How to remove ads in Skype

Sooner or later, we find the strength to part with even deeply rooted bad habits and no longer try to bite off a burr or pick off gel polish, regularly wash make-up brushes and do not go to bed without first washing off the makeup.

However, we suggest you go through our checklist and check: you may still unintentionally harm your beauty!

- Smear your heels with the first cream you come across

Foot cream is an indispensable beauty tool for maintaining healthy skin - which, however, is often ignored. Often, when peeling or cracks on the heels appear, everything that comes to hand is used: from baby cream to the contents of a bottle that has been on the shelf intact for a year now, because it’s a pity to throw it away.

In the meantime, products that are not intended for the skin of the feet can worsen its condition even more - for example, clog pores, draw moisture out of the skin or create an airtight “film” on its surface. Use only special foot creams - this way you will save your heels from many problems.

-Cut your toenails without steaming

Try to take a slice of potatoes from a bag of chips and cut a slice off; chances are, the slice will crack, and the same thing can happen to your toenails. The reason for this is the lesser strength of the nail bed compared to the hands. Therefore, you need to trim your nails after a shower or steaming baths. But you can work with a nail file only on dry nails to avoid delamination.

–Use metal nail files

If you still have such a tool in your beauty arsenal, it's time to part with it without any regrets. Metal files can cause delamination of even healthy and strong nails, so we recommend getting a more modern file with fine-grained abrasive abrasive.

- Do not rinse micellar water

Micelles are particles of surfactants that trap contaminants and facilitate their further removal. Surfactants are found in many products that require rinsing - shampoo, shower gel; micellar water is no exception. If the skin is sensitive, surfactants remaining on it can provoke irritation, and particles of cosmetics bound by micelles, but not removed from the skin, can cause acne.

Bad beauty habits: check yourself on the checklist

Skype communication has become a part of everyday life: it is difficult to find a computer connected to the Internet that does not have this free program downloaded. Thanks to her, video conversations, ordinary telephone conversations can be carried on as long as you like. The only thing that worries is the abundance of advertising. It's good that even a beginner can get rid of it. There are not one or two tricks on how to remove ads on Skype. There are many methods, they are all known, available to everyone.

Ways to disable ads on Skype

There are three main methods of blocking commercial messages on the main page of Skype: changing the settings of the program itself, the computer, using special programs - anti-ad blockers. You can use each of these methods in turn, expecting a positive result, or you can resort to all three at once: the problem of how to remove ads in Skype, you will be able to solve one way or another.

If your Skype has not been updated for a long time, you can actually turn off the reception of annoying ads by reconfiguring only the program parameters. To do this, find the program settings, the "Security Settings" option, uncheck the box next to the "Allow the display of Microsoft targeted advertising based on age data and other data specified in the personal account of the Skype user". The program will stop using your personal information as a guide to finding commercial banners and will not display them.

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This method worked until recent Skype updates. The latest versions of the ad in this way are only partially removed. Annoying messages keep popping up on the screen after adjusting the internal settings of the program, although not in the same amount. But you want to get rid of them completely! How to solve the problem in this situation?


One of the possible options for how to remove ads is to install the AdBlock application. In fact, this is a browser add-on that is suitable for any search engine and operates on the basis of special filters. Automatically updating itself, the anti-spam and anti-adware program detects new sources of unsolicited information and immediately blocks them.

AdBlock can be used in a matter of minutes.

  • Download the application for free from the official page.
  • Find the program filters setting, check the boxes opposite all the names suggested to you.
  • Don't forget to uncheck the "Allow some unobtrusive ads" checkbox.
  • The program will take effect immediately after installation. You do not need to restart your computer.

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