DIY snow blower for walk-behind tractor

Required special tools for repairs

Before starting repair work on the Stihl chainsaw, you need to prepare the necessary set of tools. A chainsaw is not a technically complex tool; for its assembly and disassembly, there are enough simple working tools that every man on the farm has. But since the chainsaw is from Germany, and the Germans are very pedantic people, and for a more comfortable repair there is a special tool Calm.

The Calm multi-tool is made of high quality hardened steel in an impact-resistant polymer body. The tool is very practical and compact in size. It contains screwdrivers: a slot, 3.50 mm in size for cleaning the grooves of the carburetor and adjusting it, a Torx TX27 screwdriver.

Depending on the combination wrench model (0000 890 3401 or 129 890 3401), the tool has a set of spark plug wrenches from 16, 19 or 13, 19, respectively. The original multifunctional Calm comes in a sturdy nylon case with a belt clip.

How to disassemble and assemble a Stihl chainsaw

Before disassembling the individual elements of the Stihl chainsaw, you need to do some preparatory work: remove the side lattice cover on the body, the chain and the guide bar. Next, clean the entire body of dirt, oil-gasoline deposits, adhering sawdust. If somewhere there are many oil leaks and mechanical cleaning fails to remove them qualitatively, kerosene, gasoline or VD-40 should be used.

Handle Removal

The handles of the Stihl chainsaw are held on the body, on three anti-vibration rubber shock absorbers. First you need to remove the plastic plugs from the middle of the rubber gaskets. Then, with a piece of thin reinforcement or a thick screwdriver, squeeze out the upper gasket from its bore hole, which is located next to the rear handle. Then the middle shock absorber is dismantled.

To remove the third shock absorber, turn the saw body away from the inside of the handle and, pulling in the opposite direction, remove it from the shock absorber.

Removing the starter

When the upper cover of the Stihl chainsaw is dismantled, you need to unscrew the 4 fastening screws of the starter. Then the cover of the oil tank and fuel tank will be accessible. The starter does not hold anything in place and is easy to dismantle.

When the starter is removed, you need to clean the opened internal cavity with gasoline or VD-40, which usually contains a lot of small resinous sawdust pressed with oil drips. Before using solvents, if the layer of this thick substance is very thick, it must be cleaned off with wood chips.

Flywheel Removal

The main malfunctions of Stihl chainsaws and DIY repair instructions


The HoverBike S3 flying electric motorcycle was developed on the basis of a carbon monocoque frame. The entire frame is made of a single element, which adds rigidity to the structure, while at the same time reducing the weight by 2 times compared to the previous aluminum model. The new ergonomics of the pilot seat allows the person to sit comfortably at any height. In this model, stability is improved due to the distance between the axles of 5 cm. In this case, the size of the hoverbike allows you to easily roll it through a standard doorway, as well as be able to take off and land from a normal parking space. The hoverbike weighs 114 kg and thanks to the lighter frame, a larger battery can be installed. The safe flight altitude is 5 meters above the ground, but the pilot himself can adjust his comfort limit. The maximum speed is limited to 96 km / h.

New mode of transport - Hoverbike flying motorcycle

Hover Bike is a hybrid of a quadcopter and a motorcycle. But unlike drones and copters, which the owner can only observe, the Hover Bike is designed for the pilot. Over the past few years, various companies have released their developments in the field of flying units.

So, for example, in 2015 Malloy Aeronautics (UK) presented its prototypes of the Malloy flying motorcycle. The hoverbike was tested by the US Army Research Laboratory. One of the purposes of the flying hybrid will be to deliver ammunition and transport wounded soldiers.

Development from Aerofex looks no less futuristic. The first steps towards the development of a hoverbike were made back in the 60s of the XX century, but it was not possible to complete what was begun in those years. Modern designers have improved the Aero-X and have already tested it.

Aero-X dimensions: length - 4.5m, height - 2.1m, weight - 356 kg. The maximum flight height of the two-seater hoverbike is 3.7 m, and the maximum speed is 72 km / h, and the carrying capacity is up to 140 kg. A full tank of fuel (gasoline) will last for 75 minutes of flight. Soon anyone will be able to buy such a device, however, if the price of a flying motorcycle in 85 thousand dollars is not embarrassed.

Scorpion 3 - flying motorcycle hoverbike from Russia

Inspired by flying copters in the Russian company Hoversurf. The startup team, whose main specialization is the production of various cargo drones, has created its own hoverbike (flying motorcycle) Scorpion 3.

The maximum weight that a Scorpion can lift is 120 kg, and the maximum flight height is 10 meters. One charge will be enough for a half-hour flight at speeds up to 50 km / h. By the way, the flying motorcycle runs on environmentally friendly electric motors.

Repair and malfunctions of Stihl chainsaws. Necessary tools for the repair. How to disassemble and assemble a chainsaw Calm. Removing the handle, starter, etc.

A walk-behind tractor is needed in the summer. With the appearance of snow, he gathers dust in the barn idle.

In winter, the walk-behind tractor engine can be used to create a snow blower.

This idea came about due to the lack of snowblowers in remote villages. In such places, there are frequent cases of winter shifts, and to prevent this from happening, a walk-behind snow plow was invented.

It is expensive to buy a ready-made model of a snowblower. Assembling an industrial prototype with his own hands will cost a craftsman many times cheaper (see here).

But creating one at home isn't easy.

How is a snow blower for a walk-behind tractor

If we consider the models that are on sale, the principle of their operation will be approximately the following: the device consists of an engine, front blades that pick up snow and a rotor unit inside the mechanism. Due to the operation of the engine, the auger rotates, which breaks the layer of snow in front of it and rakes up its crushed parts. The rotor blades, raking up the snow, feed it into the device, after which they are pushed out through the outlet pipe at a distance of several meters.

Such a two-stage design is quite convenient in operation, however, it is more typical for ready-made devices and, when implemented independently, has some difficulties. Therefore, when it comes to making a snow blower for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands, it is better to use a simplified mechanism.

Motoblock with two-stage snow blower

There are many options for self-manufacturing devices: someone uses the blades located on the auger to throw snow, and someone, on the contrary, prefers using a rotor, while simply shoveling snow on their own with a bucket. In any case, both options can significantly facilitate the process of snow removal.

It is quite easy to independently decide on the type of snow blower from a walk-behind tractor that you want to make. There are only three main types of devices: screw, rotary and two-stage. Considering this or that manufacturing option, you will understand what their differences are and will be able to make the right choice for yourself.

How the device works