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This is a Candida Cell Wall Suppressor. It has properties that make it a versatile remedy for candida and other fungal diseases. It stops the production of chitin in the cells of the fungus, as a result, the fungus loses its protective shell and becomes vulnerable to our immune system. In fact, this drug does not kill the fungus, but leaves the right to fight the fungus to our defense system without disrupting its natural functions. All that needs to be done during treatment is to support the immune system and remove toxins that are formed during the mass death of the fungus. It's easy to do with our complementary drugs.

As I understand it, the fungus is different, and the approach should be individual to the treatment of each case. She was cured quite recently with a new remedy Mycosan, it can be on the market for six months, but despite its lack of promotion, it is very effective. I wish you all good luck and a minimum of health problems!

Two months ago, a friend advised a cream from the Nogtimycin pharmacy. If I had known about him earlier, I would not have suffered for so long. The fungal nail has come off, and now a healthy P7Tm nail plate is growing. I tried to be treated with a lot of folk remedies, spent almost 2 years on such treatment, full of attempts and disappointments.

Revolutionary candidiasis treatment Hello, dear medical representative! At present, as you can see, the development of medicine is progressing at a great pace, but many diseases remain an urgent problem of mankind. In this case, we bring to your attention information about a new revolutionary treatment for systemic candidiasis. Candidiasis, in particular its local manifestation in the form of thrush, is generally considered not dangerous disease. But this is not the case! There are medications designed to eliminate these local manifestations.

Thank you for your attention. All the best and success to you! Best regards Victoria, Candida Cell Wall Suppressor Team Representative. I don’t know how anyone, but they didn’t take my fungus folk remedies. For half a year I suffered and tried to get him out.

However, in most cases, they turn out to be useless. The fact is that the candida fungus spreads throughout the body, and local treatment cannot change anything, because the cause is much more extensive. Meanwhile, chronic candidiasis, due to extensive damage to all body systems, can lead to serious diseases such as asthma, psoriasis, cancer, and death. Until now, there has been no reliable cure for candidiasis. Antifungal drugs act for a short time and cannot destroy the constantly multiplying and growing fungus, or they only act on the candida yeast, but not on the fungus that has invaded the body tissue. But now there is a simple treatment for candidiasis!

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