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Aluminum or light alloy wheels?

It is commonly said that every disc made of a material other than steel is an aluminum product. But this is not true. Therefore, the best term, which is very often used by manufacturers themselves, is "alloy wheels".

The variety of materials used to make these rims is enormous. Magnesium discs have long been used in motorsport. And they have absolutely nothing to do with aluminum wheels. However, the cheaper products that are widely available are usually made of aluminum with various additives, hence the popular term - aluminum alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel production

The most common production technology is injection molding of the entire rim or its individual elements. Under the influence of normal gravity, only products of the lowest quality are cast, the acquisition of which does not make much sense. Forged wheels are a more expensive alternative, they are made from pressed material subjected to tremendous pressure of several tens of thousands of tons. The result is a high density of the material and, therefore, great strength.

The toughest light alloy wheels are magnesium products used in motorsport. Their big advantage is that they are lighter than aluminum ones. Unfortunately, they are also many times more expensive, so they are not very popular even in sports, where forged wheels are more often used.

Benefits alloy wheels

Light alloy wheels are primarily lighter than steel wheels of the same diameter and width. In practice, this does not always work as smaller steel discs are usually replaced with larger discs. In turn, changing the size of the rim can negatively affect the weight.

The most important result of this is a reduction in unsprung weight and, as a consequence, an improvement:

  • ride comfort,
  • stability,
  • shock absorber efficiency.

In addition, quality alloy wheels are harder to damage and easier to repair than steel ones. The latter, although cheaper, are actually used intensively in difficult conditions, wear out faster, including from corrosion.

Good quality aluminum rims are easier to balance. In motorsport, in particular, alloy wheels are valued due to the durability and better cooling of the brakes, as well as the ability to quickly check the brake disc, caliper and pad without removing the wheel.

Product Specification

Product Description

1. Weaving speed is ten times faster than traditional hand knitting method.

2. Hand-knitted hat about 30 hours. The woven machine is used to weave the Hat for about 15 minutes.

3. Perfect for beginner knitters, knit cool fashion accessories like hats, scarves, socks and leg warmers.

4. This crocheted toy is made of plastic, it is safe and non-toxic.

5. Good for kids developing creativity, DIY skills, development workers.

6. This hand knitting machine has dual mode to meet different needs.

7. T loop knit, after the first turn to leak the tooth, start clockwise rotation to weave a cylindrical tissue, can be used as a hat after finishing.

8. Flat jersey, you can adjust the width of the fabric according to your needs, and use a needle and crochet to knit freely into a scarf, etc.

Condition 100% Brand New

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