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Stress has become more difficult to cope with. I speak not only about myself: I observe at work, with friends and family. And for the first time this year I thought of visiting a psychologist. And in conversations with friends, I heard about art therapy several times. Moreover, in one case, she helped, in the second, she repulsed the desire to draw. What it is and how it can help, we figure it out together with practicing psychologists.

Art therapy is a direction in psychotherapy in which different forms of creativity are used. For example, dance, painting, sculpting, metaphorical cards and more. Such exercises help to fight stress, aggression, fears, phobias, and dissatisfaction with oneself. Through creativity, you can express your feelings (even hidden ones) and decide what to do with them.

I wanted to know about the directions of art therapy that are offered in Tomsk. I came across sand painting, phototherapy, art yoga, doodling (scribble therapy) and others. Found a lot of art therapists, got confused and confused. Misconceptions about art therapy got in the way. We identify popular myths and find out how things really are.

This is a waste of money

Art therapy is not for everyone. Olga Pavlova, art therapist and choreographer, notes that the direction is now relevant among people who seek self-knowledge, go to psychologists. Plus - the question is about money. Creativity therapy allows you to work through associations and symbols with unconscious experiences that cannot be spoken in ordinary conversation.

Art therapy is effective for both adults and children. Adults understand the problem and, with the help of a psychologist, can plan how to solve it. Or throw out the accumulated emotions.

“In the classroom, people plunged into childhood, worked on traumas, cried. Previously, they tried to ignore these problems, ”said Olga Pavlova.

Working with children directly affects parents as well: to understand the child's needs, fears and possible paths of development. As the Family Psychologist, Art therapist Diana Sadova clarified, parents receive specific recommendations from a psychologist regarding the child's emotional state and behavior.

ART therapy is when you paint, dance, or sculpt the whole activity

It is also possible in this format. More often, art therapists working in this direction apply a set of methods and techniques situationally. Psychologist Oksana Mikhailova does not single out art therapy as a separate part of the consultation. This happens during the conversation.

“If I see it is appropriate, I suggest it. If the client needs to speak out, we talk and use other means to unfold the situation. You can do this through metaphorical maps, drawing, sand, less often I use clay, ”said Oksana.

I can't draw, dance, sculpt Art therapy is not for me

From aggression and stress: how art therapy helps Tomsk citizens

Sunnah for health promotion. (Photo source:

May Allah bless and greet the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ!

Imam Shafi'i (rahimahullahi): “There are two groups of people that cannot be dispensed with: scientists and doctors. Scientists are needed for religion, and doctors are needed for the body. After the science that defines halal and haram, there is no science more noble than healing ”(Ibrahim Janan, Encyclopedia of Hadith Qutub-i sitte).

Health is an amanat given by Allah Almighty for temporary use.

“Your body has a right to you” (Bukhari).

Maintaining health is worship if it is done for the pleasure of Allah. Islam encourages people to respect the rights of people around them and lead a healthy lifestyle. Allah commands you to attach importance to your health and take care of your body.

“Oh people! To you has come from your Lord the instruction and healing of what is in the hearts [of doubts and false beliefs], faithful guidance [eliminating delusions] and mercy for believers [and this is Venerable Kur'an] ”(Yunus, 57).

Although this appeal is formally addressed to the inhabitants of Mecca, in fact, this appeal is addressed to all of humanity - all races and peoples without exception. Hasan al-Basri (rahimahullahi) said: “The sign of the love of the Sahaba (companions) for Allah was following the Sunnah of His Messenger (ﷺ).

Every movement, every act of the Prophet (ﷺ) is done for a reason and has both explicit and hidden meanings.

The benefits of performing the sunnah are immense in both worlds:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) attached great importance to hygiene

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