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This equipment allows you to significantly increase the load when performing normal warm-up exercises. It makes it possible to use absolutely all muscle groups without overloading the spine and joints. For the lower body, squats with an elastic band on the legs are especially effective, because it significantly complicates the exercise. This is due to the resistance force that the athlete has to overcome, simultaneously with the load, in fact, the squats themselves.

What is a rubber band for sports

In fact, this is an elastic band, closed in a ring, which, in the process of performing physical exercises, must be stretched with different amplitudes. The accessory is called by various names: fitness elastic band, loop expander, mini band, leg expander, mini band, mini loop, resistance band, etc.

Not to be confused with rubber loops and elastic bands. The difference from the first is in the size of the ring (the diameter of the loops is much larger), and the second, in general, are not closed.

Elastic bands can have different levels of stiffness, so athletes can increase or decrease the load. If you plan to practice seriously, we recommend that you immediately purchase a set of resistance bands with different resistances. So you will be able to create an adequate load for different muscles.

Exercises with a lying expander

While lying down, you can perform various types of push-ups, twists and bends. Leg bands that can be used in this case can be of various types.

  • Bending the legs lying on the stomach. To perform, secure the ends on the shins and on the opposite wall (pipe, heavy furniture). Lie face down on the mat. Move away from the wall or support at a distance where you can feel the tension of the springs or harness. Slowly bend your knees, fix for a few seconds in the upper position and return to the starting position.
  • Secure one end to a hook in a wall, pipe, or heavy furniture, and the other end to your shin. Lying on the floor, swing your leg to the side with maximum effort. Perform alternately with each leg.
  • Place the tape on your back and clamp the ends between your palms and the floor. Do push-ups. The elastic band can be folded in half or three, depending on its elasticity and length. Push-ups can be done with a skier's expander.
  • Lie with your back on the mat, put your feet on the floor, bend your knees. Hold one handle of the butterfly shell between your thighs, and take the other in your hands. Point the sports equipment cap upwards. Lift your shoulders slightly off the floor, and twist your upper body towards your knees. The lower back should be flat on the floor.

Exercise with caution. Attach the end of the treadmill as securely as possible to a wall or support.

Rubber Squat Features

If you're wondering how to squat with an elastic band for fitness, imagine doing the usual exercises, but you have an elastic band stretched between your legs. During the squat, in addition to working with your weight, you also need to make a pass to the side, overcoming the resistance of the expander. Have you presented? Agree, the task has become more difficult.

There are many variations in the placement of the elastic when doing squats. The accessory is also used to complicate swings, stretching, pumping arms and warm-up the body.

Exercise machine (expander) butterfly exercises for different types of muscles

The butterfly simulator is aimed at developing the pectoral muscles. Working in this machine is very similar to stretching with dumbbells on a horizontal bench or bringing your arms together in a crossover. The undoubted advantage of this simulator is that its design allows you to work with the pectoral muscles with minimal involvement of the auxiliary muscles in the work. An interesting fact is that the butterfly trainer is actually called a "pack-deck", and the exercise itself is called a butterfly because of the movement performed by the athlete, reminiscent of the flapping of the wings of this insect.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Butterfly Chest Exercise

For a gym newbie whose goal is to gain muscle mass, this machine is not a good option. It is not designed to build pectoral muscle mass. The pack-deck is an option for experienced athletes who work on muscle quality with the right volume, and, of course, for those whose workouts are aimed at losing weight or maintaining physical fitness, as well as women.

Of the significant drawbacks of the butterfly trainer, a fixed trajectory of movement can be noted. This prevents the pectoral muscles from working at the desired angle.

Exercising hands in the simulator: technique of execution

The exercise is performed in spec. simulator - PECK-DECK.

  • From the starting position, inhale, extend the arms back to the level of your deltas (shoulders). It is not necessary to spread the handles of the simulator with arms backward, right behind oneself, there, as far as possible - it is not necessary, because the trapezoids will turn on, and steal the load from the rear deltas, which does not interest us, we only need to work out the rear deltas. Remember?
  • The elbows do not go down with all this, but are held at the level of your deltas (shoulders).
  • In the final trajectory of movement, when you bring the handles to the level of your shoulders, your task is to make a peak contraction, i.e. make a short pause in this position for 1-2 seconds, and strain the rear deltas as much as possible.
  • In the final trajectory of movement, EXTEND, and after a pause (1-2 seconds), slowly, under control, lower the handles of the simulator to the starting position, but not completely, without relaxing the back delta.
  • Repeat all over again you need the number of repetitions (read about repetitions at the end of the article).

What muscles work when mixing in a pack deck

The target muscles that work in the butterfly trainer are the pectoralis major muscles. The emphasis of the load falls on the central part of the pectoral muscles. Also, the anterior bundle of deltoid muscles and the anterior dentate muscles cannot be excluded from the work. If we really delve into the anatomy, then we can take into account the tension of the pectoralis minor, lats, trapezius and rotator cuff muscles, but their work in the simulator is minimal.

What muscles work in the contraction of the arms in the simulator?

Although the machine's contraction is isolated, it still involves a sufficient number of primary and secondary muscles. Let most of them do not participate in the movement itself, but only work in statics. All the same, they receive a certain share of the load.

Major muscles include

The squat exercise with an elastic band on the legs is extremely effective for the buttocks! How to squat correctly with a fitness elastic band on the legs for the buttocks, ask us!




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