Child 1 year and 10 months old nails exfoliate

The child has exfoliated fingernails or toenails, other unpleasant symptoms similar to the manifestations of a fungus have appeared: darkening, brittleness, fragility, even pus. In such a situation, parents ask themselves questions: what to do and why this is happening. Let's figure it out together.

Reasons why nails are peeling

It is quite easy to find out the cause of lamination of nails in babies. Analyze his diet, daily routine, remember if there were stress, illness or hand injuries in the last days. More often, the destruction of the homogeneous structure of the nails occurs due to:

Injury, mechanical damage

Marigolds in babies, especially babies, are very soft. Even a small blow with a handle or a leg during the game, crawling is enough for delamination. In this case, the plate dies off and is independently replaced with a new one. Fingers turn blue, a little ache due to a bruise.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes

One-year-old kids begin to actively run on the street, parents try to buy the most beautiful shoes, forgetting about convenience. They put on warm socks, not expecting that they take up a lot of free space inside the boots. As a result, the leg is cramped, the fingers are injured, the soft marigolds are deformed, from which the plate begins to exfoliate.

Lack of vitamins

A strict diet, the need to exclude certain foods from the diet due to illness, the spring period provoke a lack of a whole group of vitamins. For growth, the formation of a keratin layer, calcium, zinc, iron, gelatin, vitamin E are needed.

It is easy to determine a child's vitamin deficiency: small specks of white color will appear on the nails, the plate will turn yellowish.

Simultaneously with peeling on the fingers at of a one and a half year old baby, hairs fall out, the skin turns pale, seizures appear in the corners of the lips (small weeping sores, itching).

Psychoses, nervousness

Child 1 year and 10 months old nails exfoliate

Sharp nails in 2021, according to many stylists, are no longer so relevant, but ladies are still interested in their design options. Some follow the examples given by the stars who think over the images for filming. Others just love the shape.

Since there is still a request, I suggest considering modern design ideas so that you look interesting and not defiant.


From the photo and description it is already clear that the tips of the nails should be sharp. Some make them "feline" to resemble the claws of predators. At the same time, there are ladies who prefer an outwardly sharp shape, but slightly round the tip.

To make it all look organic, you need your nails to be long, on short nail plates, this design looks strange.


The classic jacket with a white edge has long been out of fashion. On sharp nails, it is not fully emphasized. Usually, the artist selects only a small part of the edge, while it can be even or asymmetrical.

A beautiful version of a jacket is a nail plate decorated in the style of minimalism. Asymmetry is again welcome here.

New this year is a completely transparent edge. This technique is possible only with extended nails. You won't be able to make yours so transparent.

Decorate the edge differently:


This design option visually lengthens the nail plate. Craftsmen try to stretch pastel-colored varnishes or compositions with glitter. This makes the manicure more delicate.


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