How to build gel nails at home

Beautiful, well-groomed nails are an indicator of health at all times. In modern society, girls, girls, women and even men have become more attentive to their appearance. A trip to the salon to see a manicure master has become commonplace for many.

Nowadays no one can be surprised with long nails with an outstanding design, for example, a snake under water or a sandy sunset on the Cote d'Azur. The flight of the master's imagination is limitless.

What are thin natural marigolds?

Nature has not awarded all girls with strong, straight nails. There can be many reasons for thin and brittle plates, ranging from genetics to nail injuries.

Such a manicure saves the nails of those who like to bite or eat them altogether. Naturally strong marigolds also need care and long-term wear of the coating. The gel does not give heaviness, there is no feeling of something foreign on the nails. The material, when applied correctly, is very docile and easy to work with. Gel formulations are used in building. The result looks aesthetically pleasing and natural. These nails are sometimes left uncolored.

Ordinary varnish (without drying in a lamp) or gel varnish (dried in a lamp) can act as a flower garden. The client decides what to do on the reinforced handles. During wearing, such marigolds noticeably grow back, do not break. The coating does not damage the nail plate, harmful factors (water, detergents, cleaning agents, etc.) do not come into contact with the surface of the natural nail. But here you should not neglect the timing of socks: it is recommended to do the correction in 3-4 weeks.

How to strengthen: types of gel polish and their features

There are a lot of gel systems, it's easy to get confused in them. Each type of nails has its own gel. Consider the category "phase", here exist:

  • single phase ;
  • two phase ;
  • three phase.
  • One-phase systems are a gel that serves as a base, shape modeling and finishing coat at the same time. Such gels are liquid in composition. If a natural nail is flat, then it will not work to build the correct architecture. It has no purpose other than adhesion between the nail plate and the material.
  • Two-phase gel systems consist of a modeling and finishing coat. It is imperative to use an adhesion material (primer, ultrabond) for them. For a good flat natural plate, the option is ideal.
  • Three-phase gels are a set of base, modeling gel, finishing coat. Such a system is suitable for strengthening, building the correct architecture and building nails. This set is universal for all types.

The next separation category for gels is consistency:

Fighting the thinness of nails: is it possible to strengthen with gel and how to carry out the procedure

It is possible to build nails with gel qualitatively at home. To do this, you will need to buy materials and learn the stages of building. The Internet contains a list of required materials.

There is also a step-by-step guide for beginners, lessons with photos, videos on how to build up at home, the stages of a jacket and drawing, existing novelties and design varieties.

Variety of gels for nail extension

There is a wide range of gels for nail extension at home. They exist in a transparent or camouflage form, with shades of pink or beige, stained glass and colored.

All gels differ according to a specific extension pattern:

There are a lot of manufacturers of gel for nail extension that can be applied for independent use.

The most popular ones:

  • Formula Profi Gel. Russian manufacturer. Among the assortment produced by the manufacturer, there is a Formula Profi gel base. The cost is 590 rubles. Liquid, adheres well to the nail surface. It hardens under a UV lamp in about 2 minutes.
  • Gel All Season. Manufactured in the USA. Among its products it is worth highlighting: Shimmer Gel from All Season. The cost is 1210 rubles. Volume 28 gr. The composition contains sparkles of silver color. Used as layers applied in the second or third stage. Dries up in 2 minutes.
  • Runail Gel. Production Russia. Among the products, we can note a transparent gel with an orange tint. The cost is 205 rubles. Volume 7.5 gr. Increased viscosity, dries up in 1 min.
  • Gel Global. Manufactured in the USA. Among the manufactured products there are single-phase and three-phase gels. Global gel sets (12 pcs.) Are also available. The cost is 1,500 rubles. The jars contain several different colors.
  • Extension Techniques

    Gel nail extension at home will come to the rescue when it is impossible to grow your own nails.

