How to Strengthen Your Lungs: Nutrition, Exercise, Tips

Set goals

Before starting any actions, you need to decide on the desired result, on the indicators of weight and volumes that you would like to achieve. To approach this responsibly and reasonably, immediately imagine what efforts will have to be made to get the intended indicators.

You can write down the desired results and the date by which you want to achieve them. Place this information in the most prominent place so that it is always in front of your eyes and serves as a reminder. It will be relevant to add a picture that depicts a dream figure or your photo with an ideal weight. Visualization will help you achieve results.

Perfect body in one month: simple exercises for a beautiful figure

It is possible and necessary to return the form after pregnancy. There are many sets of exercises for the figure. But even if you do not need to remove those extra pounds, you want to have a beautiful and toned body. You can achieve the result in a month. How? Just do 7 exercises for a perfect figure.

The most popular and simplest exercise for a beautiful figure is the plank. You don't need to squat to a sweat in it - just become right. The plank strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, arms, front of the thigh.

Push-ups are a necessary element in a set of exercises for a beautiful figure. Push-ups will help you tidy up your arms and abs. Remember to keep your back, pelvis, and legs in a straight line with this exercise.

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Exercise for the hips and buttocks

Start with a kneeling and handstand. Then lift your right leg and left arm in a straight line. Do the same with your left leg and right arm. This bodybuilding exercise will perfect your hips and buttocks.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart and slowly lower yourself, imagining that you are sitting on a chair. Try to "plant" the tailbone as far as possible so that during this exercise for a good figure, the leg from the feet to the knees is a straight line perpendicular to the floor and does not move. Pull forward for convenience.

How to make a boyish figure more feminine using the example of Eva Longoria

Why it matters

During sports exercises, the respiratory system performs the following functions:

  • Oxygenates. With its insufficient amount, the effectiveness of the exercises is significantly reduced.
  • Helps to increase the duration of the run and get rid of excess glycogen.
  • Reduces the stress factor when stressing the body.
  • Normalizes the brain, stimulates its activity, which has a positive effect on coordination.
  • Allows you to adjust the heart rate. Using a variety of techniques, you can calm or speed up your heartbeat.
  • Promotes more fruitful fat burning: completed fats are burned only when there is a large amount of oxygen.

How we breathe

The human respiratory apparatus is directly connected with the circulatory system. Thanks to this connection, oxygen is extracted from the inhaled air mass, enters hemoglobin and is transported throughout the body. To increase the efficiency of consumption of this substance, observe the rhythm: control the depth and frequency of inspiration. A lack of O2 is dangerous, especially during physical activity, and an excess of it can provoke dizziness, so it is highly undesirable to breathe chaotically.

It is worth thinking about the quality of the environment. The best place to run is in the park: the more greenery around, the cleaner the air. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release the pure oxygen we need so much.

Nose or mouth

When jogging, nasal breathing is preferable. Inhale for each step (or for the second if you use your lungs at full strength), and exhale when lifting the leg (or when raising it again, if the rhythm is slow).

Do not be afraid of stabbing pain in the side. Its occurrence means the accumulation of blood in the spleen or liver, which is pressurized by the diaphragm, but this does not pose a danger. As soon as the unpleasant sensations appear, adjust the intensity of the run: let each inhalation and exhalation fall on the opposite side (if it tingles on the right, breathe when the left foot touches the ground, and vice versa).

Mouth breathing is not recommended, as oxygen in this case will dry out the oral mucosa, cause additional moisture loss and, as a result, discomfort. At the same time, air does not get clearly into the lungs, but partly into the stomach.

The best option is to inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth.

There are different breathing techniques, each of which suits its purpose and training format. Competently using and combining techniques, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of classes. So, during the warm-up process, it is better to breathe through the nose, not adjusting to the rhythm of the steps - this will activate the activity of the chest and reduce the pressure on the liver or spleen.

When doing moderate aerobic running, you should always take a deep breath. In this case, it is necessary to saturate the muscles with a sufficient amount of oxygen so that the internal reserves of glycogen are not depleted and the body does not begin to consume energy from sugar in the muscle tissues.

Exercises to help you regain your figure after pregnancy. Exercises for the figure at home.

Prevention of osteochondrosis

A chronic disease of the spine, in which the intervertebral discs, cartilage are affected, people experience severe pain, is called osteochondrosis. This disease awaits you if you do not start monitoring the spine in time. There are often cases when your back hurts from sedentary work already at the age of 20-30, so do not ignore the first bells, start actively resisting them.

  • You must live a healthy lifestyle, do gymnastics, or do back exercises in the gym.
  • With regular exercise, blood circulation will improve and the muscle corset will be tightened, the "by-product" of exercising will be that you start to look better and feel great, and your physical health will improve.
  • No amount of exercise can replace self-control, so carefully monitor your posture, try to walk straight without hunching or stooping.

Office Gymnastics: Video Selection

If you want to do office gymnastics with ready-made workouts, then we offer you several short sets of exercises on the chair. These videos will be an excellent prevention of diseases from a sedentary lifestyle.

Olga Sagai - Office gymnastics (minutes)

Office Exercise (minutes)

FitnessBlender: Light Office Stretch (minutes)

Denise Austin: Office Fitness (minutes)

HASfit: Office Exercise (minutes)

Will the Zenit striker move to Spain, who Real wants to replace Ramos, will Liverpool strengthen the midfield and other transfer news of the last days

Serdar Azmun

Zenit forward Serdar Azmun may move to Sevilla at the end of the season.

The Spanish club is interested in the Iranian in connection with the possible departure of Youssef An-Nesiri, according to Estadio Deportivo.

According to the source, the Spanish club will try to strengthen its attack line next summer, and the Iranian is one of the candidates.

It is noted that Sevilla continues to monitor the 26-year-old striker, whose value at the end of this season will be significantly lower than the market value due to the fact that he will have only a year of contract with the blue-white-blue ".

In the current campaign Azmun played 20 matches for Zenit, scored 11 goals and made 5 assists. The Transfermarkt resource estimates the value of the forward at 23 million euros.

Our forecast: Zenit

Lucas Ocampos

Liverpool are showing interest in Sevilla's left attacking midfielder Lucas Ocampos, according to La Razon.

The benefits of exercising with simulators

If it is not possible to regularly go to the gym or gym, then you can maintain muscle tone at home. Lack of physical activity is one of the main reasons for the development of diseases of the spine.

At home, it is recommended to use special machines for the back. When using them, you can form a strong muscle corset that will support the spine in a normal state.

Before purchasing a simulator, you should consult a doctor. He will be able to tell which simulator will be most suitable. Before using the simulator for the first time, experts advise you to visit the gym and understand the exercise technique with the help of professionals.

Back & Leg Trainer

An effective device that allows you to train two muscle groups at once is an elliptical trainer for the legs and back. Its bright representative is Oxygen EX-35:

Many elliptical devices are equipped with an electronic monitor and several workout programs, and the DFC PT-002 also has anti-slip pedals. Its main characteristics:

  • model name: DFC PT-002;
  • price: 17990 rubles;
  • characteristics: training of gluteal muscles, dorsal, calf ;
  • pluses: non-volatility - the sensors operate on batteries;
  • minuses: large dimensions.

Almost all elliptical devices calculate the heart rate, the number of calories burned, and Oxygen Alabama also evaluates the work of the cardiovascular system after training. Its main characteristics:

  • model name: Oxygen Alabama;
  • price: 24890 rubles;
  • characteristics: strengthening the muscles of the ridge, legs;
  • pros: large step width;
  • cons: not found.

Types of simulators

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