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Nail art keenly grasped the need of modern women for stylish and at the same time versatile manicure options that would remain within a certain dress code, were beautiful and feminine. This review and photo selection is dedicated to the most relevant segment of the nail service - a fashionable manicure that fits everything.

A manicure that suits everything: the best options for any style of clothing

Finding the best manicure option that would meet the most important parameters of nail fashion 2021-2022, and at the same time harmoniously fit into a stylish image, regardless of rapidly changing circumstances and plans - this is the dream and task of every girl and lady, image whose lives oblige to be in trend.

If you succinctly and simply formulate the goal for nail masters, then it is to create a nail image that fits any style of clothing. This approach does not apply to design for special, important and solemn occasions in life, when a manicure is performed in the style of a specific conceived image. For active, business contemporaries, it is extremely important to have a manicure that would fit into any of the images for a rapidly changing agenda: an office, a presentation, a buffet table, a press lunch or an unexpected invitation to an evening banquet.

It should be noted that the fashion trends 2021-2022 are as close as possible to the trends of naturalness, elegance and femininity. That is why collecting a collection of ideas for manicure for all occasions is a completely solvable problem. What are the criteria of nail design you need to pay attention to so that your manicure easily "fits" into the images for rapidly changing plans for the day:

  • before moving on to design solutions for manicure for all occasions, stylists advise to pay attention to the thoroughness, accuracy of processing the nail plates and the quality of the selected materials.
  • If you are faced with the task of having a flawless manicure that will not fail at the most crucial moment, choose a nail polish from the assortment of shellac or gel polish. Their qualitative characteristics will help to protect the manicure from chips and microcracks, color fading;
  • further, it is equally important to choose a fashionable shape and determine the length of the free edge of the nails. As for the length, marigolds with a free edge within 7 mm are ideal. For a manicure that would look harmonious with any style of clothing, oval, almond and square nail plates with rounded corners are suitable. The properties of such outlines can refine even a somewhat catchy design, which cannot be said about sharp nails;
  • it should be borne in mind that sharp long nails bring some aggressiveness and excessive emotionality to the image, which is discordant with the task of creating a universal image; <
  • the ballerina's form looks cute and romantic, but lacks rigor, which narrows its versatility for laconic and protocol business nail images;
  • the embodiment of conciseness, restraint and versatility is a monochrome manicure made in pastel or a nude palette;
  • classic French manicure can without exaggeration be called an icon of a refined and elegant style that will be appropriate for any event;
  • moon manicure is considered as a universal nail solution, as well as his duet with a jacket in a restrained color;
  • a monochromatic matte manicure stylists also consider as an option for a manicure, suitable for many nsky images;
  • marble manicure with a cool, calm and majestic pattern imitating the texture of a stone is used as a neutral option;
  • for a manicure “for all” stylists offer variations of rubbing with the effect of delicate mother-of-pearl and pearl overflows;

French manicure is a classic version that suits everything

In the category of trends of universal nail ideas, the leading position is occupied by French manicure. Its classic design and variations with the shape and color of the well-known "smile" look sophisticated and attractive, suitable for both long and short nails Given the task of maximum adaptability of the jacket for a variety of female images, nail design experts advise adhering to a calm, neutral color scheme, categorically give up bright, chemical colors.

A specially selected photo gallery perfectly illustrates how luxurious and at the same time restrained aesthetics of hands with French-style manicure.

Nude nails: stylish photo novelties -

The sophistication and impeccable aesthetics of the female image will be emphasized by a nude manicure. At first glance, inexpressive and pale tones can emphasize the style and taste of the owner of a nude manicure. Nude varnish coatings, contrary to popular belief, are very diverse. The beauty industry offers an extensive and delicate palette of beige, nude, sand, vanilla and light brown varnishes.

An important condition for a successful nail image is a harmonious combination, "consonance" of the color of the varnish and the color type of the skin. For pale, light skin, cool shades are more acceptable, for swarthy, tanned skin, it is better to choose from a warm palette.

Nude paints are absolutely loyal to the shape of the nail plates and will suit any shape, decorate even short round nails. The most winning and stylish nude ideas in the "match all" category are demonstrated by beige almonds and an oval. Such nail solutions have another important advantage: they visually lengthen the nails, giving the fingers additional grace and sophistication.

DIY vase shell

Toenail infections are widespread. Toenails are made up of a protein known as keratin, which is also a major component of hair and the outer layers of skin. Keratin is highly condensed in the nails, forming a strong protective layer on the tips of the fingers and toes. Not only is he able to resist force, he is also capable of resisting various microbes. Despite the fact that the keratin on the nails is very durable, it can be damaged and also cause infection. Toenail infections are the topic of the next article on the pages of zdorovieinform. u.