    There are several methods:

    Find out the best way to strengthen natural nails, which gel to choose for building, how to carry out such a procedure step by step with gel polish.

    Every girl dreams of beautiful and well-groomed nails, but not everyone can boast of strong, unbreakable natural nails. But to help modern beauties such a procedure as nail extension has appeared. With the help of it, your nails will look beautiful and attract the attention of others with their beauty.

    In this procedure, a very important and crucial moment is the search for a qualified and experienced master who can make high-quality marigolds and comply with all the rules for building.

    In order to start building nails, you need the necessary tools and devices.

    These include: lamp, nail files, antiseptic, pusher, nippers, nail scissors, nail tips or molds, polisher, modeling brushes, primer, dehydrator, lint-free cloth, adhesive remover, nail brush , gel, finish gel and elements for design.

    Briefly about tools and materials required

    UV nail lamp. Currently, many manufacturers of lamps and various powers have appeared on the market. In the beginning there was a 9W lamp, then 36W and 54W appeared. Currently, 9W equipment is not very popular, as their power is not enough for drying some gels. Therefore 36 lamps are more suitable. Recently, LED lamps have been gaining popularity. They have a high power, which makes drying very fast, if damaged, they are not dangerous to human health, but they have a drawback - they have a high cost and not all materials are suitable for drying in these lamps.

    Nail files. The further type of artificial nail depends on the correct choice of the nail file, so you need to pay special attention when choosing the necessary tool. It is very important to separate the files for natural and artificial nails. For natural nails, glass or wooden files are suitable, and for artificial nails it is best to purchase files with an abrasiveness of 80 * 80, 180 * 240 and 100 * 100 grit. Everyone chooses the shape of this tool for their convenience when working. These are mainly boomerang-shaped files.

    Nippers, scissors and pusher. One of the main criteria when choosing these tools is that it is desirable to purchase them from a medical alloy. This is good and convenient in that with this metal, it will be easier for you to process and disinfect objects and attracts with its quality.

    Any extension takes place on tips or forms. Therefore, first you need to decide what you will work with. Building on tips is considered an easier way and less painstaking work than disposable forms. But with the second material, the marigolds look more natural. When choosing tips, you need to find high-quality and convenient materials for work. This can be done by slightly bending the tips, and if there is no white strip left, then the quality is good, and do not forget about the appropriate glue for them. When choosing disposable forms, you need to focus on convenience specifically for the master himself and on good stickiness and clarity of the corresponding material.

    Brush and gel brush. When choosing a brush, you need to consider softness and ease of use. After all, if the pile is rough, then scratching or damage to the skin of the hands is possible. The brush can be purchased from both natural and artificial bristles. Price question. The main thing to remember is proper brush care. Each of them has its own number, ranging from narrow to wide, there is also a straight tip or beveled. The choice of brushes depends only on the preferences of the master.

    Disinfector. You should not save on this tool, because it allows you to reduce the risk to the health of the client and the master. It is best to have a spray bottle on the bottle. But there are also gel disinfectants.

    Primer. They are acidic and acid-free. It is best to buy the second type, as it treats natural nails more carefully. The function of the primer is to better adhere the gel to the natural nail.

    Geli. Gels are single-phase and three-phase. With a modeling gel we make the desired shape for the future nail, with camouflage we lengthen the nail bed or give naturalness to the nail and finish.

    Since the knowledge of nail extension came to the manicure business, the offices of nail masters have ceased to be empty. Girls and women of all ages were eager to get into an outlandish procedure that promised natural-looking nails of any shape and size. In addition, the masters did not stop advertising about the positive effect of the gel on the nails and its safety. Over time, the excitement subsided, and the procedure became available to a wide segment of the population. Some of the girls went further and learned to build their nails at home. If you are one of them, then thanks to the article on how to build up nails with gel at home (step by step instructions), you can master this simple lesson and enjoy beautiful nails at no extra cost.

