care, prevention of nail delamination and high speed of the procedure. For a classic trim manicure, you need the following tools:

Which manicure tools should and shouldn't be used

If your experience in nail care is still small, orange sticks will come in handy. They can move the skin at the cuticle and clean out the eponychium.

Some people use nail scissors to cut their cuticles. This is acceptable, but the best quality manicure will be if you use tweezers. The scissors have straight blades, and the tweezers are beveled. Therefore, it is the tweezers that cut off the skin more and deeper, and after them the manicure lasts longer.

Every girl always wants to look beautiful and attractive. Manicure is an integral part of a well-groomed appearance. Many ladies spend huge amounts of money on a nail service master. And of course their handles look great. But who said that you can't learn this at home?

Today we will tell you how to make easy and beautiful nail designs for beginners at home, which will certainly help you save money.

Trending nail design ideas at home for beginners

To get started, the first thing you need to do before starting work is to be patient. Because even light designs are not easy for everyone. The main thing in this business is training and training again. So, before choosing the art you need for yourself, let's immediately talk about which tools can be useful, and for which pattern.

Dots is a tool that will help you make a wonderful point manicure without any special skills.

There are various shapes and sizes. The ball that you see from above will be the main assistant in the art. Patterns can be varied, everything will depend on your imagination.

For example, an interesting work with a point gradient manicure. To do this, you just need to pick up several shades of the same or similar colors and place them from light to dark or from dark to light.

This kind of work looks pretty good too. Choose contrasting colors to make your designs look as vibrant as possible.

An excellent idea - a doticure. A real trend in the world of nail service. It consists in the fact that the points must be connected in various geometric patterns. For example, circles, triangles, rhombuses.

Here in this photo you can see the step-by-step execution of the design for nails for beginners. Everything seems complicated only at first glance.

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