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Hair Loss Balm

While looking for another care product, I came across reviews of balm 101 of the Oumile trademark, which produces products for TaiYan. Having previously read reviews about the balm, I decided to buy and try it.

Appearance and packaging:

The balm is in a huge orange plastic jar. The volume of the balm is decent, 500 ml. Such a volume of balm will last for a long time, plus you can not save it all, because there is really a lot of it, but it is spent sparingly. On the bank there are inscriptions in Chinese characters and a clumsy Russian translation. There is a sticker in Russian, which introduces us to the product and all the information the buyer needs.


The necessary information on the composition, action and application can be viewed in the photo below.

I would like to mention separately from the roster:

Coconut oil has long been proven to be an excellent hair care product. It perfectly penetrates the hair structure, smoothes hair scales, makes hair manageable and beautiful. Coconut wax improves the appearance of hair, making it smoother and more pliable when styling.

Dimethicone is a type of liquid silicone that gives shine and silkiness to hair. Does not weigh down or stain hair.

Of the natural components, I would also like to note plant extracts - extract of the root and berries of ginseng, this plant since ancient times has established itself as a plant from "a hundred ailments".

It also contains extracts: tianchi, black sesame, cordyceps root, multiflorum, garlic + ginger juice. All these components help to improve the microcirculation of blood in the scalp, improve the nutrition of the hair follicles, saturate them with useful microelements and vitamins, which in turn helps to improve the appearance of the hair, its strengthening and growth.

The skin of the lips needs care, since initially it is weakly resistant to aggressive external environment. For care, special products are provided, including balms of different effects.

Protect lips from negative effects with balms

  • * cracks;
  • * severe peeling;
  • * dryness, etc.

All this negatively affects the appearance, so it is better to prevent the problem than to deal with its manifestations. Care will be provided by special balms, including products from the Carmex brand. It is a well-known brand that is professionally engaged in the development and production of lip care products.

Why do you need lip balms, what do they give

Products have different effects:

  • * hydration;
  • * nutrition;
  • * protection against negative influences.

The balm creates a protective barrier on the skin surface that reliably protects lips from frost, wind, dry air and other factors. The products contain various beneficial elements, oils and extracts. Certain types of Carmex cosmetics have a regenerating effect.

Types of balms - from moisturizing to toning sticks

So, for prevention purposes, you can buy Tropical Colada balm stick. The product effectively moisturizes the skin of the lips and protects against negative environmental factors. The composition includes several active ingredients - menthol, phenol and camphor, moisturizing, relieving irritation, providing a therapeutic and analgesic effect. The product helps to retain moisture and nourish the skin with beneficial elements.

The manufacturer offers cosmetics with different flavors:

  • * watermelon,
  • * berry,
  • * strawberry,
  • * cherry,
  • * pomegranate, etc.

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