OZONE promo code for the first order - 2021

Ozone is a salvation for many. It is a large developing network. The online store has everything from jewelry, stationery to large household appliances. A large selection allows everyone to choose a product to their liking.

Promo code: OZON13CP2M

This promo code for 300 rubles works only when ordering through the mobile application from Ozon.

People have less and less free time and do not want to spend it on forced trips to the store. The ability to remotely select and order what you need opens up a whole range of possibilities. I enjoy using this service. Agree, few people want to go outside in the cold without much need. How convenient it is to sit at home in warmth and comfort to choose gifts for yourself and loved ones on the site.

Promotions and discounts on Ozone are always pleasing, regardless of what I'm looking for, whether it's food, detergents and other everyday goods, or something special and interesting. You can easily assemble an individual set for any occasion: a variety of tea and coffee sets, chocolate roses in a gift box, handmade cards, ready-made sweet sets and braces with cosmetics and much more.

The Ozone online store has many points of issue. So you can pick up the order from the nearest point. But if work, family and other worries take up all the time - it doesn't matter! Ozone delivery is a very convenient feature. The courier will deliver your package to the desired address on the appointed day.

It is worth paying attention to one of the services from Ozone - installment plan. The online store offers to buy now and pay later. The price limit is provided from 3,500 rubles to 300,000 rubles. To use the function, you need to fill out a questionnaire on which you will spend no more than 5 minutes. One of the advantages is a convenient way to pay off debt, you can pay with any card online.

Also there is a "points for reviews" promotion. Participation is provided for all buyers. The lists of products participating in the promotion are updated daily. The cost of a review in points for each product is individual. Another nice bonus! You can profitably purchase things, share emotions and accumulate points in order to pay for part of the next purchase with them in the future.

How is registration for Ozone going?

To activate the Ozone promo code for your first order, you must first register and enter your personal account.

  • On the website, find the "My Ozone" login button.
  • In the window that opens, type in your phone number.
  • Next, enter the code from the message. It should come to the number you specified in the previous step.
  • Download the application to receive a discount.
  • Add an email address in the settings and you will be able to receive information about discounts and promotions. <

You can register both in the browser and in the application. However, as mentioned above, you can only activate and use the promo code through the app.

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