Hot Hand Theory in Sports Betting

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Do-it-yourself bouquets kazan

It all started with the fact that in 2010 at University College London, two English scientists decided to conduct a laborious research, using more than 700 bettors for this, placing a total of 566 thousand bets. The results of their research are interesting for a real game of sports betting, they reveal the order of psychological actions of bettors after winning, losing and much more.

The essence and results of the theory

The term "hot hand" is used in basketball, where it is noticed that a basketball player is more likely to get into the basket during a free throw if his last shot was successful before. British scientists decided to test this phenomenon as part of their research, trying to answer two main questions:

At the end of the study, scientists found curious patterns for each question.

Regularity in a series of successful bets

When a bettor makes the very first bet, the probability of his winning is 48%. If his first bet is played, then the probability of winning the next one increases to 49%. After two consecutive bets played, the probability of winning the next one sharply increases to 57%. With three wins in a row, the probability of winning the fourth bet is 67%:

  • The probability of winning the 5th bet is 72%;
  • 6th - 75%;
  • 7th - 76% ...

Regularity in a series of losing bets

If the first bet is lost, the probability of passing the next one is 47%. If the second bet is lost, the third will play with a probability of 40%;

Reasons for patterns

According to bare statistics, the results of all subsequent bets placed in bookmakers do not depend on the results of the previous ones. But British scientists with their research have proved that there are certain patterns and even managed to understand their reasons: they are from the field of human behavior psychology.

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