Moon manicure on short nails: 155 fashion photo trends

Lunar manicure for short nails is so popular among modern women of fashion that some masters call it their "bread"! And it’s not surprising. Such love for this design, of course, became the reason that every day a dozen or two original fresh ideas appear in the world. Such a variety of options allows even the most capricious fashionistas to choose a short moon manicure. What can we say about the practicality and reliability of this technique!

As you probably know, the moon manicure is a type of jacket, the best photos of which we published in our last article. The main distinguishing idea of ​​this decorating technique is the accent of the nail socket.

His appearance in the 30s did not go unnoticed. On the contrary, even then, such marigolds caused a stormy wave of admiration.

Fashion Trends of the Year

In this fashionable season, stylists predict the relevance of extraordinary textures. Of course, decorating marigolds with sand, as well as holographic effects, matte varnishes and stylish craquelure will still remain at the peak of popularity.

At the same time, among the interesting novelties of manicure for short nails, it is worth highlighting the holes of various shapes: concave, triangular, square, etc. Also, the masters will experiment with the location of the hole itself, displacing it or playing with symmetry. <

In addition, you can decorate your moon manicure with painting, kamifubuki, rhinestones or lace. These fingers look very feminine and fashionable!

As we expected at the end of last season, in 2019 the updating of neutral pastel colors continues, the leader among which stylists call beige. All delicate nude shades are universal! This means that a manicure made in this palette will become an adornment of any outfit you choose: everyday work or festive.

Very impressive, as for me, looks like a combination of light yellow, mustard and blue colors. But, for women of fashion who prefer bright varnishes it is too early to get upset, because stylists predict their quick popularity!

Already today you can see that the contrast hole is firmly entrenched among the trends. In the spring, you should expect the peak of the popularity of warm colors, but for the fall of 2019, darker tones are characteristic, the most relevant among which are matte black, as well as blue and burgundy varnishes. Well, now let's "go over" briefly on the most interesting ideas from our point of view of a short moon manicure.

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By inscribing a curved line at the very base of the marigold, made in a contrasting color to the background, into the overall composition of a classic moon manicure, you can get an original and slightly reckless design. Masters note that such a "smile" is an ideal solution for women of fashion who want to visually enlarge their nails.

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