Mechanical clamp with horizontal handle force 40 kg GOOD HAND GH-201-H

You decided to start doing a manicure at home, bought all the necessary materials, a lamp, accessories ... But something goes wrong, the coating falls off unevenly or begins to flake off in a matter of days! What to do? First of all, do not get upset, because in this article we will analyze all the main mistakes at the stage of applying gel polish and learn how to avoid them! Read to the end and learn how to make the perfect manicure!

Manicure steps and possible mistakes

Now there are 3 main types of manicure:

  • hardware ;
  • combined ;
  • classic.

Since combined and hardware manicure must be done using a special apparatus, which requires certain skills, we will focus on the classic type of manicure, which is most accessible to beginners at home.

All stages of manicure with gel polish and mistakes on each of them

Let's take a closer look at all the stages of a manicure in order to further determine where mistakes can lie in wait for us.

Stage Manicure and Cuticle Treatment

The stage is preparing the nail plate itself

Errors at the stage of preparation of the cuticle and nail plate

Now let's look at the errors that may appear at the first two stages, which we wrote about above.

Error: neglect dehydrator

This applies to people whose skin is prone to oily and sweating. If this is your case, be sure to use a dehydrator, which will provide a stronger adhesion of the material. with a nail plate!


the optimal model of a quick fixing device for performing standard tasks for pressing the workpiece (clamp with a horizontal handle) serves for fast and reliable fixing of the workpiece and prevents it from displacement under the action of the forces arising during machining the clamp is used for pressing wood workpieces , metal, plastic, can also be used in the production of welding jigs


the clamp consists of a rubberized handle to operate the clamp, a clamping bar, a base for clamping, a clamping bolt and a system of "pivots and levers" to increase the force applied to the clamp arm

U-bar allows adjusting the position of the pressure screw

the steel parts of the clamps are ground, brushed and galvanized for high corrosion resistance

the clamping screw has a rubberized tip


rod tilt angle 90 ° handle tilt angle 75 ° clamping force 40 kg rod projection (L) 40 mm base (H) 25 mm weight 60 g

Production - GOOD HAND (Taiwan) GOOD HAND ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (Taiwan) has been meeting the demands of its customers around the world for over 35 years with clamps that are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial and commercial enterprises. If you need a clamping device to push, pull, lower, fix, position or tighten something, we can help you find the exact fixture you need, from our warehouse or custom, ideally suited to your application.

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