Fruit nail art ideas to decorate your nails this summer

After the rose quartz manicure that all fashionistas have been talking about lately, Deavita. r intends to introduce another great trend, equally impressive and easy to follow, for the summer of 2018. Bananas, pineapples, avocados, watermelon wedges, cherries, etc. strawberries and other fruit nail ideas to have at your fingertips this season. Demonstration in our gallery of vitamin and super creative photos below!

Various citrus based nail art ideas for a summer full of flowers and fragrances

As every summer, seasonal fruits are our best allies when it comes to various summer nail decorating trends. And in this vein, this summer will be no exception. Modern and very playful, the citrus shade will brighten up any manicure for months to come. And if we have to name the main trend of the season, which promises to grab all hands, then it is undoubtedly based on bright and tasty fruits. So, let your creativity run wild and take advantage of one of our fruity and downright gorgeous nail art ideas.

+ seasonal fruit nail design ideas: basic steps to follow

From manicure to pedicure, citrus fruits are one of the summer trends that will never go out of style or go unnoticed! But just before we provide you with all our original nail art ideas, our editorial team will show you the basic steps you need to follow to enjoy a summer overview of the latest trends. As for the materials? Bright colors, nail art accessories and a good dose of patience. Find inspiration in our photo gallery.

How to achieve a vitamin-rich manicure?

Choosing a good, solid foundation is an important first step to a successful modern, vitamin-rich summer manicure. Why? Choosing the right base color is arguably the best way to showcase your fruity mini masterpieces. White varnish, some juicy pineapples made with a special nail art brush, and voila! However, if you want to avoid white, you can easily opt for beige. When the varnish is dry, use the magic brush to paint small dots in bright yellow or pastel orange. Then, using a light brown polish, try to reproduce the fine lines inside. Finally, finish with neon green by painting pineapple leaves. Here is your super original multifruit manicure!

Fruit Nail Art Ideas: Chewing Cherry Manicure!

As you can see, pale pink is a great alternative for those tired of white. So, to do the example above, apply two coats and let dry for a few seconds. Use a small thin brush to paint some dots with red varnish to make them look like cherries. Then replace the red with white and try drawing a small dotted comma as shown above. Do the same for the brown or black varnish rod. And here it is, your little fruity masterpiece is ready to impress!

Now, for all beauticians who are always looking for something original to further enhance their summer look, our editorial team will continue to inspire you. Kiwis and bananas, lemons and oranges with vitamins, strawberries, passion fruit and many other modern nail art ideas will decorate your summer nails. Refined yet affordable, our sophisticated offerings will satisfy even the most discerning hands. The proof is below!

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