Trolley of hope

A unique method of returning home had to be used by Russian diplomats who worked in the DPRK, as well as members of their families. They had to literally solve the problem of getting to Russia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic with their own hands.

Pedestrian crossing to the Russian side

“On February 25, 8 Russian employees of the Russian Embassy in the DPRK and their family members returned to their homeland,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the Telegram channel. “Since the borders have been closed for more than a year and passenger traffic has been stopped, I had to get home long and hard way. At first, 32 hours by train, then another two hours by bus to the border and, finally, the most important part of the route - walking on foot to the Russian side. To do this, it is necessary to make a cart in advance, put it on the rails, place things on it, seat the children - and go. "

The main "engine" of the self-made railcar was the third secretary of the Embassy Vladislav Sorokin, the only man in the group of "returnees". His three-year-old daughter Varya turned out to be the youngest among the travelers.

The distance the trolley had to move along the rails with my own hands was more than a kilometer. The travelers overcame the border bridge across the Tumannaya River shouting "Hurray".

At the Khasan station, diplomats and their family members were met by colleagues from the Foreign Ministry Office in Vladivostok. The people who returned from North Korea were taken to Vladivostok airport on a bus provided by the Primorsky Territory administration.

No vacations and severe restrictions

As reported by TASS with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry office in Vladivostok, at 9:25 am local time (2:25 Moscow time) on February 26, diplomats and their family members safely flew to Moscow.

Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Alexander Matsegora at the beginning of February in an interview with Interfax spoke about the conditions under which diplomats are currently working in this country: “At the end of January last year, the country closed its borders. Moreover, if you get out of here, albeit not without problems, it is still real, then no one, even citizens of the republic, can enter the DPRK since then. 2020 was marked by a massive exodus of diplomats and personnel of international organizations. Most of the embassies either suspended their activities altogether, or left one or two employees "on the farm" here. Some of the diplomats of the Russian embassy and family members also returned to their homeland due to the end of their business trips or for medical reasons, and they were not able to send anyone to replace them. Naturally, no one had vacations. "

According to the ambassador, they are not allowed to travel outside Pyongyang, they cannot visit parks, museums, swimming pools, or use public transport. The children of diplomatic workers were generally instructed not to leave the embassy.

I carried it myself - pass it on to someone else

Restrictions have given rise to very unusual problems - because of the most severe restrictions, it is impossible to get even new clothes, and if for adults it is still an average difficulty, then for growing children it is just a disaster. As a result, the employees of the Russian embassy, ​​who are in the DPRK with their children, pass children's shoes and clothes to each other - from the elders to the youngest.

Of course, in such a situation, the return to Russia became a real holiday for people, for the sake of which they had to work hard to create a trolley of their own design.

Trolley of hope

You can diversify your breakfast with colorful pancakes. The easiest way to make red pancakes is the classic version with red dye added to the dough. But we decided to slightly change the variant and add beets instead of dye. As a result, we got pink pancakes that we will cook, and the author of the recipe Nastya Rubik will help us.

Pink Pancakes

Surprise your loved ones with glamorous and romantic pink pancakes. Delicate, tasty, very effective, and most importantly - absolutely natural, such pancakes will appeal to everyone. They will definitely delight your children with their color, and a natural dye will make such pancakes not only beautiful, but also delicious. Beets also add extra sweetness to these baked goods.

  • Pancakes are best cooked over low heat.
  • Butter can be mixed into the dough and pancakes can be baked in a dry frying pan, in this case they will have a dry velvety surface and will be more dietary.
  • To achieve your desired color, add puréed beets gradually until you achieve the desired shade.

I recommend serving pancakes with whipped cream, jam, jam or sour cream with powdered sugar. They can be served for Valentine's Day, a romantic dinner or children's birthday, with berries, honey, condensed milk, whipped cream.


* Calories based on raw foods

Video recipe

I simply and easily explain each step of making pancakes. On my culinary YouTube channel "On the Kitchen", you will find other most delicious recipes.

Important! The video may differ from the text version of the recipe!

Cooking steps

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