Is it possible to keep a cactus in an apartment? Here's what Feng Shui has to say about this topic.

The days of power are the most auspicious days of the month, in which luck awaits us in one or several spheres of life. Astrologers talked about which of the days of March will bring us the most positive energy and for what reason.

In early March, try to tackle spring decluttering by dumping five things that poison your life and energy. Spring is a time of transformation, both internal and external, so do not forget to please yourself with new things.

- mirrored March date

Mirrored dates are days when numbers rule the world. This time the Troika will be at the helm. It is a spiritual number that governs our consciousness and desires. On this day, it will be useful to engage in spiritual practices, stay in solitude and gain new knowledge. If you want to know what all the remaining mirror dates for 2021 will be, check out the corresponding article in which the experts of the site dailyhoro. u gave their predictions.

and March are the days of the growth of the Moon in Aries

March 14, 15 and 16 are the first days of the growing moon in Aries. The 15th number was not included in the list of days of power, because on this day we will have the transition of Mercury into the Sign of Pisces. This event will make the day one of the five most dangerous in March. That is why only the 14th and 16th are the days of power. The growing Moon feels great under the influence of the powerful element of Fire. These are ideal days for work, financial activity, shopping, the most favorable of which will be new clothes. The most important thing these days is not to be lazy and not to put off important things for later, including chores around the house.

March - vernal equinox

On March 20 at 12:37 pm, the Earth will make exactly one quarter of a revolution around the Sun starting from the day of the winter solstice. It will be a day of harmony between solar energy and the energy of the Earth. Everything will be in the most positive state possible. On this day, the astronomical spring will begin, which will mark the beginning of an increase in the tone of people. Astrologers note that on the 20th, many people will gain faith in themselves and will be able to look at the world differently, forgetting about problems and troubles. Solar energy will help us to believe in ourselves and make us get rid of fears and complexes, endow us with generosity, honesty and openness.

March - perigee of the Moon

Perigee is the position of the moon at which it approaches the Earth as close as possible. This happens relatively often, but this time it will decrease and end up in the Sign of Scorpio. This is a very auspicious position in which people are inspired. Many of us will have a new motivation on this day. Due to the approach of the Moon to the Earth, the creative influence of the night star on our energy will increase by at least 15-20 percent. It should be noted that the next day will also be favorable, but not the same as March 30. One way or another, the month will end on a bright and positive note.

March is the perfect time to break the habits that take away your happiness. At this time, you can and even need to change yourself, work on yourself and strive for harmony with the world around you.

Now piti kefir from the women lion vrantsi: two vague reasons

Axinite is one of the rarest and most unique minerals that has a flattened shape. This gem is considered one of a kind, as it has no analogues. It is not surprising that the crystal attracts the attention of not only jewelers, but also potential buyers.

Stone Features

Translated from English means "ax". Indeed, the mineral has a shape that resembles wedges. Often the gem is called tumit or seringot. A wedge-shaped stone has sharp edges and oblique edges.

The gem is characterized by slight flattening and small strokes on the edges

Each copy is individual. Minerals of different transparency are found in nature. But, despite this, they have a glass luster, uniform color, and the ability to change color depending on the viewing angle and lighting.

Axinite Varieties

Axinite has 4 varieties.

  • Tintzenite. The crystal contains manganese and iron. The stones are yellow, orange and red.
  • Ferroaxinite. It is often called the "iron crystal". These are brownish-brown and purple gems.
  • Magnesioxinite. The mineral is dominated by magnesium. The stones come in bluish and gray shades.
  • Manganaxinite. Mineral with a high content of manganese. This component gives the crystals a yellow-orange color scheme.

Now the rare stone is mined in the USA, France and Asia. Blue copies supplied by Tanzania

Healing properties

Navischo drink kefir with us lonu vrantsi: two vague reasons Already up to 25 years our body has accumulated a lot of unnecessary, and the

How to achieve harmony in your home? It depends on many factors. But not everyone knows that you can achieve balance, as well as increase vital energies through feng shui.

Consider introducing indoor plants. The Chi energy in them is good for your health and will revitalize your home. Yang energy disinfects your family nest. It neutralizes negativity, chemical and electrical pollutants.

Can I keep a cactus in my house?

Cactus has a bad reputation. Some argue that it brings bad luck. But this is not the case. The cactus is a plant with a strong character and personality. He uses his thorns to protect us.

Here are the benefits of cactus you need to know:

1. This plant has 4 different genera and 1400 species. They are often used as decorations. It's trendy!

2. Cacti originated in dry areas and store water inside. Therefore, you do not need to care a lot about them.

3. They have thorns. They protect people who live nearby.

What Feng Shui Says About Cactus Protection:

According to experts, cacti neutralize gamma rays from computers, microwave ovens and televisions. That is why they are most often placed next to these electronic devices.

They also help people know their inner strength. A cactus is a plant that stores water, and water is an element that symbolizes feelings. The plant benefits those who need to protect themselves from their own emotions.

Cactus thorns are a defense against unexpected or negative guests. They also help you overcome your own limitations and give you the strength to say no when needed.


According to the author. Everyone at least once in his life asked the question "Where to sleep with your head correctly"?

Most often these are people who recently changed their place of residence or decided to make a rearrangement, like me, so I decided to tell you in detail how to sleep properly and why.

Correct sleeping position and what you need to know about bed placement?

In sleep we spend a third of our entire life and therefore the correct position of the body is very important.

Many people like to read, watch TV and even eat without getting out of bed, while saying that they are ready to spend half their lives without getting out of it.

But first, it's important to understand what the position of the body itself should be. You can often wake up even more tired and the reason for this is what you fall asleep on and how you do it.

If you constantly curl up into a ball, your head is on the hard back of the sofa or, much worse, hangs a little from the bed.

In such cases, it is not necessary to talk about a good condition throughout the day.

During such a dream, the body begins to experience a lack of oxygen, the neck is in constant tension and takes an unnatural position for itself.

Understanding where to sleep with your head correctly