    Extension advantage

    Before deciding on an independent nail extension, it is necessary to study the advantages of this event, and of course, not to ignore the disadvantages. Consider the positives:

    • The procedure is easy: after several workouts, extension is available to any smart girl who has not had anything to do with nail procedures before.
    • With the help of the gel, it became possible to give nails a well-groomed look, to hide small defects in the plate.
    • The gel does not exude an odor either during application or during wear.
    • Most of the manufactured gel products have a safe composition. The gel does not cause allergic reactions of a general type: individual intolerance is possible.
    • Gel build-up is considered one of the most durable: nail plates are difficult to damage due to a thick layer of artificial material.
    • The extended nails look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing: skillful and accurate extensions do not distinguish artificial covering from natural nails.

    Another main plus that requires a separate mention: gel build-up helps to defeat the habit of chewing fingers and free edges of the nail plate. After the first wearing, you can see the result.

    As with any cosmetic procedure, there are several drawbacks to gel extension, which we will discuss below:

    • Building materials and tools are quite expensive: it cannot be said that the procedure will be much cheaper than in the salon. Savings occur due to exclusion from the pricing chain - payment to the master.
    • Extension spoils the nail plates, despite the fact that almost all masters convince of the opposite. A long lack of oxygen access to the nail plates cannot have a positive effect on the tissues of the body.
    • Self-extension of nails is 1.5 times longer than salon. This is due to the inconvenience of applying the composition to the non-dominant hand.
    • Too frequent correction - the build-up becomes visually unusable already in the third week of wearing.
    • With incorrect build-up, voids may form under the nail plates. This is a potential focus for the development of infectious inflammation.

    When making a decision, weigh both scales: think about whether you are ready to sacrifice time or healthy nails for a beautiful shape and well-groomed handles.


    Gel extensions have not many contraindications, however, if you see yourself in at least one point, you will have to give up the idea of ​​making beautiful nails at home or in a salon:

    • Cuts, open wounds, cuticle inflammations
    • Sick nails: fragile, exfoliating, uneven, fungus
    • Taking antibiotics, chemical irradiation procedures ...

    Short nails and a beautiful manicure not long ago seemed like incompatible concepts. But now special gels have appeared, with the help of which nail art masters build up the plates to the required length and set the desired shape.

    Consider the benefits of this manicure and all the features of gel nail extension at home. It is not necessary to visit a salon to lengthen your nails. The extension procedure is not as complicated as it might seem right away. Even novice masters can master its implementation.

    Advantages and disadvantages of gel nail extension

    Gel nail extension is considered a safe modern technique with several significant advantages:

    • The session does not take much time.
    • The material used quickly hardens due to the ultraviolet radiation of the dryer.
    • Gels do not contain caustic irritants, which means they are hypoallergenic.
    • Hands do not emit an unpleasant odor either during the application of the gel or after the end of the procedure.
    • The simulated plates are worn for quite a long time, but do not affect the structure of their own nails.

    Artificial nails have one drawback - they break easily with a direct impact. But you always have the opportunity to build them up in a matter of minutes, which cannot be said about natural plates. It is necessary to cut off not only the injured nail, but also all the other plates, achieving the correct length.

    Gel nail extension is absolutely harmless. The material strengthens natural plates and does not interfere with their breathing under the coating. This is the main difference between the gel and acrylic, which covers the nails with a dense shell.

    Materials for gel nail extension

    Before mastering the work of gel nail extension, you need to figure out what is needed for this procedure, due to which short plates are lengthened. Usually craftsmen work with forms and tips.

    Shapes are templates with markings that are suitable for crooked nails. They are available in Teflon, metal, paper and polyethylene.

    The first two options require thorough disinfection after each session. Paper forms are a disposable attribute and must be disposed of at the end of the job. Transparent polyethylene molds are easy to use. When drying the material, they transmit well the ultraviolet rays of the lamp.

    Nail tips look like false nails. They are made of white, transparent or colored plastic with a pattern.

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