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A small room with a typical bathroom is ordinary, routine and boring. But a photo of a bathroom design of 5 square meters with a window, without a toilet bowl or with it, with and without a washing machine, will help make the room recognizable and unique. The correct selection of lighting and finishing materials will visually enlarge the bathroom and harmoniously fit into the interior the necessary items and accessories.

Small bathroom design features

Before proceeding with the design of a small bathroom, you need to assess whether redevelopment is possible. The presence of two small rooms expands the field for the accumulation in 2021 of modern bathroom design ideas of 5 square meters, as well as a photo - with a corner bath, a small jacuzzi or a spacious shower. But even a small area, with a skillful approach, will allow you to place a toilet bowl, washing machine and even a bath in a small room, without giving up technical progress.

There are many options. But there are several peculiarities when decorating a limited bathroom space:

  • Finishing. The use of rectangular light-colored tiles allows you to visually raise the ceilings.
  • Toilet. In the face of a lack of free space, the best option is a hanging device. On the floor, the area will be significantly increased.
  • Furniture. Install no more than two closed cabinets for bathroom essentials.
  • Light fixtures. It is better to install several devices around the perimeter of the room, the rays from which will be reflected from the tile, increasing the space.
  • Mirror. The larger its surface, the more spacious the room will seem. Several can be used.

Observance of geometric proportions will help to get rid of the discomfort of falling into a "shrinking" space. This is achieved by placing all objects in parallel. Of course, the installation of some equipment is unrealistic without compromises - placing a washing machine in a small room is possible, but only if the bathroom is abandoned. It will have to be replaced with a shower cabin. Active people who are constantly on the move will like this option, because they still do not have time to bask in the bathroom.

If you really need the latter, you can try to install all the furniture and plumbing at different angles. Today, manufacturers take into account all possible options and provide a wide range of corner structures. The washing machine should be chosen among models with top loading - no space is required to open the door.

Attention: Numerous computer programs that allow you to visualize the room will help to facilitate the process of planning a bathroom.

Fashion trends in small bathroom design

The area of ​​5 m2 can hardly be called very small. But it does not allow for non-functional items to be placed. The installation of this or that furniture, technology should be dictated not only by style, but also by practical use. An interesting idea can be embodied in any fashion trend that is close in spirit. It is not necessary to decorate the bathroom in the same style as the entire apartment. As a result, the bathroom will become a bright addition to the author's interior.

Several styles are trending today. Designers highlight the most interesting of them, elements of which can be used in planning and decorating a bathroom:

  • Scandinavian style. Demonstrates a combination of tradition and modernity. The latter is evidenced by the lack of luxury, simplicity, in which maximum functionality is hidden. But the emphasis is on the use of traditional materials, natural colors.
  • Hi-tech. Laconic lines, pure colors, modern technology and the latest finishing materials are striking details of the style. To create an amazing effect and at the same time save space, cut-out cabinets and shelves seem to be hiding in the walls.
  • Eastern. The main feature of the style is the abundance of gilding. The furniture is made of natural wood, and the tiles are decorated with ornate patterns.
  • Provence. It's not just about using natural materials. They should be pastel colors. When choosing this style, you need to consider that it involves the installation of a free-standing bath. It doesn't have to be big - just small plumbing fixtures with original decoration are enough. Provence provides for the presence of small details, reflecting the desire for beauty.
  • Classic style. A trend that doesn't go out of style. When decorating a room, do not be afraid to use stucco, marble. The style is characterized by palace luxury. And the main attribute is a bathtub on curved legs, which do not hide, but, on the contrary, draw attention to them. The plumbing itself can be made of cast iron, copper or brass.
  • Country. The word is often associated with a cozy house in a village or forest, where everything is made of natural materials. Likewise, a country-style bathroom would be appropriate with a handmade wicker rug and a willow laundry basket and brickwork on the wall.

Attention! Metal, glass and concrete are materials, the combination of which is successfully used in the style of minimalism.

Bathroom zoning square meters

An important step that is essential to achieve maximum functionality. The space is divided into zones, taking into account their purpose. To achieve maximum functionality, they resort to arranging plumbing fixtures in one place with similar operating principles or using special techniques. Among the latter are decorative glass block sliding partitions. To visually divide the space into zones, they resort to color transitions, the creation of contrasting multi-level ceilings and the placement of lighting devices.

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