Postpartum bleeding: when should it stop

Childbirth is a natural process, but quite difficult for the female body. The reproductive organs are in need of repair. Menstruation begins only at 4-9 months. It directly depends on the chosen feeding method. Discharge one month after childbirth cannot be monthly. These are lochia. In this way, the uterus is cleansed. Lochias usually last for about 2 months. Gradually, they become more scarce. Discharge after 30 days usually causes anxiety in women. However, the symptom is often not pathological. It is important to pay attention to the color of the discharge. This will make it possible to determine their nature and the approximate root cause of their appearance.

Having a baby is a very important process for every woman

How long does it take to go out?

Postpartum discharge - lochia. The symptom is not pathological. This is normal and is aimed at physiological cleansing of the uterus.

Discharge appears immediately after childbirth and lasts up to 9 weeks. Gradually, the amount of such a secret decreases. The color loses its saturation over time. By 2 months they completely disappear. Read more: about the first discharge after childbirth. It is impossible to say exactly how long the lochia lasts. This is an individual indicator and directly depends on:

  • the physiological characteristics of the body of a particular girl;
  • the course of bearing a child;
  • the severity of delivery;
  • the force of contraction of the uterus ;
  • probable complications during childbirth;
  • how the baby is fed.

The duration of discharge after childbirth may depend on the characteristics of the course of pregnancy Not the last the hereditary factor also plays a role. Probable pathological processes are also influenced. In some women, lochia may completely disappear within a month and a half after the birth of a baby.

Lochia occurs within an hour after the birth of the baby. On the first day, the discharge is very abundant. The risk of bleeding is high. That is why medical workers monitor the condition of the woman in labor. The doctor needs to be informed about any pathological changes and negative symptoms. This will help provide timely and appropriate assistance.

The average duration of the release of lochia is one and a half months. This time will be enough for the complete restoration of the female body and the normalization of the working capacity of the organs of the reproductive system. The body will prepare for the onset of the first menstruation, which, with artificial feeding, may occur as early as 2-4 months.

Lochia should not stop 1-2 weeks after the baby is born. This symptom is pathological. A visit to a doctor is required. Such a quick end of the recovery period is simply not possible. This indicates insufficient contraction of the uterus.

Long-term presence of secretions is also not the norm. Lochia can turn out to be a real bleeding, which signals pathological changes in the body. The patient can be diagnosed with an inflammatory process.

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