Empty jars of February

Each season has its own laws. Spring is a time of change and a real colorful revival. Summer, in turn, is associated with a holiday of carefree and well-deserved rest.

In addition to sunny weather, both seasons have one more thing in common - amazing colors. Are you wondering how to transfer these shades into manicure for beautiful nails in spring?

After a long and hard winter, it's time for the power of flowers! Set aside the dark hybrid nail polish you used in winter or fall. Replace them with shades of the first spring flowers!

Delicate, bleached pastels or maybe a spectacular decoration for your nails in spring? Everything is possible! In the spring, you can try really many options and compositions for trendy short nails.

How about nails in different colors? It's trendy! Each nail can be coated with a different color hybrid varnish. Choose your favorite shades and create your own composition.

Long or short nails?

One of the trends in manicure in the spring of 2020 is short nails. The nail design is created in a simple, classic color - the designers have focused on an innocent white-hygotic black color.

Long nails not for you? We have good news - short, square or almond shapes are in vogue this spring. In styles of short nails the classic prevails.

Nails with spring patterns are immortal floral motifs and delicate decorations that are suitable for all kinds of ceremonies. Do you also dream of interesting designs in everyday style and want to know what are the trendy designs for spring?

Geometric pattern against blur in the WaterGeo trend, as well as fairy-tale characters in the Pixie trend. These are the trends of manicure for the spring of 2020! See our offers and choose the version you like best.

Galaxynails is one of the leading trends. 2020 year. The base is painted in black, dark blue or purple colors, on which there are decorations, stickers, patterns related to the themes of the planets, sun, stars, etc.

It takes professional skills and the right technique to make crystal nails. Crystal nails are conquering Instagram, and their appearance is a pattern that resembles a shimmering crystal.

Delicate gold jewelry made on transparent, beige or pink lacquer will become one of the most fashionable designs for spring 2020. The freedom to create gold plate additions means you can create both gold french and geometric patterns for short nails.

How to recycle plastic bottles in a non-industrial environment and what can be produced from them for organizing a business, as well as useful tips

I continue to finish off the existing jars in order to finally come to "minimalism"))) But February was not easy for me, but more on that later. In February I ran out of:

From hair products:

I've already written about the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly from Curls here, so I'll be brief. Liquid, viscous jelly of blue color, smells of chemically sour berries. Moisturizes poorly (highly porous hair without a backing can even dry), holds poorly. When used on refreshes, it makes my hair look messy. Suitable for KGM (curly girl method).

I Create Hold Hair Styling Gel from Innersense Organic Beauty. Innersense Organic Beauty is a British organic brand with the slogan "Pure chemistry, radical transparency and environmental concern are our promises to you." In the products of this manufacturer there are no parabens, silicones, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, the products of this brand are suitable for the "adherents of KGM". The manufacturer promises "clarity and firm hold" due to the aloe and honey in the gel. Rooibos tea in the composition should have an antioxidant effect and a rejuvenating effect. Gel for all types and textures of hair, but it categorically did not go to my hair. I have low porosity curly hair. I have not yet found a single remedy that would twist my curls, all styling products either fix what I have or straighten me. This gel is from the second camp ((At the same time, it straightens it out already in the process of application. I tried it on wet, wrung out, and dried hair, the result is always disgusting. Semi-straight thin separate strands, hair looks dirty and dry at the same time, but on the second day is just dry straw. The gel is thick enough (when less than a quarter remains, the pump can no longer cope with it), sticky like honey, smells like orange blossom.

I bought the following two products from Innersense Organic Beauty as a travel kit.

Pure Harmony Hairbath from Innersense Organic Beauty is a sulfate-free, oil and rice bran shampoo that the manufacturer claims is best for fine to medium hair types. For my fine, medium-pored hair, it turned out to be quite moisturizing, together with their own conditioner and livin, in general, it was possible to get waterlogging and weighting. But he washed the skin weakly, it was worth washing it twice in a row and hello itching. I'm not even talking about the promises of raising the mood, harmonizing, relieving anxiety and tension))) I read about it when I finished off the jar. Shampoo smells like citrus, the smell on the hair is felt even after drying, but not bright.

Light Moisturizing Conditioner Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner from Innersense Organic Beauty.

Together with their own shampoo, it moisturizes well, but the solo is not slippery enough, not very moisturizing, detangles poorly and consumption is not economical. It is recommended to dilute the conditioner with water in your hands, then apply to hair and leave for 1-5 minutes. The conditioner smoothes hair, improving its elasticity and shine. Well, here I will not say anything about the promised neutralization of free radicals and the reduction of signs of aging)) In the composition, although there are proteins closer to the end, this conditioner did not give me any skeleton, but this conditioner did not give better curling of curls.

Livin is also included in the set, but he did not come to me at all, I gave him right away.

Active Formula Balm Mask from EuroLine cosmetics. I found this balm mask at the bottom of the chest of drawers and at close range I do not remember where it came from. I saw the production date of 2018 and the period of 3 years and decided to try it, since the composition is suitable for KGM (cgm - curly girl method). When I was writing this post, I tried to find a price for it on the Internet and the last place where it was on sale was FixPrice. I used this product as a conditioner balm. Thick creamy texture, easily spreads through the hair, foams when combed. It smells of something sweetish and an admixture of almonds, after drying, the smell does not remain on the hair. Detangles and moisturizes well, does not weigh down, but moisture may not be enough for dry and highly porous hair. After opening, the shelf life is 12 months.

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