How to flash an Asus tablet through a computer

Firmware is the installation of an operating system on a mobile device. The firmware of the Asus tablet does not differ much from installing the OS on devices of other brands, but still, there are some differences.

The article on tablet firmware is devoted to this process. Also, before this, it is described in what situations an operating system installation is required, and where to find a suitable option.

When do you need to flash a tablet

Firmware for Asus Tablet PC is a complete update of the software component of the device. Everything that was before is deleted, and a new one is installed.

There are some cases when you cannot do without reinstalling the OS:

  • serious malware infection that cannot be removed even after a factory reset;
  • incorrectly installed operating system;
  • unsupported or custom the operating system that caused the crashes;
  • a serious error caused by the program delivered via the apk file;
  • very slow operation, the cause of which is unknown.

The operating system is not always installed due to some kind of malfunction. You can install an operating system to get rid of preinstalled proprietary applications, gain access to new OS features, improve the interface, and more.

Important! Some users flash the device in order to deliver a version of the operating system that is not officially supported. I do not recommend doing this, because the device can be damaged.

Where to download the firmware

The main stage in preparing for the installation of a new operating system is finding and loading a suitable operating system.

There are 2 important steps here:

  • Download exactly the system that is officially supported by the mobile device. At the same time, download not a custom, but a standard package from the developer. In the case of the Android operating system, this is Google.
  • Select a system for your Asus model. For example, it could be Transformer TF101. On sites with firmware, they are divided precisely by model and configuration. For example, with a 4G / 3G module or with a keyboard.

I recommend downloading the operating system from the Android-HIT website. The options for Asus are on this page (sorted by model).

How to flash an Asus tablet through a computer

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