When February 23rd passed 100%

Now I read a post about how the male part of the team was not given gifts for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. In the comments, people also share offensive or funny stories. But I'm happy with the gift from our girls)

Reply to the post "But right now it was a shame"

About February 23, gifts and relationships of a healthy person.

We just have two common documents, one of which contains a list of my wishes, the other contains a list of her wishes. And if someone wants to donate something, you can always look at the document.

I understand that many people attach great value to the surprise effect because it implies that the person is more caring, because he chose something individual, did not bother to study the donee and choose the right moment. However, if there are many items in the list, then even the choice of one of the items will already be unexpected. In addition, if the relationship is long-term, then sooner or later you will find yourself in a natural situation in which you will successfully stumble upon some kind of gift that is perfect. You can either stash it before the date or donate it just like that - and there will be even more joy, because nothing boded.

Another good option - it is not always necessary to give an item or experience. Sometimes you can give a process. For example, to equip a person with his workplace so that he will never again be uncomfortable or plan a vacation to the smallest detail. Such things take a tremendous amount of energy and time, so if done well, it will always be appreciated.

Give with kindness to please, and not randomly, because it is necessary.

Reply to the post "Good team"

In the first years at work, the team was about 50-50, the gifts were adequate and interesting from both sides. Over the course of 5-6 years, the team changed, there were more girls, fewer men. The new girl was made the eldest, although she had no abilities and experience, as the time showed she became the eldest because of a "secret" relationship with the manager, you can't hide anything from our cleaner =). With her arrival, many girls became "princesses", and the phrase "well, we are girls" got to the top, by this time there were only two men at work, including me, I won't even count our manager, because he was either not, or busy, or it didn’t concern him, so all the problems of the girls, for example, helping to bring another "heavy weight" weighing in the region of 1 kg fell on our shoulders. You can talk about her exploits and ideas for a long time, but now by February 23.

We were congratulated in advance on February 22, our eldest rushed about in the morning, collected money for gifts and learned the taste preferences of the girls. At lunchtime, the manager and 3-4 more "princesses", including the older one, were eating sushi and some other Chinese crap at the dinner table. The eldest, turning to me, offered to help myself, because this is a gift for us on the 23rd! The girls leaned heavily, as did our manager, but these sushi were sideways for us, we don't eat them. On March 8, our manager tried to collect 3,000 from us for gifts for the girls, was sent.

My wife made me a uniform (gift for)

On the wave of topics about gifts for February 23rd. The wife is engaged in sewing clothes (mostly for children, more often for ours :)). Here I got it for the holiday.

It's cold outside and in our apartment, respectively. I'm freezing. I work more often from home. Bomb too. :). So I was presented with a warm (or warm) hoodie.

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