DIY decorative plaster

How to apply decorative plaster for walls with your own hands - methods and instructions for finishing

Decorative acrylic plaster when processing walls in an apartment will help to achieve many different effects. Their number depends only on your imagination and the area of ​​the walls allotted for renovation.

Now for interior decoration of walls made of various building materials, acrylic decorative plasters (masses) are just one of them. They are sold in plastic buckets. They are applied to the walls in the same way as ordinary plaster (for details on plaster see here), that is, with an ordinary trowel or also as paint - that is, with a roller or brush.

Any of the following materials can be used to add this or any other texture to the surface on which you have applied decorative plaster.

This can be a grater, paper, various paper stencils that are easy to make with your own hands, as well as a variety of stamps, fabric, brushes or brushes.

Usually on sale you can find acrylic decorative plaster of white or gray color, when selling and colorless (transparent) varieties, you can add a coloring pigment to them, which, when mixed, will create a beautiful effect based on the mutual penetration of paints. <

Decorative acrylic plaster is suitable for working on almost all surfaces and mineral substrates. The only thing to consider when applying it with your own hands is that it dries very quickly, literally before our eyes (depending on the consistency - 8-10 minutes) and therefore you cannot pull with the application of textures and patterns.

Decorative acrylic plasters: advantages and benefits:

Decorative plaster for walls

Pearlescent plaster

Thanks to this decorative mass, the wall acquires a rough texture like n. A pearly transparent azure with the addition of glossy pigment softens this roughness and gives. walls have a special effect

DIY decorative plaster

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