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Dr. Komarovsky on obsessive-compulsive movement syndrome in children

Children are vulnerable and impressionable creatures, and therefore it is not surprising that they experience certain situations more emotionally. Where an adult steps over and forgets, the child will worry for a long time, returning again and again to an incomprehensible or unpleasant moment for him. Since young children are unable to express the full range of their emotions in words, they can begin to manifest them on a physical level. And now the child has a habit of pinching his ear, blinking often, biting his fingers. The famous doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky talks about how to treat such oddities in a child's behavior and whether it can be treated with something. Obsessive-compulsive movement syndrome in children is a problem that many face.

What is this?

Obsessive-compulsive movement syndrome in children is a complex of psychoemotional disorders that arise under the influence of emotional shock, strong fear, fright, stress. The syndrome manifests itself as a series of unmotivated movements - of the same type or turning into more complex ones.

Most often, parents complain that their child suddenly began:

  • biting nails and the skin around nails;
  • grinding teeth;
  • shaking head from side to side;
  • swing your whole body for no apparent reason;
  • wave or shake your hands;
  • pinch your ears, hands, cheeks, chin, nose;
  • biting your own lips;
  • blinking and squinting for no reason;
  • pulling out your own hair or constantly curling it around your finger.

The manifestations of the syndrome may be different, but the disease can be talked about when the child repeats a series of movements or one movement often, especially in situations where he begins to worry or feel uncomfortable.

There are many factors that can trigger the onset of obsessive-compulsive movement syndrome:

  • severe stress;
  • being in a psychologically unfavorable environment for a long time;
  • total mistakes in upbringing - connivance or excessive severity;
  • attention deficit;
  • changes in the usual life - moving, changing kindergarten, leaving parents and their long absence.

All these manifestations may not cause any inconvenience to the child himself - unless, of course, he injures himself.

It is noteworthy that obsessive-compulsive movement syndrome is recognized by doctors as a disease, it has its own number in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), the disorder is classified as neurotic, caused by stressful situations, as well as somatoform. However, doctors did not have and do not have a single standard for diagnosing this disease. In other words, the child will be diagnosed only on the basis of the parents' complaints and the symptoms they describe.

There is also no standard for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder - it all depends on a specific neurologist, who can recommend a sedative drink and visit a psychologist, or he can prescribe a whole bunch of medications, vitamins - and necessarily a rather expensive massage (of course , at his friend masseuse).

The child blinks and jerks his shoulders

With the beginning of the new year, new trends appear in almost all areas. This also applies to the nail industry, which, despite tradition, has something new to offer every season.

In addition to strict style trends, we receive offers for fashion accessories, makeup and manicure. As for the latter, there has been a lot of new inspiration. Despite the changing trends, red manicure still fluctuates within the framework of minimalism and sophistication.

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Matte or glossy?

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Holiday Red Manicure

Valentine's Day is associated primarily with red. Why not get a manicure in this color? It's important to note that red nails will never go out of style. This is a timeless classic that will suit any occasion.

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See our suggestions both on a daily basis and for special occasions, including weddings and New Years Eve. The following ideas inspire not only red hybrid and gel nails, but homemade nail polishes at the drugstore as well.

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Many girls want a manicure that will look quite expensive in any situation, while not everyone is ready to spend significant amounts on its creation and care. For the design to look elegant, it is not necessary to decorate it with precious stones - it is enough to adhere to the basic rules, as well as choose the right style direction and take care of nails and skin.

The key to a beautiful manicure that will look expensive

A manicure that looks expensive doesn't always cost a lot of money. This feature made it possible to display numerous styles that at first glance seem inaccessible to most.

Before you design your nails that would look expensive, you should familiarize yourself with the main features of such a manicure. So, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that even an expensive nail art coating will have a peculiar look if it is inaccurate or poor-quality.

An elegant and expensive manicure is always distinguished by a large number of rhinestones or everyone's favorite painting. Modern trends indicate that such a design is more a sign of a lack of any taste, but in no way high cost.

Modern trends dictate a new fashion for the form of expensive manicure - the most natural look. Therefore, if a girl wants her nails to look extremely aristocratic, one should abandon the aggressive shape in favor of the almond-shaped and oval. The same rule applies to length, because of which the nails should not be unnecessarily long.

Considering that manicure will be worn every day, you should choose the most versatile style that will fit well with any look, be it an evening outfit or a sports uniform for running.

Also, do not forget about proper hand skin care, as the presence of dryness or cracks will reduce the desired effect of high cost to nothing. When choosing a decorative coating, you should give preference only to high-quality materials.

Trendy, luxurious shades

Despite the well-established opinion that a monochromatic manicure is a banal style with which you can no longer surprise anyone, current trends in the world of celebrities, models and other equally authoritative communities indicate that according to -Really expensive manicure is a style devoid of excessive color.

Each season has its own laws. Spring is a time of change and a real colorful revival. Summer, in turn, is associated with a holiday of carefree and well-deserved rest.

In addition to sunny weather, both seasons have one more thing in common - amazing colors. Are you wondering how to transfer these shades into manicure for beautiful nails in spring?

After a long and hard winter, it's time for the power of flowers! Set aside the dark hybrid nail polish you used in winter or fall. Replace them with shades of the first spring flowers!

Delicate, bleached pastels or maybe a spectacular decoration for your nails in spring? Everything is possible! In the spring, you can try really many options and compositions for trendy short nails.

How about nails in different colors? It's trendy! Each nail can be coated with a different color hybrid varnish. Choose your favorite shades and create your own composition.

Long or short nails?

One of the trends in manicure in the spring of 2020 is short nails. The nail design is created in a simple, classic color - the designers have focused on an innocent white-hygotic black color.

Long nails not for you? We have good news - short, square or almond shapes are in vogue this spring. In styles of short nails the classic prevails.

Nails with spring patterns are immortal floral motifs and delicate decorations that are suitable for all kinds of ceremonies. Do you also dream of interesting designs in everyday style and want to know what are the trendy designs for spring?

Geometric pattern against blur in the WaterGeo trend, as well as fairy-tale characters in the Pixie trend. These are the trends of manicure for the spring of 2020! See our offers and choose the version you like best.

Galaxynails is one of the leading trends. 2020 year. The base is painted in black, dark blue or purple colors, on which there are decorations, stickers, patterns related to the themes of the planets, sun, stars, etc.

It takes professional skills and the right technique to make crystal nails. Crystal nails are conquering Instagram, and their appearance is a pattern that resembles a shimmering crystal.

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