Manicure spring 2021: fashion photos of the new spring nail design

Spring is the time of year when days get longer, temperatures get warmer, and our wardrobe brightens and becomes lighter. The whole world comes alive after a long and cold winter. Every year, with the arrival of spring, women bloom and are filled with a warm, joyful spring mood, and this cannot but affect our appearance, including our manicure.

The main slogan of the spring 2021 manicure: fashion design infused with artful minimalism and timeless simplicity!

Fashionable manicure spring 2021 combines different trends and creates a beautiful harmony of color and design. Nail design and its success directly depend on the choice of color, which to a greater extent affects the aesthetic appeal of the created image and the professionalism of the master. Spring 2021 nail designs range from beautiful pastel manicure to vibrant french coat, geometry and minimalism to floral designs and sequins, there's something for everyone!

In this article, we will tell you about the popular colors of nail polishes and other current trends in manicure spring in 2021.

Actual spring manicure design for short and long nails

Nail decoration or design has a history of about 5000 years, for example, people in India used henna to color nails. As the fashion industry flourished, nail polishes came into being and we now have a huge variety of polish colors. From bright hues to lighter pastels to rich dark colors, you can get any hue imaginable.

We're keeping an eye on the nail polish season. Spring 2021 dictates to us such trendy varnish colors: yellow (from light to rich mustard), mint, light pink, light gray, light azure, soft coral, sky blue. And of course, the nude palette, because this trend has been holding high positions for several seasons. Lovers of bright colors have nothing to worry about: for them, the Pantone Color Institute also named the trendy colors of the season: cyan, lilac, blue, red and lemon.

Spring 2021 brings you a new trendy series of short and long nail designs that we've put together for you in this article. As for the shape, for short nails there will be an actual shape of a soft square and a natural oval. And for long nails, the trendy shape of the season is almond and oval.

Manicure with flowers: spring fashion trends

This year, the flower theme is still an important element of spring manicure, because every girl loves to look especially feminine in spring. No one has ever offered anything more beautiful than the spring design of flowers on the nails. You can choose any flower you like, in any color combination. And the main theme of nail design is traditionally style, artistic manner and beauty of painted flowers. Flower designs on nails can be applied in three ways:

1. Paint with a brush

3. Stamping (stickers on nails)

The craftsmanship and design of the designer artists bring gorgeous flowers on nails to life in a wide variety of creative ways. A multi-stroke pattern of flowers, or realistic, detailed plots are just as relevant in trendy nail art 2021. Combine flowers and greens with a nude base shade to create beautiful, nature-inspired nail designs.

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