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Humidity and temperature are the main requirements not only for the safety of many things, products, machines and devices, but also a guarantee of good health. Measuring humidity is almost as important as measuring air temperature. A device that helps to do this is a psychrometer. Everything about how the device is arranged, about its varieties, as well as about the correct use of it, will be discussed in the article.

What is this?

In general terms, a hygrometer is a device that is designed to measure the humidity of the ambient air, which is not entirely true. The hygrometer device allows you to measure moisture and solids. A psychrometer was created to measure only air humidity. A psychrometer differs from a hygrometer in a simpler design. It consists of a number of parts, the main of which are two thermometers. Thus, to measure air humidity, it is enough to purchase a psychrometer. Nevertheless, the ability to obtain the most accurate indicators is still provided by a hygrometer, but a psychrometric one.

The modern psychrometer looks almost the same as the first invented model. Inside the device, as already mentioned, there are two thermometers - dry and wet. The wet thermometer is immersed in a reservoir of water. A piece of fabric is also immersed in it at one end, the rest of its piece is wrapped around the bottom of the thermometer. Mercury is also a working element of the device - it is with this substance that thermometers are filled. It is rarely replaced with water or other fluids.

The value of humidity can be determined by the difference in readings between two thermometers, the scale will help with this. For some models, it is located directly on the device.

Speaking of technical characteristics, the following can be noted:

  • average weight - 300-400 g;
  • dimensions (indicated approximately) - 30х12х5 cm;
  • temperature range - from 15 to 40 or -5 to 25 degrees;
  • error - 0. degrees.

If several decades ago there was only one psychrometer - a hygrometric one, now the situation has completely changed. The main types of hygrometric psychrometers that are used in our time are station, aspiration, remote. Let's consider in more detail the representatives of each of these varieties.


Is a typical station (or stationary) psychrometer. In such a static psychrometer, thermometers are fixed to a tripod and placed in a meteorological booth.


The peculiarity of this aspiration device is that it has its own ventilation system. Both thermometers are housed in a nickel-plated metal frame. In the upper part of the device there is a fan that blows over the thermometers. Requires more frequent filling with water.

All about psychrometers

The value of aloe vera has been known for a long time, and gels with a concentration of this substance of 90-95% have become a real hit in the beauty industry. This is a multifunctional cosmetics that can moisturize the face and body, treat inflammation, irritation, burns, and even maintain healthy hair. But due to the wide variety of products, making a choice is not so easy. The top ranking of 2021 will come to the rescue. According to the VyborEksperta team, 7 nominees became the best gels with aloe.

Aloe Vera Gel Rating

When compiling the list of leaders, we studied the features of this form of care cosmetics. Products with a high dosage of herbal extract, and most importantly, with a minimum presence of alcohol-containing components, were the priority.

Those selected by the leader were compared by a number of parameters:

  • Concentration of active substance;
  • Additional components;
  • Useful properties, promised effect;
  • Assignment to the type of epidermis , age;
  • Methods of application;
  • Safety, hypoallergenic;
  • Consistency, aroma;
  • Packaging, volume, ease of use; <
  • Price, its ratio to quality;
  • Manufacturer's reliability.

Having eliminated goods of questionable quality, the list was narrowed down to 7 positions. These are 3 nominees of European production, 4 funds from Korea. Monitoring customer reviews, their real experience of use, identified strengths, weaknesses.

The best aloe gels for face and body

The main difference between this format of cosmetics is its versatility. That is, any product from our rating will take care of different parts of the body, some will even come off as a hair mask. Let's move on to acquaintance with the nominees of European production, leaders according to VyborEksperta.

Garnier Hyaluronic Aloe Gel Moisturizing

The first position is occupied by aloe hyaluronic gel for face with glycerin, which provides a moisturizing effect for up to 48 hours. 96% of the content is pure organic. Manufacturer - French brand "Garnier".

The base is organic aloe vera, which intensively saturates the skin with moisture. Natural hyaluronic acid prevents the rapid removal of moisture, increases elasticity.

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