Effective ways to set up a microphone in Dota

Sometimes there are problems associated with the lack of communication with the global network. There can be a large number of reasons for the occurrence of this unpleasant fact. In this article, we will understand them in more detail and answer the question, "why does the Internet TTK not work?" and

The entire list of reasons can be divided into two categories:

  • external. Does not apply to the computer system. It is quite difficult to eliminate this type of problem with your own hands. this is done by specialized organizations.
  • internal. It is possible to fix the problem yourself by working with the computer system.

External causes of problems

Problems with the provider

Most common cause of problems. Provider TTK is a kind of intermediate link between the PC and the global network. All information received from the Internet network necessarily passes through it. Therefore, if the reason for the lack of an Internet connection is not clear, we recommend contacting the technical support service of TransnTeleCom. Most often, troubleshooting is the prerogative of the provider. Malfunctions can occur due to faulty equipment, damaged wires, or even from maintenance work that you were not notified of in advance. Do not forget to check the availability of funds on the balance sheet. You can perform this operation by logging into your personal account (read).

Broken communication channels

Often extinguished indicators broadcast about faults in the cable or parts for the connection. If you do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to troubleshoot such problems, we recommend that you contact the support service of TTK and leave a request for a specialist visit.

Internal causes of malfunctions

Defective hardware

If there is no special knowledge in the field diagnosing such equipment, it will be quite problematic to see and eliminate the cause. Often, internal technical problems do not allow a seemingly working equipment to function in full force.

Why Internet TTK does not work

Dota 2 is a team strategy where tactics and high coordination of actions of all players are important for victory. A headset that suddenly breaks down is often a stumbling block on the road to success. It is difficult to win when the microphone in Dota does not work, because it takes too long to write to the chat, and the lack of communication with allies almost always leads to defeat.

A working microphone is the key to victory.

Possible reasons why the microphone does not work in Dota (the activation icon is crossed out)

First of all, it is worth checking whether you inserted the device plug into the computer correctly. Most likely, the wire has come off a little, or it may be faulty somewhere. You can tell by the appearance of the microphone. If no such problems are found, you need to pay attention to the settings inside Dota.

If everything worked yesterday, you did not change anything, and the next day the icon is crossed out - the matter is in outdated device drivers.

It often happens that the chat button is not installed in Dota. You can do this by opening the "Settings", then go to the "Sound" tab and see if there are keys to activate the voice in the game.


Before buying new hardware, you need to do your own investigation.

The problem may lie on the surface, and you can easily identify it.

System check

We need to see if the microphone is visible in Windows Device Manager.

To do this, do the following:

  • Open Control Panel on your computer.
  • Go to the Hardware and Sound tab.
  • In Devices and Printers "Select Device Manager.
  • Go to the Audio Inputs and Audio Outputs menu.
  • Activate Show Hidden Devices in the View tab.

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