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Such nails look not only ugly, but also unhealthy. That is why such a problem must be solved immediately when it is detected. after which the nails have lost their natural color, and then proceed to cosmetic nail whitening. There may be several reasons: it may be a fungus, it is possible that you have received a solid dose of an antibiotic, it is possible that you abuse cigarettes, in addition, this can happen from prolonged use of dark varnish. If you suddenly notice that your nails have begun to acquire a yellowish color and this defect is not eliminated with nail polish remover, then perhaps a fungus has settled on your nails.

Don't put it off until later. Especially if you feel a burning sensation. in such cases, you need to immediately go to a dermatologist and get tested. The sooner the type of fungus is identified and treatment is started, the more likely you will not have undesirable consequences. An incompletely cured nail fungus leads over time to the introduction of the fungus to the entire thickness of the nail plate and to its delamination.

You should know that nail fungus is a very persistent infection that, over time, can damage the entire nail, all of its parts. Worse, it can transfer to the nails of the adjacent fingers and to the skin. In principle, nail fungus can infect other parts of the body. Moreover, even if all visible foci of nail fungus are cured, then from one, almost imperceptible foci, a repeated exacerbation may occur. Therefore, when treating a fungus, it is imperative to carry out the full course prescribed by a doctor.

Quite often, after long-term treatment with antibiotics, yellowish spots are noticeable on the nails. In addition, X-rays of the fingers can cause the nails to turn brown over time. The same can happen with Addison's disease. with diabetic thrombosis, nails can even take on a black tint. If yellow nails are the result of antibiotic treatment, then the best doctor is this time, and you just have to wait.

This is often several weeks. Well, if you can't stand it, you can try bleaching with lemon, soda or hydrogen peroxide. Everyone knows that smoking does not lead to anything good. There are many diseases caused by smoking, and some of them are just terrible. In addition, smoking has a very serious effect on the skin. Skin color can often identify a heavy smoker who has been abusing tobacco for several years.

In addition, such people can often be identified by their yellow nails. They take this color not from smoke, but from nicotine, and none of the most sophisticated filters can help in this. Apart from discoloration, the nails become weak and will begin to exfoliate over time. Even if you quit smoking, the yellowness of the nails cannot immediately disappear, it will take several years. It happens that smoking causes irreparable damage to the skin, teeth and nails.

The effect of nicotine is that the skin and nails do not get enough oxygen. Usually if the nail polish is of good quality, it will not affect the natural color of the nails. But often, long-term use of dark types of varnishes can leave indelible pigment on the nails. In this case, you can whiten your nails with lemon juice or sea salt solution. These substances perfectly clean and whiten nails.

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