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Hello! My name is Tatyana! I invite you to purchase materials for eyelash, nail and hair extension. You will find everything you need! Moscow

Terms of purchase minimum order amount help_outline: 20000 collection of goods in rows help_outline: no org%: 9 (minimum Organizational fee 16 rubles) help_outline approximate delivery date : 30-03-2021 transportation costs help_outline: No re-sorting and return marriage help_outline: Re-sorting by article is attached by the Organizer form of payment: on the card of the Sbank distribution of orders: at all points of the site reviews: Super-Duper reviews Site rules

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Dear Participants! ; - "/> Please pay attention to the important conditions of redemption:

✔ You can check availability (95% relevance) and take a closer look at the offered goods on the supplier's website .✔ The warehouse is very mobile, there are possible refusals. In the comments to the order, you can specify a replacement, I always take them into account. ✔ For goods that are not in stock at the time of invoicing, I change the status to New order and transfer to the next ransom. ✔ I cannot guarantee the redemption of all orders, so the absence of a part of the order is not a reason for canceling the rest of the order. ✔ Unfortunately, there are underinvestments (1-5 items). your order is included in the invoice, paid, but not shipped. This is due to the fact that the invoice is issued before the cargo is assembled. ✔ If your order contains fragile goods, please select Superpuper Offices for delivery (office Samara, DB Russia, office Metelitsa, Novokuibyshevsk). I cannot guarantee careful transportation by your pick-up point. ✔ Liquids in any package (liquids mean everything that can spread if the package is damaged), as well as cosmetics and perfumery with a volume of more than 50 ml. sent for long-distance delivery (outside the Samara region) by Russian Post or TC SDEK.

; - "/> We give gifts to all Participants with orders from 1500 rubles, there will be a surprise in the order.

✔ Certificates for antiseptics

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Light pullover with openwork leaf pattern

You will need: 125 (150) g ​​of Gedifra "Laura" powdery yarn (65% alpaca wool, 35% cotton; 150 m / 25 g); knitting needles number 4.5; circular needles No. 4.5.

Patterns: Elastic, rows in forward and backward directions: odd number of loops. Front rows: hem, alternately 1 front, 1 purl, finish 1 front and edge. Purl rows: knit all loops according to the pattern.

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Ford Focus Fuel Filter

Quality is exactly the indicator that largely determines the success and long-term operation of the machine. Despite this, no matter how high-quality the car is, there is one nuance that cannot be minimized by “simple” reliability. More precisely, we are talking about impurities in the fuel that enter the fuel system of any car. Moreover, it does not matter whether the engine of the iron "horse" runs on diesel or gasoline.

The third generation Ford Focus is no exception to this rule. Undoubtedly, in terms of quality, this model is one of the best in its class, but even it is powerless in the fight against bad fuel. In order to at least slightly minimize the damage caused to the car due to "dirty" fuel, engineers have introduced a fuel filter into the Focus design. This unit may not last forever, but for a long time it is able to protect the fuel supply system and the engine itself from third-party fractions coming from the tank. Exactly what to do when the Ford Focus 3 fuel filter is out of order, we will talk in the article below.

Fuel filter location

On diesel cars Focus 3, the fuel filter is located in the engine compartment. Having opened the hood, it is impossible to see it immediately, as it is covered with a metal cover.

On Ford Focus petrol models, 3 coarse and fine filters are placed in the fuel module. The glass is in the gas tank. To access the tank, you must dismantle it or cut a corresponding hole in the bottom of the car under the rear row of seats.

Which filter to choose

Choosing spare parts and consumables for replacement, car owners face the question of what to buy an original or an analogue? It should be noted that original spare parts are always certified and have a warranty period. To purchase them, you need to contact an authorized dealer and proven service stations.

Among the analogs there are also consumables of proper quality. In order to choose the right analogue, you need to know the brands that produce such products and their articles.


Ford Focus 3 diesel engines often use a Ford filter art. 352443. In petrol modifications, the situation is somewhat different, since they are equipped with two types of fuel filters, which are included in a single system with a fuel pump.


The cost of filters from the manufacturer (original) is at least twice as high as that of the originals. If it is not possible to purchase a more expensive version, then the following modifications can be purchased for the diesel engine, such as:

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This can be done in three ways. If the agent is applied to the nail plate, then the method is called local. If drugs to eliminate a fungal infection are taken orally, then the method is considered systemic. Systemic treatment is not safe. More .. And I would like to highlight some of the locals.

Clotrimazole is a mass product. Treats most mushrooms, side effects and contraindications at least, it costs a penny. Terbinafine and its analogues - the widest possible spectrum of action and a small number of contraindications, see the instructions. Triderm (or Akriderm GK) are universal multicomponent products. If you do not know exactly what you have, the ointment will relieve itching and symptoms, destroy the fungus and help with dermatitis and other sores (not all!). If symptoms persist, see your doctor. Ekodax is inexpensive and extremely effective, but it has many side effects and is quite aggressive on the skin.

Medicines for nail fungus: Mycospore Set - is able to cure a nail in 2 weeks, which is its unique property. But the treatment is quite aggressive, the damaged part of the nail is gradually removed during the treatment process and this can cause discomfort. Exoderil (solution) - penetrates well into the nail, is effective against most fungi and is harmless at the same time. Side effects are described in the instructions, but their probability is extremely small. You need to apply until a clean nail grows back. Varnish Batrafen is not cheap, but it lasts for a long time, because. it is necessary to apply rarely (from 1 time in 2 days at the very beginning to 1 time a week).

Ointments and creams. which are presented in pharmacies, are produced rather for the treatment of the skin, and not for onychomycosis. However, when applied to the exposed nail bed, they help treat toenail fungus.

Now, most likely, you will not ask the question "How to treat toenail fungus?" as well as other types of mycoses. The list of drugs is constantly updated, we regularly monitor prices and publish reviews. Choose the one that suits you best and be healthy! Note.

Initial stage; Less than half of the nail is affected; Defeat of 1 or 2 nails; Moderate subungual hyperkeratosis.

Fungus on the skin or nails Well, in case of damage to the scalp, first of all you need to pay attention to shampoos. Tablets

If it is impossible to cure toenail fungus using ointments and creams, then they resort to systemic treatment, that is, taking antifungal drugs inside.

There is diabetes mellitus; The patient's age exceeds the bar at 50 years. There are several names of systemic drugs for the treatment of fungal infections. Taking pills for toenail fungus. it should be remembered that: The main contraindications for taking systemic drugs are pregnancy, lactation, liver disease.

One bottle is enough for a thumbnail on average. You can use creams and ointments for nails, but it is inconvenient - for better absorption you will have to "make a compress" - apply a cotton swab with cream to the nail and glue it with a plaster. Apply in this way 2 times a day. And the efficiency will be lower. For example, a nail grows on a leg for six months or a year, so it's up to you what to choose. For skin:

Hello, pikabushniki! Maybe someone knows. I recently read in a collection of fantasy Pekhov's story "The Price of Freedom". About the war between people and elves. There the main character is a certain shooter nicknamed "Gray". I didn’t find it on the Internet, maybe someone knows if there is any continuation, or some series of books about this comrade? Thank you in advance.

The entire "Spark and Wind" series is about him.

Wind and sparks // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

+ The Price of Freedom (2005) [prequel story] // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

+ Eater of Souls (2005) [prequel story] // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

Wind Seekers (2005) // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

Wormwood Wind (2006) // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

Reapers of the Wind (2008) // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

Spark and Wind (2008) // Co-author: Elena Bychkova

I wonder what these characters mean by "looking on the Internet"

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