How an illustrator lives in Volgograd with an income of 64,000 rubles

And total family income ₽

About me

Family: I have been living with a partner for 2.5 years, he is 31 years old. I call him "Cat", so in the diary he will appear as K. A year ago, his parents moved to the semi-detached house of K.: their housing was recognized as emergency, as the building is trying to collapse. We also have a cat named Satanyaka - all claims about the name to K. Together with his parents, the cat Barsik moved.

Position: freelance illustrator. I draw pictures for writers or just for people who want to have more pictures of their characters. For the last two years I have been working only with foreigners through the international platforms DeviantArt and FurAffinity. I will describe how this happens further. I also do small animations and draw character designs, which I then sell.

Salary: since all income is in dollars or euros, I count my earnings in US currency. Over the past year, monthly income ranged from $ 608 (R 46 363) to $ 1355 (R 103 326). I withdraw what I earn at the extortionate PayPal rate when it is profitable or in need of money. If averaged and recalculated into rubles, it turns out about 64,000 R per month.

K's position: When we moved in, I suggested that we quit his terrible business trip job, which involves installing electrics in retail outlets. I don't know the exact salary that he received then - something about 60 thousand per month. She said that if money is needed, I will earn more, and K.'s job will be to constantly fiddle with me: take me on business and shopping, feed me sweets, calm me down when I am nervous. Now we have an idyll.

K. quit his job, but about a month ago he started earning money: he helps a friend from Kiev, puts ads on sites with computer hardware.

Spoiler: while the diary was being prepared for release, we went on vacation to St. Petersburg, and when we came back, K. did not return to part-time work - he decided that he didn’t like it.

His salary: we both don't understand how much money this part-time job brings. The lesson is more for fun. For the first trial month, $ 86.5 (R 6596) was transferred.

Additional sources of income: 500-1200 R per month - cashback and interest on the balance of Tinkoff, if you count from both cards - mine and K. Another 500 R per month is a "kickback" from the care allowance for a pensioner. They took care of me for quite vigorous, but already an old grandmother K. She receives a supplement to her pension for this, but then it turned out that for this, too, I owe a pretty penny.

How much I save: there is no specific amount, it all depends on my mood. Stably every month we save 30 € (2668 R) in a foreign currency account.

How much did you accumulate: 100,000 R on a deposit in Tinkoff with me and 50,000 R each on debit cards of the same bank for me and K. This is our "irreducible balance".

How an illustrator lives in Volgograd with an income of 64,000 rubles

We have been waiting for this smartphone for so long that it seemed that it will not exist at all, because the time comes to announce the next generation of the flagship. We are talking about the mini version of the G2 - LG G2 Mini. The flagship itself was also announced with a delay, but at the same time it offered noticeably more features than its competitors. What can you expect from the G2 Mini?


The body is monolithic, made of plastic, there are no metal parts (except for the frame). Outwardly, it fully corresponds to G2, but noticeably less. There is one more difference - the back cover has a ribbed surface. It is also worth noting that the gadget goes on sale in four colors at once: white, black, gold and red. The dimensions of the G2 Mini largely correspond to the flagships of two years ago: not the largest in size, but also not the optimal size for one-handed use, a kind of compromise.


The main disappointment is the smartphone screen. Its resolution is only 960x540 pixels, it seems that LG decided to simply sell last year's stocks. At 4. inches diagonal grain is very noticeable and clearly visible in small fonts. IPS technology, but this does not change the situation much, the same screen can be found in budget solutions.


The smartphone comes in two different configurations. One of them is Korean with a Tegra 4i processor, the second is a world one, which uses Snapdragon 400. Both processors are quad-core, but the tegra is much more productive: 1. GHz versus 1. GHz, the graphics are also stronger, although at such a low screen resolution of almost any modern a GPU will suffice. It should be noted that both variations are equipped with modems with LTE support. Note also that 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory and a very capacious 2440 mAh battery are installed - this is perhaps one of the main advantages of the smartphone.


There are again two options - 8 Mp and 13 Mp. There is no exact information yet, but apparently the tegra will have a 13 megapixel camera, although it is possible the other way around. Let's just say that the 13 megapixel module completely duplicates the LG G2 camera, while the 8 megapixel simply takes good pictures with only software optical stabilization. However, both cameras support FullHD video recording at 30 frames per second.

Main advantages of LG G Mini

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