DIY nails green

You can have a bright and festive mood even every day, having beautiful nails with an unusual design. Mirror shine and extraordinary shine on the nail plate can be provided by such a nail design technique as rubbing. What this technique is and how to use it correctly, this article will tell you.

The purpose of the nail polish is to create a beautiful shine on the nails. This effect can be achieved by rubbing the smallest reflective pigment particles onto the varnished nail plate using an applicator or a finger.

You can find such a mirror pigment in specialized stores. The pigment particles are placed in a plastic container and have a powder-like consistency. Colors can be very diverse from steel to burgundy or blue.

  • Reflective pigment after application is resistant to water and sun.
  • The pigment is absolutely safe, especially since it comes into contact with the varnish, and not with the nail plate itself.
  • Learning to make this design is very simple, it does not require special skills and abilities.

Rub-in creates an incredible shine that compares favorably with metallic varnishes or foils. You can use reflective pigment both on the entire nail plate and in its individual parts, for example, highlighting the smile line in French manicure.

Apart from the difference in color pigment, the rub-in also differs in the final effect.

Rubbing with pearl effect is especially relevant for brides. Delicate overflow, reminiscent of pearl, is also suitable for everyday manicure. It can be applied to any color, but it looks especially impressive on light and pastel shades of varnish.

Chameleon or it is also called the May beetle. This rubbing shimmers from green to purple and resembles the shell of a May beetle. Looks most intense on dark lacquer colors.

Aurora Borealis effect, similar to the previous one, but does not have such a wide overflow palette. If in a chameleon the nail can shimmer with cold and warm colors, then in the northern lights only cold colors are present. A white or black coating is chosen as the basis.

Holography is especially suitable for the holidays. Each glitter is clearly visible, giving the sheen of frost in combination with the colors of the rainbow.

DIY nails green

Smooth, healthy and beautiful marigolds are a decoration for women's hands. But often in everyday life they have to deal with the aggressive effects of many factors: the use of detergents, low-quality nail polishes, dry indoor air. All this causes significant damage to nails, cuticles and delicate skin of the hands.

Castor oil for nails is one of the inexpensive but effective ways to strengthen and heal the nail plate. In addition, it promotes the growth and lightening of nails, fights pigmentation and even treats some diseases.

Castor oil used for nails and cuticles is obtained from castor bean plant, whose homeland is India. And in Ancient Egypt, food was cooked using castor oil and temples were consecrated with the help of it. In China and Persia, castor oil was used as a fuel for lamps, in home cosmetology - for hair and skin care for the face and body, on the basis of castor oil, medicinal balms and ointments were prepared. And in medieval Europe, castor oil was used to treat skin diseases, because it can prevent the multiplication of many viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Castor Oil for Nails and Hands: Useful Tips and Ways to Get Oil

Castor bean seed oil is a transparent, thick, almost colorless liquid with a mild aroma, which contains a large amount of fatty acids that have a complex effect on the cuticle and nail plate:

  • saturate them with useful components;
  • make nails stronger, stimulate their growth and prevent delamination;
  • effectively moisturize the plate itself and the cuticle around nail;
  • prevent the appearance of fungal and other diseases;
  • smooth out defects of the nail (longitudinal stripes, etc.);
  • whiten the skin of the hands and the nail surface;
  • heal the injured cushion around the nail;
  • reduce the risk of burrs and ingrown nails.

A very important point when choosing castor oil for nails is the way it is produced. There are three of them:

  • Cold pressing, in which the castor beans are simply pressed.
  • Hot pressing. With this method of production, water is added to the crushed seeds and the resulting mass is heated to 100-110 ° C, only after that is sent to the press.
  • Extraction using organic solvents. This is the cheapest and most unhelpful way to get an oil product.

The most valuable is the oil obtained by the "cold" method, because with it the seeds are not exposed to either thermal or chemical action, and, therefore, retain the maximum of their useful qualities.

After opening the bottle with the product, it is better to keep it tightly closed, in the refrigerator, for 1-2 years.

Use of castor oil for nails and cuticles, for skin of hands: useful tips

  • For use both in pure form and for preparation of formulations, it is better to heat castor oil in a water bath to 38-40 ° C.
  • It is preferable to carry out the procedures before going to bed, since in most recipes the applied composition is not washed off, but is erased from hands and nails with a dry napkin. And the remains of castor oil continue to "work" throughout the night.
  • Once a week, it is advisable to treat hands and nails with a scrub so that the active components of the oil preparation can act more effectively on the skin.

Ways to Use Castor Oil for Nails

You can have a bright and festive mood even every day, having beautiful nails with an unusual design. Mirror shine and extraordinary shine on

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