60 Easy Home Manicure Ideas

Every girl dreams of being the most attractive. To achieve this, women have to actively monitor their appearance, preserving their natural beauty. Successful ladies don't show up in public without having perfect hair and perfect makeup. In addition, well-groomed hands and nails can rightfully be called one of the main attributes of true female attractiveness. Some ladies are sure that quality care is possible only through regular visits to a professional salon master. However, if desired, every girl can do a beautiful manicure at home.

On our website you will find a huge amount of useful and interesting information. For those who are just starting their journey in the world of nail art, we can offer educational video tutorials, each of which provides detailed step-by-step instructions. Bright photo collections will help you make a choice and find for yourself the most beautiful nail designs that meet the requirements of modern fashion in 2014. Today you will learn about some of the nuances that you may encounter when you want to create a luxurious and unique DIY manicure. In order to make the study of new material interesting, we have prepared for you a photo of stylish nail art and exciting video tutorials.

Basic rules of nail care

Agree that even the most unique and very beautiful female manicure loses all its attractiveness and gloss if it is done on untidy and unkempt nails. Any design should please its owner, and for this you need to follow certain recommendations, according to which you need to take care of your own hands.

  • Beautiful nails at home are the result of painstaking work. First of all, learn how to do a hygienic manicure with your own hands. You will learn how to do this correctly from numerous photo and video lessons from the pages of our website, which contain detailed instructions for these processes. If you prefer not to cut the cuticle, then make sure that the periungual skin does not become rough and does not lose its elasticity. To do this, wash your nails with a brush, and then rub the nourishing cream or oil into the skin thoroughly. After that, gently push back the softened cuticle with an orange stick. If you want your nails to always remain beautiful and healthy, try not to use metal spatulas, as they can damage the nail plate.
  • For those with dry and sensitive skin of hands, a hot manicure, which can be done at home, will be very useful. Instead of an oil bath for your nails, brush your hands with store-bought or homemade nutritional formula and wrap them in a hot, damp towel. This option is more practical and very effective. Alternatively, you can get a Brazilian manicure that has worked well. Remember to moisturize your delicate skin with creams and emollients every day.
  • To get a beautiful manicure at home, it is very important to monitor the health of your natural nails. Thoroughly lubricate peeling nails with lemon juice and nourishing oil, and regularly do salt baths with the addition of herbal decoctions. Even the most beautiful manicure is not immune from such unpleasant moments as nail breakage. Take your time to trim all your nails. Contact a salon where an experienced craftsman will help you make cosmetic repairs to the tip, as well as correct the design. If necessary, the edges of a small crack can be smoothed out with a file, so try to always have such an important tool at hand. Regular hygienic lipstick will also help fight flaky ends.
  • How to make a beautiful manicure if there is no time at all for a visit to the salon and even for home cosmetic procedures? In order to put your hands in order in the shortest possible time, you need to wash them using a scrub, carefully massaging your fingertips and nails. Gently apply a suitable shade of varnish and let it dry well. The design will last much longer in excellent condition if you do all your homework with gloves. At first it will be very difficult and not very convenient for you, but you will quickly get used to it and appreciate all the advantages of a forced measure.
  • Many girls are wondering how to make a beautiful manicure at home, while forgetting about the most important thing - manicure tools. The health of your nails directly depends on their quality. When doing a manicure with your own hands, it is not at all necessary to use expensive kits, which may contain tools that are useless for you. Typically, an orange stick or pusher, scissors and tongs are needed for complete care. Only use manicure supplies for their intended purpose so they last longer.

Now you know how to make a beautiful manicure without asking for help from a nail service specialist. Observing all these requirements, you can count on the fact that your pens will always be in perfect condition, there will be a very beautiful and elegant design on the surface of the nails, and cosmetic measures will bring true pleasure and health benefits.

Important nuances of a beautiful manicure

There is nothing easier than a beautiful manicure at home, if you know the basic rules for applying varnish. In order for your nails to be a subject of your pride, listen to the following recommendations.

  • All nail plates must have the same length and shape, otherwise even the most luxurious designs will look tasteless.
  • It is better to apply the decorative coating on the degreased surface of the nails, so that a beautiful and stylish manicure retains its attractiveness longer. The use of high-quality, expensive varnishes also affects the durability of the coating.
  • Re-paint your nails at the first sign of chipping. Be sure to remove the old coating before applying a new coat.
  • Paint over the entire nail plate, remembering to seal the butt end. Wait until the varnish is completely dry, only then apply the next layer.

The most relevant and fashionable nail art ideas in 2014 await you in a colorful collection of photos, and now we bring to your attention an informative video. From the story of beauty blogger Vicki, you will learn what rules you need to adhere to when making a beautiful manicure with your own hands.

My garden: 1001 ideas on how to improve and transform it

The development of the nail industry, as well as a large number of video lessons, allows anyone to independently make their favorite manicure at home. For a modern woman, well-groomed nails are as important an aspect of their appearance as neat makeup or hair styling.

In recent years, nail fashion has moved further and further from long, extended nails, passing the palm to short-cut nails. The market of manicure supplies offers owners of short nails the widest choice of design solutions for any taste and occasion.

Shape selection for short nails

Choosing the right shape is not always easy for short nails. There are some useful guidelines for this:

  • Experts recommend paying attention to the structure of the cuticle. The shape of the free edge should be close to its structure. This creates an optical balance and the nail plate looks more natural.
  • For short nails it is not recommended to choose a square shape. This shape of the upper edge of the nail will visually shorten not only the nail itself, but also the hand as a whole. An oval will become an ideal shape for short nails; it visually lengthens the nail plate. Also, nail masters often recommend to owners of short nails an almond-shaped filing of the free edge.

