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An artist not by vocation

Unlike many eminent colleagues, Irina admits that before leaving school she never thought about becoming an actress. She grew up in the small town of Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod Region, and as a child paid more attention to all-round development. Following the example of her father, a coach and physical education teacher, Pegova was actively involved in sports. In addition, she studied violin at a music school. The future actress also liked to sing. She attended a vocal studio, performed at concerts. In her dreams, the girl saw herself as a pop performer.

When Irina wanted to study at the Nizhny Novgorod Theater School, she had a very vague idea of ​​cinema or theater. A busy school life, many circles left her practically no time for watching films, not to mention regularly attending performances. Surprisingly, the artistic girl was immediately admitted to a theater university. She studied in the specialty "Actor of drama theater and cinema."

In the second year, Pegova's idea of ​​her future profession was turned around by the tour of the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop theater. She wanted to touch the magic that the capital's actors were doing on stage. Just in 1997, Fomenko planned to take an acting course at GITIS, so Irina, along with several classmates, went to enroll in Moscow. Of all the applicants, only Pegova was lucky.

In 2001, the girl received her diploma and was admitted to the theater of her teacher and mentor. Soon she was invited to star in a movie: first in a small episode, and then in the lead role in the film "Walk" by the famous director Alexei Uchitel. Pegova's debut was so successful that she immediately fell into the category of rising movie stars. For this work, Irina received the Golden Eagle award, the Window to Europe Film Festival prize and other acting awards. Soon, positive changes affected the personal life of the young movie star.

The man of her dreams

At the Warsaw Film Festival, Irina met her colleague in the acting department Dmitry Orlov. Coincidentally, he also experienced an increased surge of attention to his person after his first notable film work - the film “Sky. Airplane. Girl". As Dmitry recalled, he paid attention to Pegova long before he actually met. He noted her appearance and talented performance in the play “War and Peace. The Beginning of the Novel "on the stage of" Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop ". But then Orlov did not dare to meet with her personally. Yes, and on that landmark evening in Warsaw, a common friend brought them together, inviting Dmitry to take a walk around the city with a small company.

The mutual attraction and sympathy of the two actors turned out to be so strong that the first evening of acquaintance ended for them a night of love. According to Irina's recollections, she simply could not resist the male pressure of Dmitry, he immediately conquered the girl with intelligence, generosity, and a sense of humor. Pegova realized that she had met a man with whom she wanted to spend her whole life and have children.

And then, upon returning to Moscow, the actress went on tour. And after their graduation, Orlov immediately moved to her rented apartment. The lovers did not immediately find a common language in family life and in everyday life. Irina admitted that she has a rather strong character, so she learned for a long time not to put pressure on her chosen one, not to command, not to claim his role as head of the family.

For a long time, the acting couple did not think about marriage, considering it an empty formality. However, when Irina was expecting a child, Dmitry listened to his sister's advice and called his beloved to the registry office. They signed without unnecessary celebrations in Pegova's homeland. At the end of January 2006, the couple had a daughter, Tatiana.

My dear

In 2011, fans of the couple were shocked by the news of the upcoming divorce of Dmitry and Irina. The break was initiated by Orlov. He willingly commented on the changes in his personal life, while his still legal wife preferred to remain silent. According to the actor, his wife paid little attention to him, immersed in a career and motherhood. In addition, Irina allegedly made excessive demands on her husband, considering all his existing achievements to be insignificant. Problems in marriage have been accumulating for several years, and at some point Orlov's patience ran out. However, he tried to improve relations with his former life partner in order to raise his beloved daughter together. Also, the actor nobly refused to claim a shared apartment in favor of Irina and the child.