Dream interpretation your fingernails

If you are sick - the wrong treatment.

In all other cases - to deception, troubles, material losses.

Interpretation of dreams from the Newest dream book

What does sleep mean?

Seeing a picture or pictures in a dream is a sign of sadness delivered by hypocritical friends. A painting hanging on a wall in someone's room portends a deception in the field of business interests.

Looking at paintings in a museum or exhibition hall is a harbinger of trouble in the family. A damaged and unsuccessfully restored painting means that you will have to make every effort to defend your unfairly violated rights.

Seeing a world famous picture in a dream portends funny memories or good news. If in a dream you are looking at a copy of a painting by a famous artist or its reproduction, then in reality you will experience deep sadness over the irreversible loss of a loved one.

A tour of the art gallery portends family disagreements and dissensions among colleagues, in which you will act as a buffer and at the same time a peacemaker, seeking to establish mutual understanding between the opposing parties.

Buying a painting in a dream predicts friendship with an insidious and two-faced person who will try to drag you into unworthy speculation. Selling paintings - to catch a friend in selfish interests and unworthy behavior.

Painting a picture in a dream means success in business, if your work is successful; if not, you are in danger of participating in a risky venture that will turn out to be a complete failure, bringing you losses and remorse for your own indiscretion.

Alphabetical interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation

Dreaming a Picture

The picture seen in a dream portends deception on the part of a loved one.

Every person has dreams at least sometimes. Amazing and fabulous or bad and awkward - they make us look into the dream book from time to time.

Whoever suddenly dreamed of an airplane today - we will tell you about all its possible interpretations.

Miller's dream book - flight by plane

A plane in a dream - attempts to change oneself for the better, gain new knowledge, develop abilities. If the plane crashes (and you are on board), you need to focus on difficult tasks. It is necessary to develop a structured course of action so as not to "lose height".

Seeing a large number of planes in the sky - you have many competitors who will try to lead you astray. Do not pay attention to this and move forward.

If there is a plane crash, you will see a leak of money, a break in relations with a loved one.

There are two important aspects of interpretation in the dream book:

  • flying on an airplane as a passenger - you will learn about interesting news;
  • designing an airplane - a sudden trip or business trip;

REFERENCE: in order for a dream to turn into reality, you need to remove all hours from the house for a day.

Did you see Vladimir Putin in a dream? You don't have to worry, in general, such a dream is a good sign. The very image of the president identifies ...

Nail color change

Hands are said to be a person's calling card. Accordingly, nails are what catches the eye first. If they are problematic and look unhealthy, they can easily push you away from the handshake and cause unfriendly looks from your interlocutor. However, not only the condition of the nails, but also their color, is associated with health problems. It is very simple to define it. A change in color indicates the presence of a disease, which a person may not even be aware of.

General information on nail health

The nail is anatomically defined as a horn-like process that covers the tips of the fingers and toes in humans, most nonhuman primates, and a few other mammals (they are similar to claws in other animals).

Nails and toenails are made from a tough, protective protein called keratin - one of a family of fibrous structural proteins and a key structural material that makes up hair, nails and the outer layer of human skin. Medical and prehospital settings often use nails as the first indicator of distal tissue perfusion in people who may be dehydrated or in shock.

Healthy toenails and toenails should generally be pink with a healthy light colored plate, some of which may be white as it grows from the nail bed. Color and changes in the condition of the plate are rarely the first clue to serious illness. In most cases, patients show other signs and symptoms of the disease before the nail changes become evident.

  • General information about nail health
  • How can color change?
  • Reasons for color change

Colors can usually be grouped into black, blue, brown, copper, green, blue-green, gray, yellow, pale, magenta, or red groups — each color means something particularly important. Keep in mind that your nails can change color for other reasons that are completely unrelated to health (caused by mechanical or environmental influences).

When healthy plates begin to change color or texture, one of the most common causes is fungus, which can cause them to crack and flake off. Common disorders, such as thyroid disease, can also cause lamella abnormalities, often resulting in dry and brittle nails that flake and break easily.

Nails never stop growing and must be trimmed from time to time. Pruning tools used by different people transmit infections. By using standard hygiene and sanitation procedures, you can avoid this. In some cases, gel and cream cuticle removers are used instead of cuticle scissors.

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