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Paper napkins Gold decor 33 * 33 3 layers Yellow, 20 sheets

“The approach to your own skin should be like an expensive shoe or a luxury item - the earlier you start taking care of it, the longer it retains its gloss and freshness,” says dermatologist and cosmetologist Stanislav Arkannikov. What rules for facial care should be instilled in your child in adolescence in order to avoid skin problems in adulthood, the expert told the AIF. u.

Parent example is contagious

Caring for your skin should start from childhood. First, it's up to the parents. The baby's skin is delicate, thin, sensitive and not yet fully formed - there is no protective properties of the lipid layer, and the sebaceous glands do not produce enough sebum for hydration and elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to choose care cosmetics with an infant index that moisturize, nourish, fight irritation, hypersensitivity and diaper rash.

As the baby grows up, the role of a personal example of parents increases. How mom and dad take care of themselves, the child reads and then reproduces in his independent life. Ideally, by entering adolescence, a person should already have basic grooming skills. But here problems begin that require a special approach - inflammation, blackheads and acne.

Blossom of youth

In adolescence, the skin instantly reflects all the problems of growing up and hormonal changes. Still immature, it is protected from the environment by the development of special compounds. Overactive sebaceous glands result in excess sebum production. Mixing with dust and dirt from the outside, it can clog the pores and contribute to the formation of comedones - blackheads first, and when an infection joins - inflammation, suppuration, acne and boils. If the situation is not taken under control and you do not learn how to deal with it competently, there is a chance to get post-acne - the unpleasant consequences of improper acne removal in the form of small scars on the face, which are very difficult to remove. So that it doesn't come to this, you should take as a rule a few basic techniques for caring for young skin.

There are fundamental differences between mature and adolescent skin. Conventionally, the care protocol for an adult is cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition, protection. In most cases with adolescents, moisturizing and nutrition is best replaced by drying.

The rule of thumb to start the day by washing

This rule remains paramount in the care of any skin, but especially teenage and especially in the morning. This is a very important point, because the greatest activity of the sebaceous glands begins at 4-5 am and reaches a maximum in the morning. Any sebum produced must be washed off. Otherwise, there is an attachment of dirt, clogging of pores, inflammation - acne.

Rule Only use cosmetics with a teenage index

There is a huge group of cosmetics targeted at adolescence with its main concerns. Here, good cleansers with non-aggressive compositions, youth tonics, masks, peels and alcohol-containing lotions are used with great accuracy. The use of moisturizers for teens is an exception, as the skin is already over-hydrated.

Paper napkins Gold decor 33 * 33 3 layers Yellow, 20 sheets Paper napkins Gold decor 33 * 33 3 layers Yellow, 20 sheets

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Practical and elegant!

A spacious shopping bag from the collection of the Passegiata brand. Made of genuine leather. A rich palette of shades allows you to choose the perfect bag for your taste and for your favorite things. Extra zip bag included - convenient for your tablet or etc

Material: genuine leatherDimensions: 46 x 15 x 30 cmCountry of brand: ItalyCountry of production: Italy

About Passegiata

Young Italian designers, graduates of the Marangoni Institute of Fashion Design and Style (MarangOni), have created the Passegiata brand in collaboration with world-class trend agencies, where fashion trends are combined with comfortable fits and designs. Passegiata is translated as “walk,” reflecting the comfort and lightness of an Italian product that will suit any woman. These are bright designs that can be worn for any occasion: both to the office and to evening events, as well as for a walk with your loved one. Most of the collections are made in Italy. Everything is created only from natural materials and with high-quality fittings. A professional team of designers works with the designers, who are responsible for the functionality and usability of the models. The collections include bags, shoes and capsule fashionable clothes. In Russia, the Passegiata brand is presented exclusively at Shopping Live.

Autumn chores on a strawberry plantation: preparing plants for winter

Strawberries are a labor-consuming berry, and you need to take care of them almost all the time. Autumn is no exception: the success of the next year depends on how the plantation is prepared for wintering. And the gardener will have to try.

Strawberry Care in Autumn

Autumn Strawberry Activities include:

  • thorough cleaning in the beds;
  • trimming excess mustache and foliage;
  • preventive spraying against diseases and pests;
  • < li> removing weeds and loosening the soil;
  • applying fertilizers;
  • covering the berry for the winter.

Garden cleaning, pruning

Immediately after harvest, the plantation should be carefully examined. Yes, it’s not autumn yet, but there’s no pull. All dried and obviously diseased leaves are removed, at the same time pulling out the weeds, and burned: these residues should not be composted. Pruning is aimed at removing pathogens, pests, and rejuvenating the bushes. Therefore, in addition to cutting out unusable leaves, this operation is often carried out more radically.

So, on adult plantations (over 2 years old), many gardeners mow all the leaves without affecting the horns. This operation is carried out at the beginning of August, so that at least one and a half months are left for the growth of new greenery. The optimum cutting height is 1–2 cm from the horns. Therefore, if the owner does not have a good command of the scythe, it is better to hold it with a sickle or secateurs.

When pruning leaves, take your time to avoid accidentally hitting the horns

After that, the sun is allowed to fry the remnants of the bushes for several days in order to kill a significant part of the pathogens, and the plantation is well watered with the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers (30-40 g of urea per 1 m 2). These measures contribute to the rapid growth of roots and young leaves, and increase the harvest of the next year. All mustaches that are not needed to resume planting are trimmed as they appear: this operation begins in July and continues until late autumn.

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