What are toenail infections

Infected toenail refers to two types of infections - infections of the nail itself or of the surrounding skin. This is mainly due to fungi or bacteria. The toenail can be thick and sturdy, but it can get infected for a variety of reasons.

With nail infections, the nail is gradually damaged and eventually destroyed. With infections of the surrounding skin, the infection tends to be acute and can be chronic if it spreads to surrounding tissues.

With nail infections, the nail is gradually damaged and eventually destroyed

The most common toenail infection is fungus. The feet are an ideal breeding ground for fungal infections. Mushrooms thrive in warm and humid environments. Chronic toenail infection can cause discoloration and deformation of the nails.

Causes and types of toenail infections

There are several microorganisms that can cause toenail infections. However, this infection is not always just a nail. The infection can affect the skin around and even under the nail.

Fungal Toenail Infection

The medical term for a fungal infection of the toenails is onychomycosis. It can be trilo on the nail or spread to the surrounding skin around the nail. Most often, onychomycosis affects the nails of the thumb or little finger. Nail infection can be caused by dermatophytes (most commonly), yeast, or mold.

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This spring, changes will affect not only fashion trends for clothes, but also the nail industry. In each new season, nail service masters try to offer as many original design ideas as possible, but in this article we present to your attention the most interesting of them.

Classics versus innovations

Regarding what wins in this resistance, every modern fashionista has her own opinion. This spring, classic manicure in a neutral scale, and quite non-trivial, will be considered relevant.

If you are discreet in your looks, take a closer look at monochrome designs. It can have either a glossy or matte finish. The execution here is also varied - from a standard jacket or moon manicure to an accent version with a hint of the coming summer.

Do you prefer to be extraordinary in everything? Nail art will present you with a lot of opportunities this spring. This is a fantasy design using the “watercolor” technique, and a translucent texture in a company with abstract patterns, and combined options, and a foam design. In general, every woman can find a very interesting option for herself.

French with spring mood

The peak of popularity of the classic jacket is usually in the spring. In 2021, it can be presented both in a standard unobtrusive design and in a bright one. Variants with stripes and other geometry, as well as with asymmetry, will be especially noteworthy.

Positive marigolds

A great option for a manicure for every day. This one looks incredibly stylish, while raising the mood of its owner. In addition to positive inscriptions, such nail art may contain three-dimensional drawings, for example, cute animals or funny cacti.

Delicate and sophisticated

Spring is the time to forget about deep saturated shades and give preference to gentle and romantic ones. Dots, stripes, any geometry and abstraction, as well as delicate floral motifs will look good as an ornament.

In this case, there are absolutely no restrictions. Both the minimalist design and the complex combined one look equally impressive. From the color scheme, all nude, pastel and snow-white shades will be worthy of special attention.

Bright interpretations

How to paint your nails this spring? And not necessarily on March 8, but if you want - why not. Neil-master Julia Dementieva from BeautyInsider & KA2 offers amusing options.

Over the past couple of years, complex designs are not popular, more often they ask for either minimalism, or just a plain color. If the drawings, then small - hearts, flowers, emoticons. All that can be done quickly: print the drawing with stamping, cover with a speckled top, draw a careless line with a brush.

Another trend is naturalness. For example, a transparent coating is very important. Previously, I did not hear at all that they asked to cover with a transparent base, but now more and more often.

Option: nude base + silver stamping

Julia: Stamping is still a fashionable topic. You can print anything on the nail: a flower, an inscription, a graphic. I love abstract patterns - spots and blots, as if someone was trying to paint a gel pen. I love the combination of nude + silver (or white): it looks gentle and non-aggressive.

Do it quickly: cover the nails with pink IQ Shimmer Base 08 gel polish and a matte top, print a pattern on top with silver paint.

Option: passionfruit (aka quail egg) + different design

Julia: "Quail Egg" is experiencing a second wave of popularity. The other day we were asked on Instagram if we know how to "dot pattern". Yes, we can ????

How is this done? On the inner edge we apply and shade the bright pink Imen # 023 gel polish, then cover it with a light shade IQ 04 "Porcelain".

Draw black dots with Planet Nails 420 Point gel polish. And add a matte top.

On the second hand, you don't have to repeat exactly the same design, but choose the shades that match the N1 hand.

Shades: pink CNI 3, gray CNI 148, white speckled Planet Nails 420.

Option: stamping + Pantone colors

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