Can I use eyelash nail degreaser

Preparing eyelashes for extension - degreaser and primer

Every lashmaker, both beginner and experienced, makes sure that the eyelash extension procedure goes without excesses, and the result is high-quality, reliable and long-lasting. The safety of the process, the quality of adhesion of the glue to natural eyelashes, the duration and comfort of wearing - all this largely depends on whether the technology for preparing natural hairs for the procedure was followed, as well as directly on the quality of the products used. Therefore, the main task of the extension master is to choose a high-quality eyelash degreaser and primer, as well as to use them correctly.

Why do you need a degreaser and primer?

If you have ever encountered repairing an apartment or painting furniture, you probably know the main steps:

  • clean the surface - so that dust or grease does not cause peeling of paint or soil, they must be removed;
  • prime the surface - the smoother it is, the worse paint or plaster will "stick" to it, and the primer will provide the necessary adhesion.

A degreaser and eyelash primer performs approximately the same functions. Let's take a closer look at them.

What is a build-up degreaser?

You already know for sure that the extension procedure involves fixing an artificial hair or bundle on each individual natural eyelash using a special glue. Our eyelashes are in close contact with the skin of the eyelids, and it, like anywhere else on the body, secretes sebum - a fatty secretion that forms a protective layer on the surface and retains moisture. Sebum is deposited on the eyelashes, lubricating them at the roots and providing natural protection and hydration. But the fat does not allow the glue on the eyelash extension to adhere well to the natural hair, so it must be removed.

In this case, a special eyelash degreaser does an excellent job. In addition to sebum, it effectively removes the remnants of caring cosmetics (creams and serums often contain oils in their composition), keratinized particles of the epidermis, dust, residues of decorative cosmetics and other impurities. On the cleaned eyelash, the extension glue lays down in an even, smooth layer, dries faster and fixes the artificial hair more firmly.

Also, a wide degreaser is used for lamination of both eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as before dyeing them. It prepares the hairs well for applying a strengthening composition or paint, so nothing prevents penetration, and the effect is more pronounced and of high quality.

Many novice craftsmen decide to skip the degreasing step because they want to save time and money. In terms of lost time, degreasing takes no more than 20 seconds and drying takes 40 seconds, so this delay per minute is not significant. It's better to spend some money on an eyelash degreaser than to lose a potential regular customer and, accordingly, a possible income. In addition, without degreasing, the building process itself will last much longer - artificial hairs will not lie flat, they will constantly shift and attach poorly. Even if the master, having spent many precious minutes on extension, copes with the task, the extended hairs will fall off very quickly (and will disappear by themselves, and not together with natural eyelashes in the process of their natural renewal), and the result will not look very beautiful. <

In addition, many newcomers to the lashmaking industry are trying to replace degreaser with regular makeup remover. This is a gross error, since:

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