How to do a manicure yourself at home

Every self-respecting girl should have beautiful well-groomed nails. Of course, many women visit a beauty salon for a specialist to give them an amazing manicure. We will tell you how you can save money and time to put your fingers in order. Moreover, every girl should be able to do a manicure for herself, because there are situations when a trip to the salon is simply not possible, for example, you are in the country or have gone on vacation. These skills will definitely come in handy in life to always look well-groomed.

It is advisable to do a manicure at home once a week, then his condition will be at its best. In this article, you will find out all the information about the 3 types of manicure and find the most suitable one for you.


Home Manicure Tools

Be sure to buy only high quality and good tools. This arsenal should always be in your cosmetic bag, because without it it is simply not possible to perform a wonderful manicure.

  • Special scissors for manicure;
  • Nail file - glass, ceramic or cardboard is best for you;
  • Cuticle nippers;
  • Orange or metal stick;
  • Sea salt and bath oils;
  • Moisturizing cuticle oil.

Classic (trim) manicure

This type of manicure is pretty simple. When trimming manicure, you need to be very careful, since we work with a sharp instrument, there is a great possibility of injury.

First of all, with a classic manicure, we must disinfect our pens and arsenal so as not to infect. The tools must be sharp enough. We make a hand bath: pour warm water, add sea salt and essential oils. And after the cuticle becomes soft, we begin the manicure. We move the cuticles with a special stick, then carefully cut off the cuticles with nippers or scissors, remove all excess coarse skin. With a file, we give a beautiful and uniform shape to the nails.

European manicure

How to do a manicure yourself at home

We do the right manicure

Manicure should be done every 8-10 days. Immerse your nails in warmed vegetable oil for a few minutes, giving them the norm with a nail file. Do not cut deeply the corners of the nails, as this can cause inflammation. Warmed oil or soapy water softens the cuticle and makes it easier to remove. The first time it is better to do a manicure in a beauty salon, at the same time and see how to do the right manicure yourself, at home. Nail polish is selected individually and should be in harmony with the color of lipstick, clothing. It protects nails from harmful effects. In order for the varnish to be evenly distributed, it must be applied to warm warmed hands and dry nails. Colorless varnish can be applied as a base, and colored varnish after drying. You need to remove the varnish with a special liquid. It is advisable to shorten nails not with scissors, but with a manicure file with a diamond or sand coating.

How to strengthen nails So that nails grow quickly

Baths of warm vegetable oil to which vitamin A is added, 3 drops of iodine or 5 drops of lemon juice will help strengthen nails. They can be done 1-2 times a week. Yellowed nails "turn pale" from rubbing with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice. Lemon juice, table vinegar, cranberry juice, black or red currant juice should be regularly rubbed into the nail plate and into the skin around it. It is useful to make warm baths of sea or table salt every two days. Beeswax "thimbles" have a wonderful effect. It must be preheated in a water bath, then immersed in it with nails. On the fingers will appear "thimbles" of wax, which must be kept until the morning. Nails become stronger, grow faster if you eat foods rich in proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A and D, and gelatin. Gelatin can be added to jellies, aspic and dessert dishes, or simply added a little to hot soup. Follow these simple guidelines to grow nails quickly.

How to do the right manicure - order of execution

The sequence of actions during the manicure procedure:

Removing the old varnish How to make the right manicure yourself

To remove the old layer of varnish, a special liquid is used, not acetone, which has a negative effect on nails and skin. In addition to the component that dissolves the varnish, the liquid should also contain components of preservative action and nail care. With a cotton swab soaked in liquid, moisten the layer of varnish or emulsion, then lightly press on the swab and remove the entire layer of varnish in one motion towards the end of the nail. Thus, the varnish is washed off from all nails, after which they are additionally cleaned from the remains of varnish or enamel, which were preserved after the first wipe.

Cutting your nails correctly at home yourself

The shortening and formation of nails begins with the left hand, since the nails of the right usually need a longer stay in the bath. If it is necessary to shorten the nails by a few millimeters, use forceps, which have completely replaced the scissors. When cutting nails, special attention should be paid to the simultaneous development of the desired contour, which in the future will greatly facilitate the modeling of the final shape.

File nails Manicure at home

If your nails need only a slight shortening, you can use a file. In the left hand they hold (through a napkin) a finger taken from below, and with the right hand they shorten and shape the edges of the nail with a file. Formation is performed at the end of the procedure, choosing one of your favorite options. The choice of form should be dictated by both practical and aesthetic considerations. The natural shape of the finger and nail, the nature of the professional activity are taken into account. If someone professionally did a manicure for you at home, they should have recommended the most suitable nail shape (if you are doing a manicure in the salon). It is better to give the nails an oval shape as the most natural, practical and effective.

Nails, which are naturally narrow and long, should be shortened, avoiding pointed ends; nails, which are naturally short and round, need to be lengthened, leaving as long ends as possible, not forgetting, however, that too long ends give the hand an unnatural look.

