Stylish accessory for men; tie clip

The tie clip is considered a popular men's accessory that is an integral part of a business style. It performs not only decorative functions, but also solves practical tasks. This compositional detail balances the look and reduces the likelihood of getting embarrassed with certain types of ties.

Why do I need a tie clip

The main purpose of a tie clip is to attach this accessory to a shirt. This detail performs decorative functions, making the image more sophisticated. This element helps to make the composition more accurate.

What's the name of a tie clip? In fact, this accessory is considered a clothespin. Some men call it a holder or pin. The exact name depends on the variety of this element.

Most often it is made of metal. Expensive items are made of gold or silver. Stones are used as additional elements - precious or semi-precious. Many men wear name clips with their initials on them. Companies with a business dress code may have a logo on this element.

A tie barrette is not only decorative, but also practical. This element is often combined with a business suit. This way you don't have to worry about the tie accidentally falling into your coffee or food. In addition, due to the use of a bartack, the accessory does not interfere during the day.

A well-chosen element complements well the whole image and is in perfect harmony with the rest of the composition. This emphasizes the ideal taste of its owner.

Clamp types and designs

The shirt tie clip comes in several varieties. These include:

    Clothespin The product looks like an ordinary clothespin. On one side of the model there are smooth teeth, which are used to fix the tissue. The smooth front is over the tie. The product is easy to use. It provides reliability and stability. This option goes well with standard wide ties.

    There are also original types of clamp fastening. So, magnetic strips can be used for this. However, they are considered less reliable and therefore rarely used.

    Stylish accessory for men; tie clip

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