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In our articles, many options for manicure and nail art were presented. We demonstrated to the readers themed manicure for the holidays and original methods of applying decorative coatings with extraordinary visual effects. The only thing that we have never talked about is the correct preparation of the nail for manicure. After all, every girl wants the varnish to last for a long time, and the handles to be attractive and well-groomed.

It's time to fix this unfortunate misunderstanding and share the secrets of the popular stylist CutePolish. This specialist has impressive experience in the nail industry. The process of preparing a nail for a manicure can be roughly divided into five main stages.

Removing existing paintwork

Traditionally, the old coating layer is removed with a cotton swab dipped in a special nail polish remover. Pay attention that there is no acetone in the composition of the latter. This way you minimize damage to your nails and skin.

You will have to resort to more serious methods if the manicure was created using gel polish, which is distinguished by its durability. You can soften the coating by applying a special compress. On each nail, you should put a cotton sponge dipped in a special product and wrap it with a piece of foil. After ten minutes, the impromptu compress can be removed. The varnish will be removed with a cotton swab. Another option is the use of mechanical devices that remove the surface layer of the decorative coating by grinding.

Cuticle Treatment

This is a skin roller that surrounds the nail plate and actively strives to climb onto it. You can soften the cuticle with a special oil. The product must be applied to the skin along the edge of the nail plate. You can speed up the process with a light massage.

Then the cuticle is pushed back from the surface of the nail with gentle movements. In some cases, it is advisable to remove it.

Shaping and surface treatment of the nail

Performed with a file. If the nails have grown too much or a radical change in their shape is required, manicure scissors will come in handy. Grinding the surface of the nail is performed using a buff or "thin" nail file with a velvety surface.

Sanding allows you to smooth the surface of your nails. It is an integral part of nail preparation for coating. After its implementation, the coating is smoother and smoother. The step should be completed by washing your hands to remove dust from the sanding process.

Softening and nourishing the skin

Cuticle cream is applied to the surface of the nails and the adjacent skin. Then, with light massage movements, a nourishing cream is applied to the brushes. So that the skin of the hands is saturated with useful substances as much as possible, you can perform this procedure in the evening.

Proper preparation of the nail for manicure

There is nothing superfluous in our body, and the cuticle also has its own function - to protect the nail plate from damage. Sometimes it is only necessary to unsuccessfully cut off this small piece of skin once, so that the nail will permanently acquire a transverse "chipped", and it is almost impossible to get rid of the defect.

Also, if you stop removing cuticles, your nails will live longer. Ever notice that the cuticle grows back very quickly and often has a "torn" appearance? So, if you refuse this procedure, you will be able to do manicure less often. And this is already saving time and money!

We will tell you what most manicurists are silent about: how to stop cutting your cuticles and at the same time keep your fingers in perfect tidy condition.

Get your nails done

To begin with, you will have to act as usual - it is advisable to go to a trusted master (believe me, soon you will not see each other so often) and get a trim manicure. And then everything depends only on you.

Move your cuticles after showering

The very next day after you have done a trim manicure (the last one!), start taking care of your nails. When your hands are steamed, gently push back the cuticle with a wooden stick. This should be done even if it is still completely invisible, so you prevent the cuticle from growing. But when it does appear (alas, but it will happen), remove it not with tweezers (in any case!), But with "scrubbing" movements - do the same on the sides of the nail plate. It is enough to carry out the procedure once a day.

Use oil

Cuticle oil should be your best friend for the near future - massage your fingers with it several times a day. This will not only soften even the tightest cuticles, but also improve blood flow - the nails will grow faster.

Buy a Hard Nail File

You will need a stiff file for the side "bolsters" so that burrs and rough skin do not form. Use it when your hands are dry, handle each finger, being careful not to touch the nail itself. You will see that soon the excess skin will not have to be cut off at all - you will remove everything with a file before it grows. In addition, this simple method helps to avoid the appearance of burrs.

Our articles have presented many options for manicure and nail art. We demonstrated to the readers themed manicure for the holidays and original methods of applying decorative coatings with extraordinary visual effects. The only thing that we have never talked about is the correct preparation of the nail for manicure. After all, every girl wants varnish for a long time

Neat and beautifully designed nails create a good impression of its owner. Many people now do manicure in salons, but not every girl, due to personal circumstances, can visit a nail salon. In this case, a home manicure would be ideal. At home, a manicure can be made not only beautiful, but also more useful for nails. To achieve the perfect home manicure, there are some rules to follow. After all, a beautiful manicure includes not only a decorative coating of the nail, but also giving it a certain shape, tidying up the cuticles and polishing. A properly made manicure at home is not only a beautiful appearance of nails, but also health for the hands. We will analyze step by step how to properly make a manicure at home.

Removing the varnish

First, remove the existing coating from the nails. To carry out the procedure thoroughly, the lighting must be good. Many girls make the mistake of using a liquid containing acetone for this. It dries out strongly and leads to fragility of the nail plate.

