Eustoma for perennial cultivation on the windowsill: a selection of undersized varieties

Growing petunias is primarily associated with the duration and splendor of flowering - in this regard, it has few competitors. I plant seeds for seedlings at home to control the process.

When to plant petunia

Seeds can be planted from mid-February, when the seedlings have enough light to synthesize chlorophyll and quickly build up green mass.

My windows face the southeast side, so the petunia sprouts well already in late February or early March. By the way, the climate is colder closer to the north, so mid-March is the time for planting.

I do not recommend planting petunia seeds very early, as they usually grow long with few leaves. Affected by the lack of ultraviolet radiation. Florists who have a phytolamp do not face such a problem - turn it on calmly at dusk.

Soil selection

The soil for seedlings needs nutritious. I take it in the supermarket - this is an ordinary universal soil. It has enough nutrients to grow seedlings, and then can be used to plant other plants.

I don't take soil from the garden, because it needs to be calcined against fungus and pests. Sometimes the soil cannot be reached under a layer of snow.

For looseness and moisture reduction, I mix the universal soil with perlite, sand or vermiculite. This allows you to achieve an even top layer.

I use different containers for germination - mostly processed cheese containers - they are shallow and convenient or ready-made greenhouses. I make holes for ventilation at the bottom.

How to sow correctly

Rules for growing seedlings of petunias

I am somehow skeptical about annuals, which should be grown from January-February, with backlighting, and even from the seeds of dust particles. For me, in this case, the end does not justify the means. Painstaking work, starting in winter, does not pay off with a one-time flowering.

This is one of the reasons why the popular lobelia, petunia and eustoma are not on my list of favorites.

How I talked myself into sowing eustoma

But yesterday I wrote an article about what I sow at the end of February. To insert a quote with traditional early planting crops, I wanted to make sure that eustoma was among them.

I went to the catalog of a local seed store, there is agricultural technology in the descriptions. And a nice assortment of undersized varieties that can be grown at home opened up to my eyes. Such eustomas tolerate insufficient lighting, they are compact, and grow at home like perennials.

I read about one variety that lives on the windowsill for only 2-3 years. Let this be a great opportunity to put a new flower in the vacant place. And two or three years is quite enough for me to communicate with eustoma - this is much more than one summer.

This is how I persuaded myself to grow undersized indoor eustoma. It remains to choose a variety and study agricultural technology.

Eustoma varieties for growing at home

For a home hobby, I found seven varieties of seeds in our store. The most terry of all seemed to me Rosie purple.

It is about Rosie that the description says that she lives at home for 2-3 years. I didn't like the color very much, the white seems to be brighter.

Growing petunias is primarily associated with the duration and splendor of flowering - in this regard, it has few competitors. I plant seeds for seedlings at home to control the process.

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