Surely, any girl was interested in creating a spectacular manicure at home. A high-quality manicure is your health and beauty, a procedure that complements your image and makes you even more charming and beautiful. A self-respecting girl simply cannot go out if the appearance of her nails leaves much to be desired.

High-quality nail art is shaping the nail that suits you. It is square, oval, rectangular or round, in accordance with your nail plate. But remember that the rectangular shape of the nail is only suitable for girls with long and thin fingers. Next, it is worth cleaning the nail plate and removing the keratinized skin near the nail - the cuticle. In order for the nails to rest sometimes, the use of decorative varnishes for manicure should be reduced to once every 7-14 days, but just taking care of them is worth every day.

Nail art at home

A manicure set, cuticle softener, nail polish remover, cotton swabs, nail polish base, base polish and fixer, or drying are all you need to complete your manicure at home.

Daily manicure

Mind-blowing and sophisticated manicure presupposes the observance of some rules, which will be discussed later:

  • Wipe off excess polish with a cotton pad and blot with nail polish remover. Put it on top of the nail, hold it for a couple of seconds, the varnish will dissolve and come off easily.

If the nail polish remains near the cuticle, then you should take a cotton swab, moisten it in nail polish remover, and gently wipe the cuticle. The varnish should be easily removed.

Nail art is called decorative if it keeps up with fashion trends, your style and taste. Trend and quality of workmanship is all about a flawless manicure. Having mastered the technique of performing a classic manicure, feel free to start performing decorative manicure by applying varnish and various decorations. More details below.

Procedure for performing decorative manicure

As soon as you painted the first layer, you should wait until the varnish is completely dry, but if nail art involves a multifaceted palette of shades, then you should start this procedure right away.

How to get yourself a manicure

You can keep your hands in perfect condition and design your nails in an original way without visiting a beauty salon. We will tell you in detail how to make a manicure step by step at home and achieve the perfect result. Read what tools you need for a hygiene procedure and what designs you can create at home. It is not necessary to be limited to a single color. Even if you do not have artistic skills, you can embody original ideas with the help of improvised means and special tools.

Home manicure - what types can be done

The most popular and effective way to tidy up your hands is a trim manicure. The dead skin around the nails is cut off with a special tool - tweezers. It is important that they are of good quality; beauty, smoothness and the absence of injuries depend on this. In addition, a sharp cutting tool of a proven company will allow you to perform the procedure quickly, thereby saving you time.

For those who, due to health conditions, do not risk using a cutting tool (with mycoses and diabetes mellitus), an unedged manicure at home is suitable, the features of which are clearly demonstrated in the video. To remove dead skin around the nails, special removers are used - products based on acid or alkali. When used correctly, they eliminate the risk of injury to the skin, act gently and do not contribute to the formation of burrs.

Another salon procedure is increasingly being done at home - hardware manicure at home. To carry it out, you need a special machine - a milling cutter. It performs the following functions:

    keratinized cuticle removal;

    polishing and polishing nails;

  • treatment of calluses on hands and feet;
  • correction of the shape of nails.

    The machine is equipped with a handle with a rotating cutter, the size and rotation speed of which are selected depending on the task. For owners of delicate, damaged skin, as well as a cuticle growing too quickly, the purchase of a manicure machine at home is quite justified.

    How to prepare for the procedure

    First you need to wash your hands and remove the old varnish. Even if the old decorative coating has no defects, it is recommended to replace it, since after the manicure the distance between the cuticle and the border of the varnish will increase. And the hands will look imperfect.

    A woman's business card is beautiful, well-groomed hands. To get a manicure, you do not have to go to the salon, you can carry out the procedure at home. The main thing is to acquire the necessary tools and adhere to the recommendations.

    Home Manicure Technique

    Mastering the intricacies of manicure is easy. Pick your tools first:

    Photo gallery: necessary tools for the procedure

    You will also need a deep bowl, towel, old nail polish remover, cotton wool, moisturizing oil. If you want to get an unedged manicure, buy a cuticle softener.

    After giving the nails the desired shape, place the file perpendicular to the nail plate and make several movements to remove the sawdust

    Now you need to select a form. By choosing it correctly, you can make the nail visually longer, and the fingers more graceful. Remember that all nails must be the same in length, otherwise it will be conspicuous.

    Features of trim manicure

    Wash your hands with soap and water and remove the old nail polish. Spread a towel on the table, put a bowl of warm water. Add some liquid soap to the water, if desired. Now proceed with the procedure:

    • If you are right-handed, start with your left hand. Place your hand in a bowl and hold it for a few minutes.
    • Take the little finger out of the water, wipe it dry with a towel, use a trimmer to push the cuticle to the base of the nail.
    • Clean the nail plate from the hardened skin. Use cuticle tweezers or special nail scissors to carefully cut the cuticle.
    • Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the fingers (start with the little finger and end with the thumb).

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