To properly remove the old varnish, you need to wet a cotton swab, gently press it to the nail and remove the varnish with a simple movement from top to bottom. This removes all the varnish on the nails, nail by nail. Then after that you need to do the grinding.

Choosing the shape

Before you start cutting out the desired shape, you need to decide on the choice of a nail file.

Owners of nails that are too fragile and peeling should opt for a fine-grained surface. The very basis for any good nail file should be rubber or cardboard. For a strong nail plate, sand or sapphire files are optimal. The choice of a nail file should be approached very seriously, because when carrying out a manicure at home, you can easily damage the nail plate, which is very fragile to mechanical stress.

Before filing, you can trim your nails using scissors. However, cutting them too often can cause delamination.

When choosing a nail shape, be sure to take into account the appearance and shape of the fingers. The most optimal is the square one because it is very stable. True, this shape of nails looks more graceful on thin and rather long fingers. Basically, many girls choose the classic shape for nails - oval.

Fileing your nails is not as easy as it sounds. The correct procedure will allow you to make a neat manicure and will not harm the plate. The correct movement is performed all the time in one direction and from the edge of the nail to its tip. It is impossible to file wet nails, this will provoke their fragility.

Coating with gel polish allows you to achieve perfect manicure even on short nails. It has many advantages over other varnishes. It can be done not only in a beauty salon, but also at home. But before we learn how to do a gel polish manicure, let's see what it is, who produces it, and how it won the female audience so much.

What we are dealing with

Natural nails are covered with gel polish, after preparing them. It stays on the nails for up to two weeks. Some manufacturers declare a period of up to four, but this is with the right approach and care, which we will talk about later.

The product is sold in the usual bottles and looks like a regular varnish, but only more viscous. It is applied in the same way, with a brush. But it requires exposure to ultraviolet rays to dry it. This is one of the difficulties for working with gel polish at home. You will have to purchase a UV lamp.

Acquaintance of fans of ideal manicure with gel polishes began with the products of the American company that released Shellac. So, in the future, many began to call gel varnishes from other manufacturers. Although Shellac is the name of a specific product. It has a unique composition. There are no analogues to it. Its application does not require pre-coating with a primer.

Key benefits

There are many reasons why women are actively interested in how to learn how to do gel polish manicure. Saving time and money does not come last. How much do you wear with regular nail polish? Three or four days, a week? And this is on condition that you do nothing. Let the gels last longer than usual, but the results are worth it. They are:

  • Easy to apply. Using a familiar brush helps to evenly distribute the varnish.
  • Quickly harden. You don't have to worry about accidentally touching the coating, smearing it or scratching it right after the manicure.
  • Does not make the nails heavier. Thanks to the application in a thin layer, you will not feel it at all.
  • Looks impressive on short nails. There is no need to build up anything. It is enough to give the desired shape. The rest of the gel polish.
  • Keeps shine for a long time. The nails will sparkle as if you have just from the nail master even after two weeks.

What you need for a gel polish manicure

You will have to stock up on materials and tools if you want to do your own manicure at home. But the costs will pay off in full. And who knows, maybe this will become an additional source of income for you. Over time, you yourself will be able to give manicure lessons with gel polish for beginners. In the meantime, we arm ourselves with a list of everything necessary for a step-by-step manicure with gel polish. It includes:

  • nail file and buff;
  • orange stick;
  • degreaser;
  • primer and topcoat;
  • gel polish of the desired color directly;
  • sponges and cuticle oil;
  • UV lamp with or without timer.

How to apply gel polish

In recent years, hardware manicure has become so popular among women that it has practically replaced other types of techniques. The key to such success lies primarily in safety, since the risk of injury to the nail and skin is minimal here. The quality of such a manicure and its durability also cannot but rejoice, because the nails after such hardware processing become just perfect.

Procedure specifics

The specificity of hardware manicure lies primarily in the fact that it is the most painless and safest method of performing a manicure. Hardware manicure is performed on dry skin treated with an antiseptic. For various areas of the skin around the nail, special nozzles for the cutter are used, which:

  • clean and raise the cuticle;
  • cut the cuticle and grind the side ridges;
  • remove the old gel coating and grind the nail plate;
  • polish the skin around the nail and cuticle;
  • polish the nail plate.

Cutters are not only of different shapes, but also made of different materials:

  • diamond ;
  • ceramic ;
  • silicone with corundum chips.

To work with cutters, each master uses a certain speed of revolutions - from 10 to 30 thousand. It depends both on the technique of performing hardware manicure, and on the experience and skill of the one who performs it.

The best educational video tutorials from famous masters of hardware manicure

Mastery in any business requires certain knowledge and experience. It is quite possible to gain knowledge from video tutorials, because they are laid out on the network in a large number by already experienced and well-known masters in order to share their best practices and experience. Applying their experience in practice, you will be able to develop your own technique for performing hardware manicure over time.

Master class by Olga Zyablova

In this video Olga Zyablova will give a lesson on hardware manicure for beginners, in which she will tell and show how to do hardware manicure correctly. The peculiarity of her technique is as follows:

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