Rating of the best resistance bands (TOP-7) 2021

The name of the expanders comes from the Latin word for stretching. Today it is a whole series of equipment that includes certain sports equipment. All of them are united by the fact that the exercises performed with their help are based on springy deformation. The elastic components of the projectile, or one such element, provide the load when opposing the movement. Different models from different manufacturers may differ in the material of manufacture (rubber or other elastic materials), but they must be spring-loaded. The rating of the best resistance bands for 2021 will help you choose the best one and understand its true purpose.

Purpose and types

One of the features of the resistance bands is that training with these shells is aimed exclusively at certain (not large) muscle groups. Exercises with them are called isolating.

Absolutely all expanders are ideal for:

  • strengthening and maintaining muscle tone in between classes;
  • strength and aerobic training for athletes and bodybuilders.

Another good reason for choosing an expander is that this compact projectile takes up very little space. Most of the models will easily fit into a bag, or even a pocket. This practicality allows you to take it on the road, travel and even to work (by the way, using a brush expander can calm your nerves or relieve tension before an upcoming interview for a new job).

Almost all expanders are rightfully called universal. This suggests that both male and female representatives will be able to train successfully. At the same time, it is extremely convenient that the power load can be adjusted taking into account the physical capabilities of a person.


The principle of functioning of all expander is the counteraction of its bending component to the movement of the human body. Often this elastic component is made from natural rubber or is spring-loaded. This interaction between the person and the projectile provides the force of the load on the muscles.

As for the types of load, there are two of them:

  • Stretching machines.
  • Compression gear.

Each of them, as the name suggests, requires some effort on the part of the athlete (stretching / squeezing).

In addition, an extended classification of resistance bands is also used in professional sports. The main criterion in it is the group of muscles involved in training. This is how the expander for muscle loading is distinguished:

What gymnastics mats are there

There are a few major differences between rugs in sports stores, and they are selected depending on the sport.

Fitness mats

They are long (about 2 meters) and short (140 cm), designed for doing exercises while lying down, for example, for the abs, legs and buttocks. The width is usually at least 50 cm. The thickness of such mats is about 1 cm. An important feature of fitness mats is softening the surface, reducing pain when twisting, resting on the knees and elbows. The materials of folding gymnastics mats are often unnatural, such as polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic, elastomer, rubber, rubber. Such materials are capable of repelling liquid well, without getting wet under intense loads, and preventing the development of fungi and bacteria.

Yoga Mats

Made from the same materials used for fitness, foam is also often used. Quality mats often use jute fibers and cotton threads to provide a tight carcass while making the mat more durable. Such rugs are not less than human height, from 170 to 200 cm long, and 60 cm wide. The thickness usually does not exceed 6 mm. The main task of yoga mats is a non-slip, slightly sticky surface that provides high-quality grip of the hands and feet with the mat when performing unstable and difficult asanas.

Camping rugs

Made specifically for hiking, the main material is foam, on one side there is a thermosaving surface - aluminum foil. This mat is specially designed to retain heat and protect against cold ground and dampness. Their cost is the lowest, but this option is much less suitable for fitness and yoga, since it does not provide the necessary grip of the hands with the surface of the mat. But it can be used in home workouts for the abs and other exercises on the floor, where a firm but soft surface is needed. The thickness of the karemats is approximately 1 cm, and the length is about 180 cm. / P>

Which fitness and yoga mat material to choose?

Bamboo is a good choice for yoga because it is durable, lies flat, relatively lightweight and easy to carry. The downside is that it is difficult to clean thoroughly and does not provide enough cushioning for use as a Pilates mat or traditional exercise mat, and the bamboo mat slips heavily on smooth surfaces.

To protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, use a condom

Advantages and Disadvantages of Condoms

The condom is one of the best disposable barrier contraception for safe sex, products are made of thin latex, there are products for men and women. Only condoms protect a person from hepatitis B, C, HIV, syphilis, but, unfortunately, manufacturers do not promise a 100% guarantee.

The main advantage of condoms is a high degree of protection at the same time quite affordable cost, everyone can learn how to use condoms correctly, this does not require special training. These products have practically no contraindications, they do not affect health, unlike hormonal contraception, they can be used by men and women at any age.

A condom is a reliable and safe contraceptive

Cons of condoms:

  • Some men complain of a decrease in sensitivity during intercourse, you can choose ultra-thin products, but they protect much worse from unwanted pregnancy.
  • The condom should be put on just before sex, which sometimes causes some discomfort.
  • In some cases, latex allergy occurs.
  • If you choose the wrong size of a condom, buy a condom of poor quality, then during intercourse it may move or break.

Condom is perfect for women who are allergic to their partner's semen.

What are condoms for

A condom or condom is a medical device made of latex, silicone, or polyurethane that is worn on the penis before intercourse. The condom during intercourse solves very important tasks:

  • Contraception. The condom mechanically prevents pregnancy by preventing the penetration of seminal fluid into the vagina and fertilization of the egg.
  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases - STDs. The contraceptive prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the mucous membrane of the vagina and urethra. After all, it happens that one of the partners is a carrier of an infection, a virus (hepatitis C, hepatitis B, papillomavirus, herpes or HIV) or has a latent disease (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, etc.) In this case, infection cannot be avoided. It is imperative to put on a condom if the partners have not known each other for a long time and have not been tested for a long time.
  • Reduces sensitivity and prolongs intercourse. In a small number of men, hypersensitivity of the glans penis, possibly congenital. Or, from prolonged abstinence, ejaculation occurs very quickly. In these cases, a condom helps to prolong coitus.

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