Exercises for the inner thigh


Starting position



This is SITTING RISE, baby.


  • You can force the lowering by counting several counts and lowering the heels down;
  • Movement in an explosive manner is not practiced, it can overload the Achilles tendon;
  • You should not "stick" your thumbs into the floor surface and thus come out on your toes, you need to work slowly and smoothly;
  • The movement should not be performed at different amplitudes, all repetitions should be done in the same technique; <
  • You should go down 3-4 counts, and go up in one smooth movement

How to build calf for a man: the best exercises

Jumping Jack

It's simple, jumping jack is jumping with the simultaneous raising of arms and legs. Initial position: legs together, arms along the body. Jump with legs spread shoulder-width apart, while clapping your hands above your head. With the next jump, your arms and legs should return to their original position.

Seated Calf Raises (Toes on Block)

We swing calves at home

And the point here is not so much in abundant food as in weak muscles. Instead of a neatly protruding tummy, you will get a huge "wineskin" that looks terrible, drives you into complexes, and just interferes with your life!

What to do? Don't be alarmed, there is a solution - these are exercises for the abs at home, which are quite suitable for beginners!

In this article, we'll give you 7 of the best ab exercises, and an interesting bonus for couples.

Benefits of Abdominal Exercise

Most Effective Abs Exercises

What a smart guy (!) this Peter Francis is - the professor who led the study. In addition to identifying which exercises are most effective for the press, he also grouped them by intensity level. We can only admire his work!

Peter Francis considered the effectiveness of the classical twisting to be one, and he was already dancing up and down from him. In short, if the exercise received a score of 2, it means it is twice as effective as classical twisting, if 0.5, then the effectiveness in comparison with twisting can be safely divided in half. In order not to clog your head with ineffective exercises, I have selected a dozen favorites, no thanks, enjoy.

Most Effective Rectus Exercises

Hanging leg raises - 2.12 points;

Twisting on fit-ball - 1.39 points;

Twisting with legs raised up - 1.29 points;

Roller crunches - 1.27 points;

Seated Calf Raises - Calf Exercise. The movement is popular among bodybuilders and fitnessists, but it is relatively rarely performed correctly.

Improving their physical shape, many may have noticed that even with heavy loads, the inner thighs remain insufficiently taut. The solution to this problem will be special training, during the performance of which attention is concentrated on this particular zone. Therefore, today we offer you an overview of the Top 7 most effective exercises for the inner thigh.

There are many exercises that involve the legs. However, not all of them "specialize" in restoring the tone of the thigh muscles. At the same time, there are several very successful and effective exercises that help to eliminate flabbiness and reduce the volume of the problem area of ​​many women and men. We will talk about them further.

Complex for beautiful legs

For those who are interested in how to pump up the muscles of the thighs and tidy up their legs, it will be useful to know the features of the body structure. This will allow you to understand how effective certain exercises are for the inner side of the thigh.

The inner part of the thighs is designed in such a way that flexion and rotational movements by them are possible due to the work of large, short and long adductor muscles, as well as the thin and comb muscles. They are the most important and longest, they are activated when climbing, walking up the stairs. At the same time, they are considered the weakest, since they are most rarely used by humans in everyday life. And it was for them that a set of exercises was developed that allows you to restore the tone and attractiveness of the problem area. In parallel, during their execution, the muscles are involved, which is responsible for the excellent appearance of the legs, in particular, the inner thighs and groin.

In addition, exercises designed to activate adductors help not only strengthen muscles, but also allow you to get a lot of pleasant bonuses. Some of the main benefits of this type of workout include:

  • Reducing the risk of injury due to weakness in the thigh muscles;
  • Attractiveness and slimness of this area;
  • Improved coordination and stability in a standing position, as well as during walking and movement;
  • Attractive gait;
  • Correct and beautiful posture.

You can feel the beauty and benefits of training if you approach the problem with responsibility and practice regularly at home, outdoors or in the gym. So, let's begin.

Exercise - Plie

Be sure to try the plie squat, also known as sumo, on your way to achieving your perfect form. It is very simple and accessible to many, and to increase the load it can be performed with weighting materials.

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