How to use the Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new social network that uses only audio messages. The excitement around it is due to the fact that it still remains closed, and you can get there only by special invitation.

Clubhouse Features

The Clubhouse network is like an online podcast or radio without the ability to record broadcasts.

After creating an account in the Clubhouse, it becomes possible to upload a photo, fill in the name of the nickname and the name of the member.

On the start page, you can fill in detailed information about yourself (Bio), the first line will perform the search function. On the following lines, you can fill in information about yourself, which can be useful to users - this is the area of ​​interest and activity. Additionally, you can provide links to Instagram and Twitter pages. On the start page, the user who invited you to the clubhouse is indicated, as well as information about subscriptions and subscribers is visible.

To the left of the avatar you can see the icons:

  • calendar - scheduled conversations are visible;
  • letter - available number of invites;
  • bell - notifications about new subscribers or scheduled rooms among yours subscriptions.

Clubhouse Invitation Tree

To get into the clubhouse, you need to receive an invitation from a user already registered there. To do this, you need to send him your phone number, to which an SMS with an invitation will be sent.

Next, you need to follow the link and download the application to your phone, while this is only possible for owners of the iOS operating system, enter your phone number in the international format and confirm it with a code from an SMS.

After filling out the nickname and interests, the new user has the opportunity to invite two more people to the clubhouse.

How to use the Clubhouse

Healthy products and vitamins for hair and nails

  • Causes of Hair Problems
  • Nutrients Needed body
  • What foods to eat
  • General recommendations

Every woman undoubtedly wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, regardless of age and status. To do this, you often have to resort to a whole range of cosmetic procedures and products. But all these funds are designed to look after, correct or emphasize what is already there. That is, we take care of the condition of the skin, nails and hair that we already have at the moment.

And all these cosmetics require a lot of effort and a lot of money.

But most of the problems that have to be solved when caring for hair, nails and skin can be avoided and not brought to the point in which they need urgent, and sometimes even permanent help.

It is enough to eat properly and fully, and our body will solve many problems with skin, hair and nails on its own.

Of course, this will not happen immediately, because the body will take time to replace damaged hair and nail tissues with new, healthy and beautiful ones.

What does it mean to eat right? And what does the body need to keep hair and nails always beautiful and healthy? Let's try to answer these questions in this article.

Causes of hair and nail problems

What causes hair and nails to break, flake and look bad?

The condition of hair and nails directly depends on a complete and healthy diet.

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