How to properly care for your cuticles?

The most important condition for the beauty and health of hands and nails is proper cuticle care. Masters strongly recommend removing the cuticle body, because often this area not only coarsens and becomes unaesthetic, but can burst, bringing significant pain. In addition, cutting the cuticle lengthens the nail plate, which is why it is recommended for owners of short nails.

To facilitate the work with the cuticle, nail masters recommend hand baths. At home, you can remove the cuticle using nail clippers.

You can also move and lift the cuticle edge with an orange stick and trim with sharp, rounded scissors.

At home, the cuticle can be softened with fruit acids, which greatly facilitate the further process of removing the cuticle body.

Hardware manicure has become very popular today. It is very easy to do such a manicure at home.

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Neat nails are an important part of a well-groomed girl's appearance, which is why gel polish manicure is gaining popularity. But in order to get a perfectly even coverage, you need to sign up to the master, go to the salon or to someone's home, and hope that the work will be done to you exactly as you wanted. Of course, doing a manicure for yourself is much more convenient and cheaper.

Do you think learning how to do a manicure is difficult? We will try to prove you otherwise!

In the article we will tell you:

What is gel polish and how do they work with it?

First, let's figure out what is gel polish? This durable polymer coating for nails is a well-known and popular manicure option today.

Gel polish has several advantages, so it is much more popular than conventional polishes.

  • Gel polish is durable - it lasts from two weeks to a month and pleases the owner with its appearance.
  • The strength of the gel polish allows the manicure to retain color, does not rub off and scratches, prevents nails from breaking, and they grow back faster.
  • A wide range of gel polishes allows you to choose a coating that will not spoil your nails and, on the contrary, will strengthen them.
  • The choice of color palette and designs is huge. You can create different colors, patterns and pattern combinations - useful for all lovers of "something new".

How to learn how to do gel polish manicure yourself?

We promised that learning how to do a manicure is easy! Now we will tell you exactly how you can do a manicure yourself at home.

Gel polish manicure is done in two stages: first, a simple manicure, and then applying the gel polish to the nails.

Absolutely every girl is capable of mastering the basics of a simple manicure. This does not require a lot of effort or expensive equipment, just a few special tools and varnish are enough. DIY manicure at home. Step-by-step instruction.

Well-groomed hands and beautiful manicure indicate that a woman takes care of herself. She does not hesitate to show her hands and always keeps them in plain sight, and does not nervously hide them in her pockets. Absolutely every girl is capable of mastering the basics of a simple manicure. This does not require a lot of effort or expensive equipment, just a few special tools and varnish are enough. Today on the site Manicyr4ik. u You can read the instructions for creating a manicure at home.


DIY manicure for beginners

Shaping your nails as desired

Before the nails are soaked in a bath or smeared with cream, they need to be given a certain shape and cut off all the irregularities. You can not cut wet nails, as this leads to strong delamination and injury to them.

There are three main forms of nails:

  • square;
  • oval;
  • almond;
  • pointed (stiletto).

As a rule, every girl has her own favorite nail shape, with which she is more comfortable. But some people like to experiment and often change both length and shape. This is done using special nail clippers and nail files. The file must be chosen carefully, it is better if it consists of natural materials.

File the nail with gentle movements, they are made in one direction, moving from the sides to the tip of the nail. Also, there are files with which you can grind and polish the nail plate. This allows you to smooth out all the irregularities on it and give a natural shine.

Hand preparation

After the nails have been filed and have the desired shape and before proceeding with their processing and covering, you need to prepare your hands. To do this, they can be lowered for 15 minutes in a hand bath. Such a bath can consist of warm water with the addition of special products, essential oils or orange and lemon juices.

After the bath, hands should be blotted with a soft towel and smeared with cream. Now the skin of the hands and nails are saturated with vitamins and are ready for further action.

Neat manicure and well-groomed hands are an indispensable attribute of any modern girl. Therefore, many people think about how to learn how to do it simply, quickly, and most importantly, not very expensive. In this article, we have collected many ideas for an easy and original manicure, which is very easy to repeat at home with the necessary tools (most often these are varnishes, strips for manicure or scotch tape, rhinestones or sparkles for decoration), a little skill and the desire to make an original nail art. The article will also be useful for more experienced manicure lovers who want to be inspired by fresh ideas.

By the way, now it is a simple and elegant manicure on medium-length nails that is in vogue, therefore, each of us, without much effort, will be able to surprise those around us with the latest nail fashion novelties.

How to make an easy and beautiful manicure: preparation

Before decorating your nails with bright decorative varnishes, let's put them in order. The complete set of tools for a “master” manicure is as follows:

  • hand steamer and sea salt,
  • nail files (for grinding and filing),
  • cuticle tongs or orange stick ,
  • nail scissors,
  • cuticle oil,
  • moisturizing hand cream,
  • decorative nail polishes
  • < li> clear base
  • clear nail polish
  • nail polish and cotton wool remover

Basic manicure: stages of execution

Simple Home Manicure Ideas

Multi-colored manicure

A very simple and original way to make a spectacular manicure, because a single color is so boring! Various color schemes will help you to do both everyday and festive manicure. Shades of varnishes are combined according to the following principles:

It is also important that the textures of the varnish (glossy or matte surface), glitter content, bright or muted tones (e.g. bedding), etc. match. It is very beautiful to combine multi-colored manicure with moon, newspaper, French and other types of manicure, decorate with sparkles and rhinestones.

Moon Manicure

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