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Manicure with cats is one of the trends of the 2021-2022 season. This design looks cute or cheeky, depending on the image. The pattern can be chosen depending on the occasion and the image: a cute kitty will complement the summer look, and her silhouette is an official business style.

Cats on nails: new drawing and design ideas -

The classic image of a cat on a plain background is relevant in the 2021-2022 season among the new photos. Here you can experiment with different shades, decor with rhinestones, rubbing, glitter.

It should be borne in mind that not every idea of ​​a "cat" design will fit the image. Nails with a cartoon style cat pattern will not suit an older woman. Her silhouette will look versatile. If the classic image seems boring, then it will dilute its decor with sparkles.

The image of a cat can be accentuated with a classic jacket. You should not do the drawing on all nails. It is enough to highlight the index, nameless or large, as overloading the nails, the design will become tasteless.

Manicure with cats for short nails: top photo design ideas -

On short nails, a manicure with cats will look very unusual if you mean cute cartoon drawings. Otherwise, it will be enough to restrict ourselves to cat's paws, silhouettes.

So that the drawing does not blend with the main color, and small details are clearly visible, the base should be in light colors. This will make the design look more impressive and attract attention.

On long nails, the image of a cat is used as an accent. They can be allocated both 1 nail and 2-3.

The silhouette of a cat is usually drawn in black. It can be supplemented with additional decor: rhinestones, sparkles, kamifubuki. The image of the Cheshire cat remains fashionable. It is important to remember that such a design will not suit a business or formal style. It is more casual, thematic. A larger design can be applied to long nails without overloading the nail with additional decorative elements.

Gel polish and shellac manicure with a design in the form of a cat's drawing: photo 2021-2022 Stylish "cat's eye" is relevant for the season 2021-2022. As a base, usually gel polish or shellac with the "Cat's eye" effect is used, or a black base with foil decor. Above, a cat's eye is drawn on 1-2 nails. Such a pattern is usually large, and it is not recommended to do it on each nail in order to avoid the effect of congestion. Often this manicure is used for an evening look.

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Nevertheless, in this case, there are certain fundamentally important specifics. Treatment of nail fungus according to Myasnikov One of the most important problems associated with the treatment of nail fungus is that it is often removed surgically.

After all, even with careful treatment, it is impossible to protect against re-infection if you do not pay attention to it.

But Myasnikov emphasizes the incorrectness of this assumption. If at first the fungus really just worsens the appearance of the nails, then then it can cause many of the most unpleasant consequences. In addition, a fungal infection often provokes other serious illnesses. If we start from this, then Dr. Myasnikov about nail fungus offers the following important theses.

Changes in the size of the nail. The nail plate can become both thinner and thinner. It all depends on how exactly the cells react to contact with a fungal infection.

Dr. Myasnikov about nail fungus, treatment

Few diseases are as widespread in the world as nail fungus. A quarter of the world's population suffers from one form or another. Moreover, a variety of factors can lead to the development of this disease.

The spread of the fungus is accompanied by symptoms such as burning, itching, cracks in the interdigital space, and so on. The skin on the toes and in general on the foot thickens and becomes denser.

If at least some of these symptoms are found, treatment should be started. Dr. Myasnikov emphasizes that one should not wait for a "miraculous" disappearance of the fungal infection. It will not work on its own anyway. Because of this, it is necessary to start a full treatment as soon as possible. And it is desirable to be appointed and supervised by a specialist.

That is, the nail is simply cut off, after which they wait until a new one appears in its place. Myasnikov calls this approach "barbaric." And this is quite logical, since there are many other ways - not so fast, but sparing.

Other sources of purchase are sometimes not credible and therefore should not be contacted. Some additions to the treatment from Myasnikov It should be understood that in order to achieve a victory over nail fungus, it is advisable to use other means as well. In particular, it is desirable to add topical ointments to antiparasitic tea. They are easy to use, although they are not very expensive. An integrated approach to treatment always brings the best results.

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